70 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c151

  1. I don’t normally comment or read the comments here because of the merciless spoilers everywhere, but since this excellent manga is now winding down, I’d like to make an exception and say a heartfelt THANK YOU to Anifreik, the translators and all current and previous members of the project. Well done.

  2. So Arashi 8 and 9 for this year has two side stories by Amazume sensei, which I’ll add to the scan pack in case there is any interest in those being scanlated. I cannot tell if they are in the NtK universe, the Ichikyuu Kyupeke universe or what, but they are Amazume.

    • I would love to see them along with the new chapter, I’m not into genderbending (I think that was of the genres of these oneshots, right?) but I think worth at least check them out…

      • I’ve not scanned the raws yet. I do have 155, waiting on shipping for 156. I also put in an order for next couple Arashi, just in case Amazume sensei is starting a new series there in the next month or two (related or unrelated to NtK).

        • We still have three chapters worth of raws to work with, so no time crunch on 155, The ones Forev3r found were suitable for the translator, but not so much for editing. I’ve worked with 4pt fonts before and it SUCKS! So when you get time, your scans will be much appreciated.

          • Ye the three you mentioning i assume are the ones from sen manga the raws for 152,153,154 are pretty good quality there dont even need much a cleaning^^

  3. Cant wait for the next chapters to get translated cuz i quickly checked the raws up to 154 and kinda wanna read now what they talked about in that situation ^^ Anyway manga ending soon probably not many chapters left but i guess there are like 10left maybe with a possible time skip and hopefully an even better ending then black label had.

    • The last chapter is apparently in the August 12th issue. If I counted right, that means there are 2 chapters we haven’t seen yet, and a total of 5 that aren’t yet fan translated into English.

    • Last english release: 151. Last raw: 154. Manga announced to end mid-august, meaning 2 issues left, so end of the manga on c156.

      Personally, I really don’t expect an epilogue post black-label, I fear a kinda rushed ending, closing this arc in the next chapter, then closing the school year and the story in the next one, with an open ending maintaining the status-quo.
      I also don’t think the author will hint anything about Black Label because he’d have to do something like: “hey, so a lot of capital stuff happened in black label, go buy it”.

      Since I’m a sucker for closure, especially when there are pairings/shipping with teen or young adults, I naively hope for a nice timeskip (5-10 years later or stuff like that) to see them as grown-ups, see how they evolved, hopefully together as a couple (if not, shittiest ending ever, but this is the kinda thing that CAN happen in seinen manga, wouldn’t be the first time, just laughable the author would choose the worst time ever to get realistic, especially after this joke of an arc). But to be honest, this kind of closure doesn’t happen very often in manga…

      As for the future of the series, I’ll always hope for some follow-up, in a second series or a spin-off (in YA or YA Arashi), or even occasional bonus pages/chapters/4-koma about the future of the characters of the story. I suppose that’s even more naive, since it usually only happens with very commercial mangas that editors want to milk even years after they’ve ended.

        • Ryuta does a good job explaining at the end of his manga. The past mangas hes written had time skips and the chapters were longer than the your avg chapter. Im feeling confidant about the upcoming ending.

          • how the hell will he give it a satisfying ending when we need atleast 2 volumes to clear the tension, assault, confession and conclusion.

            And I doubt this has something to do with the publisher, its not like they got any new series to fill that slot or cant spare an extra 20 pages on their already low page count magazine, they gave the mangaka of Berserk years to resume hiatus with it and Futari Ecchi being published for decades now on Young Animal, i suspect he gave up on it.
            Damnit it could have been much greater, they keep making poor decisions first was not releasing it in English asap and cash in on the series on a global level.

            • “2 volumes to clear the tension, assault, confession and conclusion.”

              Lol you are joking right ? just because it have some tension don’t mean you will have 2 volumes to clear it, didn’t see how he finished Toshie no hito or HNM? These two have too a big tension-filled arc before he finished them into two or three chapter after the resolution

              • conveniently skipped over the assault, confession and conclusion part and latched on one word to make a point.

                PS: Happy Negative Marriage was terrible.

              • I personally expected a more developed ending because of how much longer this manga lasted compared to his previous works. I hold the manga that’s lasted 150+ chapters to a much higher standard than one that only last 30+ chapters. I do wish the author the best of luck, but I don’t see myself investing in his future projects unless it deals with this manga.

            • I doubt we’ll ever find out why this happened this way. I’m inclined to think that some sort of negotiation/breakdown occurred between the publishers and Ryuta and this is a Fuck You ending. The current NTR arc will be closed in the next 2 chapters. I imagine the entire story line will be closed by the last page of chapter 156,something like this:

              “And Then …… —-> Arashi
              Thanks for reading
              Please buy the upcoming last 2 tankoubon”

  4. If anyone can find a scan or image of the original Japanese press release detailing the end of Nana to Kaoru, I’m sure Anon will give us a true and complete translation so we know all the facts.

    • Never mind, it states This year’s 15th issue of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine”. I’ve issue 15 coming this week, so will get the raws up ASAP as soon as I get it, along with the release.

