27 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c150

      • Sarashina is around 50 years old. Remember in BL he was married at one point. His interaction with Ai if that is what you’re wondering was probably limited to only questioning for reference material. The novel was titled “Confessions of Sub Women”. I doubt he had any physical relationship with her.

  1. thanks for the release and the great work! The raws are 4 chapter ahead if im not mistaken? What do you guys think the impact of this mini NTR is gonna be on kaoru and nana? im guessing non at all but vaiovega she should have kicked him or something but maybe was in shock??

    • Just read the raws new guy is as pathetic as they come… really solidified that fact with the last raw.

  2. Took one look at Kaoru”s face at the end and the first phrase that popped into my head was “There will be blood.”.

  3. Omg …Ntr….is about to begin?
    I hate netori. Someone is planning on “experimenting” on his girl?
    Please let this not happen…

  4. And one more is here, really thanks a lot for the chapter, I will be waiting anxiously the next chapters.

  5. Big thanks to everyone who took part in this release. This was a really useful translation as it clarifies a lot.

    Ai-san made a nice contribution to this chapter, especially page 12. If Arashi needs another NtK side story this would work quite nicely for me.

  6. Lol Hiko is such a sad individual. What an liar and an attention whore. Training three individuals hahah what a joke.

  7. In the last raw (154), the arc is still not finished but very close to its conclusion. I won’t spoil you, just expect to be frustrated a lot, it’s a 100% troll arc. ^^

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