12 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c152

  1. Well I guess a “few days” has become a “few weeks”. Don’t get me wrong, i can understand that thing come up. But if you post that you are going to do something within a time frame. And you are unable to, then you should at least post something to that effect to that everyone knows what to expect.

  2. Made a comment with a link where you can find better good scans for 155&156 but it didnt post it guess a mod need to improve it anyway ill write it again here raw . senmanga . com/Nana_to_Kaoru/

  3. And one more chapter closer to the end, well really thank you very much.
    BTW someone knows the date for the release of the last tank???

  4. It’s fun to look back at how afraid most where of this turning ntr. They imagined an entire saga that did not happen and where proclaiming how they would quit the series. However the series did not turn ntr and then quit on them.
    I’m fine with the ending it seems like a very manga ending, intentionally left open with only slight closure. Most in the west wanting a proclamation of love or sex or a kiss, really never got what was being conveyed. The story began and ended with two people who have there quirks, hardships, and drama who connect communicate and understand each other and themselves through S&M.
    Arashi/ Black label showed what kind of future they have but also ends open ended. There future is left to the imagination but to me at least it shows they will be together.

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