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    • WoW, awesome, i didn’t see that coming, yet is a great chapter, now I barely can wait to know what comes next.
      Really and I mean really thank you very much for the chapter, you are wonderful.

    • Thanks jgm for the raws. This was totally unexpected and quite frankly great. That includes the front page.

    • really ty for the raws man.

      It seems the author really trolling this whole arc,the writing so silly its just hilarious.

    • So Nana had enough strength left to run on bare feet carrying a guy in her arms, yet she didn’t even try to land one kick in the creep’s face when he was groping her breasts, or headbutt him when he was hugging her, not even stirring herself before she was completely tied up?? Bullshit.

      And to troll us some more, after seeing the MC’s big entrance, saving the day, untying the girl and landing some hits on the bad guy, he gets his balls cut 5 pages later…LOL ^^’
      Sorry for being macho (even borerline troll), but even if it’s an adrenaline rush for Nana, it would have worked for Kaoru too, he could have endured a bit and run at least a few meters before letting her carry him like a princess through the woods… And that cover page, haha.

      Both of them can kiss goodbye to what’s left of their self-esteem after this arc ^^ Kaoru because he was saved by the girl he came to save (good luck for the next breather when he’ll have to act all tough and dominant), and Nana because her rose-colored glasses and naivety got her sexually assaulted and almost raped by a psycho everybody told her to avoid many times.

      100% troll arc.

      • I don’t see it as that bad. Nana definitely knows Kaori saved her, and even though she suddenly just grabbed him and carried him off, she”s in his arms as they leap down the cliff together.

        I’m actually finding thus arc amusing. Everybody was in a tizzy about non consensual sex and instead it”s an action hero adventure where both the main chatters save each other.

        • Non-consensual sexual assault is still there no matter how the arc ends. I still think it only served as tittilation for the minority into that sort of thing.The writing is still ridiculous which has previously been mentioned and the status quo will be restored. Would really be interested to know how Kaoru found and got to the place which seems far from town with no help. Also odd that no exit strategy seems to have been planned other than go toward lights.

          • I would’nt be surprised at all if the “investigation” part were mostly skipped, maybe a page or two with some unclear explanation on how he got there. Frankly, it might be for the best because, in light of what we’ve seen during this arc, we might just be fed some bullshit shortcuts, far-fetched clues and dozens of plotholes…

            I would be quite fitting, honestly, with the rest of the arc. The auhor just wanted Nana assaulted and he made it happen for the sake of it. ^^. For the same reasons, any aftermath will probably gladly get overlooked, because it will be simply too heavy. I expect Nana to get gently scolded for her naivety by Kaoru, then she’ll get a warm hug, cry a bit and will recover 100% after a good night sleep. I don’t expect any serious trauma, if any.

            Maybe we’ll get a panel about the creep whereabouts later, like the prez apologizing for his behaviour and casually saying that he got a good beating and they sent him in some distant country to be forgotten and avoid tarnishing the family name any more. I seriously don’t expect anyone to press charges (because, well, Japan), we’ll just forget about it as casually as it happened.

    • so you get the raws earlier than second and last friday of the month? i thought that, that was the day when the magizine got released in japan? im confused lol.

      • Publishers have the magazine early, and when ordering internationally, they tend to ship a little early so that they arrive by the release date.

  1. On Tuesday, I’ll be getting the next Young Animal, which will have the next set of NtK raws, so get ready.

    • I was about to say it was already up on Senmanga but realized it was chapter 153. Seems Sen is abit behind these days >.<

      • I think whoever adds it to SEN uses the electronic copy of YA not the printed copy, and the electronic copy comes out a week after the printed copy.

      • I have a subscription to Young Animal, so get it close to when it’s released. I’ll get the issue tomorrow, after which I’ll get it scanned in for consumption.

          • I figured it’s better to provide larger raws that can be scaled down after cleaning, but can target a smaller size if need be. What is your preferred sizing?