  5. I do not enjoy this arc. I do not want to see Nana end up totally f@cked up like this. it is actually painful to read. I need to go watch something peaceful like Kiznaiver….. Thanks for the chapter!

    • Man kinda sucks that last arc is dealing with kidnapping and assault. Leaves bad taste in the mouth compared to majority of manga. I expect there to be a major time skip if everything is going to be wrapped up.

        • If anything it made it even more popular. Do not underestimate the power of feigned NTR. The Japanese eat that shit up.

          • I guess it was an unsuccessful last ditch effort to save the series then?

            I like ntk, but if thats what it would have taken to save it, then I think its just as well it didnt.

      • Well, it’s a real shame that the last arc was… this. And the worst is that we now know for SURE that any kind of aftermath will be overlooked/skipped, because there’s no way the author can make any sense of all this and give us closure in two chapters.

        We’ll have a rushed ending, let’s hope it won’t be too bad, as usual, I’m expecting the worst since all the bad signs are there (when you announce the end like that, with almost no margin and clearly not one hint of closure at this point, it stinks).

        • This is pure conjecture, but I think that this arc may have been forced on Ryuta by the publishers for their own reasons, and he just basically said “Fuck it!” and called it quits. It’s happened with mangaka before. I look for the last chapter to be an open ending taking place some time following the end of Black Label.

          • Makes me wonder if Ryuta’s had this experience before, and that’s why he wrote Arashi back when things were booming – so fans could have a satisfying conclusion without any rushing.

    • Shit! I didn’t want it to end on this kind of note! Ah well, who knows what will happen? Maybe Sensei will pick it up again someday. Ani, do you think the blog will keep following his other works?

    • That is a sudden and unexpected kick in the ass. I’m going to miss Nana and Kaoru, but I’m really going to miss Tachi as well. There was room for quite a few more stories featuring her tan lines, taut abs, and skinny butt. What a bummer.

      • ape2 aje, ko ingat izara tak pakai ke seluar pendek kepop tu??? baahhaah. dua kali lima je dgn scha ni. beza dia, belum kahwin je. tapi ada boifren yang disembah dan diikut suruhan, bukan ikut Tuhan

    • Wow, that really sucks. There”s obviously some more stories to tell before the end. I only hope it might be going back to the more hard core magazine where he can make their relationship more explicit.

    • yea i read that too, kinda hoping they got it wrong but ANN is reliable.
      motherfuck Ryuta! anywhoo 1 down, 1 to go.

  6. Okay this guy is terrible and basically not a Dom but a rapist. My problem, however, is that nana is having the same expression she has with Karou. I’m afraid they’re going to allow her to enjoy this.

    I must admit that her body will recognize the stimuli as pleasure, but I wonder if they’ll be able to pull off the physical pleasure mixed with the mental disgust. It’s a weird and very thin line to walk as a storyteller.

  7. Omg…if this was even slightly realistic…her vagina would have already been penetrated by the ntr guy before even speaking with her.

    • It’s kind of hard to judge how much time is taking place between the chapters. I think he’s more interested in tying her up and doing things to shame and mentally break her through bondage. We don’t currently have a translation for the raws so we can’t really know what he is saying to her, but there is still a fairy amount of molestation, but I don’t know the definition of rape by law to separate the the difference. I also treat most manga by putting myself in a “Suspension of disbelief,” because you would probably have an aneurysm if you applied too much logic to different fictional media.

      • Nana took this trip during Golden Week. April 29-May 5. Kaoru came across her photo May 4th in the evening. So that means Nana was taken to the dungeon on the 5th of May. So Kaoru had to have started his move from the moment he saw the photo in order to make it to her in time. I hope the explain how he did it, unless Kaoru went Liam Neeson on us haha 😂.

        • He told Yukari (as Nana) that she’d see her in school on the 6th, which means that he either thought he could break her and have her home and compliant in a day, or he was going to keep her longer than that, but thought that message to be sufficient cover for his needs. It seems really obvious that a) he had no idea whose daughter he put his grubby paws on, and b) he is a narcissistic idiot.

  8. this guy is so dead……………….the pic can be explained as a idea for Halloween…….and how many heavily armed men babysat for her…………..learned his lesson…..bullshit

  9. “Although we did not find clear evidence that Kiyohiko Yagami intended to violate laws governing sexual assault, attempted rape, kidnapping, and the use of controlled substances, there is evidence that he was extremely careless in the understanding of these laws. As a result, although the Ministry of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to the MoJ our view that no charges are appropriate in this case.” ~ Chief of the Nagano Prefectural Police

    😂😂😂 Imagine if that happened. Nana’s mom would be livid.

  10. Thank you for chapter so quickly. Great work as always.

    Also, FUCK THIS GUY!

    The worst part is it will be like “Criminal charges for drugging, kidnapping, and sexual assault? No, it’s not necessary because he’s learned his lesson.”

  11. I love Hiko’s reasoning. “You clearly want it so its ok” haha. I’d love to see an argument like that in court on tv 😂👍

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