              • I’ve a subscription through Kinokunya Book store in New York City – their Japanese office will air mail it to the city.

  2. After this story arc I wonder if Kiyohiko will ‘replace’ Tachi as the main secondary character. Kiyohiko can help Nana prepare for Todai, in return Kaoru can teach Kiyohiko about S&M, and finally I get the feeling that Tachi has grown just about as much as she can without a side story of her own – what else is there for her that isn’t a side story with other secondary characters?

    • Not sure that is going to happen after the latest 153 raws. I mean the you have the whole drugging and kidnapping thing with the assault and possible attempted murder. For me redemption of Kiyohiko would probably make me slam my face into a desk. I highly doubt that Kaoru would trust him alone with Nana and I think she would feel similar. But it’s Japan, so anything is within the realm of possibility even if it may not make the most sense logically.

      • I dont see redemption for Kiyohiko unless Nana herself somehow beats him, and beats him so far down that she flips him to an M. Even then, I cant see her wanting anything to do with him. It’ll take Tachi, I think, to teach him kindness, before Nana will forgive him. I myself am not crazy about the idea, but it’s a romance, so Tachi has to find somebody, and the Prez is definitely not suitable (plus, I really, really want the Prez to end up with Tachi’s captain/friend Haruka, for reasons of symmetry).

  3. There lol everyone can breath a sigh of relief now that no rape or such will happen. Was so annoying when all i saw was posts of people freaking out. Not completely out of the clear but its safe to say all that NTR talk was pointless :p

    downvote this if you wish but so many were ready to jump ship at the first sign it might go that way

    • I was a bit surprised at all the panic. The author has taken us down dark roads before just to switch it up on us. In particular for me was the bondage suit arc where Kaoru gave in to his darkest feelings about dominating Nana just to realize he wanted so much more than to simply posses her.

      I think this arc is about showing the difference between people using S&M to make a connection and those who simply want to abuse others.

      • I think, at least based on the pictures, that you might be on to something there. We’ll have to see what Kiyohiko’s actually saying, of course, and it’s possible his motivations are different but if he’s just a one-dimensional scumbag, yeah, you’re probably right.

        Though it does make me think… Amazume-sensei does have have a tendency to take single-purpose characters and then bring them back later with more depth. See also Pres. Yagami who started as a one-dimensional romantic foil, or Tachibana who in her first few appearances was only there to squee at and otherwise encourage Kaoru’s progress as a dom before getting more characterization in Black Label, and then later in the main manga. Assuming Kiyohiko doesn’t get arrested (and, much as he deserves it, how often does THAT happen in a manga), he’ll probably show up again in a few months with a less maladjusted personality.

        Oh god… I hope he doesn’t pair him with Tachi …. 😦

        • Tachi is really more of a S than an M and I think it would be hilarious to see the roles reversed and Hiko turned into a little bitch by Tachi hahaha.

        • I think redemption would pissed people off more similar to Chisa x Pon where the main character and becomes friends with the guy who raped his girlfriend. I still think where they’re at in the story could lead to further sexual assault. Got the guy holding knife with Kaoru injured and Nana there which could lead to something bad. But I think the main reason this arc is hated is because we already have Arashi. We know no one’s going to confess their love. Won’t be a lasting impact because everything is normal too months later. We already know bondage is bad without feelings as we’ve been told for hundreds of chapters. The only thing that this arc has accomplished to me is seeing Nana get nipples twisted and a little camel toe from her crotch being stepped on. Seems to be more for those interested in more extreme erotic poses than story and this new guy served as a way to show that. After this back to status quo until Arashi.

          • As much as the status quo lock due to BL does piss me off sometimes, I’ll be honest, the thought of their already-mandated happy ending was the only thing getting me through the rough spots of this arc. I kept going back and reading their last night in the storm. It made me feel better having something else to focus on while she was getting molested by Fuckboi Kiyo.

            • I have to say I have no problem with Arashi. To me it isn’t the end as they didn’t consume their relationship. It’seems just another part of the story in the future.

              Plus thus could be the reason why Kaoru decides to return and why the Prez decides to help tutor him.

              • I kinda always hoped BL would not be canon (yet it is, no doubt) because it gives the story an “expiration date”, I find it frustrating to know that the more we get to their summer, the more we get close to the end of a manga I’ve grown fond of.

                Also while I liked BL’s ending, I’m a sucker for total closure, all questions answered. So until the end page, I’ll have some small hope that the author won’t let the end of the story be the end of BL and goes for at least an epilogue following BL, even if it’s just a page or a panel. Just enough to see them out of this “status quo” situation at the end of BL, where they’re back at school still ignoring each other in public, still keeping their reationship secret, unable to put words on their feelings.
                I don’t care about seeing them get more intimate in their breathers or dating. I understand they’re still young and it would be a mess to date at school, but I just always like, when there’s some romance (even as as subplot) involving teenagers or young adults, to see the pair(s) as adults, showing they ended together in the “real” sense, not like Sarashina/Tachibana who lives completely separate lives when they’re not doing S&M. (FMA, Suzuka or Naruto are good examples of this kind “bonus” closure, even if it’s just fanservice).

              • @vaiowega I don’t necessarily think that catching up to Black Label means the end of the series. I’m interested in what happens BEYOND the first kiss. There are still character arcs to explore. Nana telling Kaoru she loves him isn’t going to magically make his self-doubts about his worth go away. Nana isn’t going to have to stop grappling with the dichotomy of being a highly-respected honor student type while engaging in practices that are seen as depraved and might seriously complicate her life were they found out.

                Also, I just want to see them be more openly romantic together. It’s been nearly eight years. I want to see the events of Arashi change the status quo. We deserve more of an epilogue than “Ah, they’re back at school and still have to hide everything, and everything is the same.”

              • @Karasu
                I wish you’re right, but I really doubt author will just skip those days and resume after BL like nothing happened. There should be a change between before and after BL, I mean, they kissed, they can’t just ignore it on their next breather. That’s why, even if I hope he does, I don’t think the author will casuallyt skip their first kiss and tell the magazine readers “oh, yeah, BTW, they finally kissed! But if you want to know how it happened, go buy the 5 books of Black Label”… While true fans won’t be bothered because they already read it, he can’t ignore all his “occasional” readers who just read the magazine and enjoy NtK but not to a point of buying BL or even be aware of its existence.

                Only way I see it happen, is that the author concludes NtK, takes a break, then starts another series, a direct sequel or a spinoff, happening after BL, maybe even inserting a nice timeskip while they’re in college and howing them grow more “intimate”, why not. I also like the idea of a spinoff where adult Nana & Kaoru would just be secondary characters, so we can see how it went for them, while focusing on a new pair, maybe with reverted roles :P).

              • Actually, I think exactly that will happen, I think there will be a short hiatus of a few weeks and then will be released a sequel but with just a really small time-skip following immediatly after of the kiss in BL, summarizing and detailing exactly all the events of the BL manga, developing more deeply the relationship of Nana and Kaoru, at least to me it could be the ideal development of the story and the manga…

              • @psicomenace, I would like it too, but I sincerely don’t count on it, mostly because BL fits all the criteria needed for a story ending, whether we like it or not. Even if there’s still the status quo in public, they definitely got to the next step in private. The last page with the knocks on the wall is a symbol of how they want to go further after that night in the storm. It also closes the full circle, ending like it started. It gives some sense of closure while still being open about their adult life, it’s up to us to imagine the rest, if they get together officially or if it’s just breathers like Sarashina-sensei and Tachibana, if Nana gets the full sub work-up like Tachibana (tatoo, piercings, sextoys and such).

                But like I said, I’m a sucker for closure and concrete answers, not leaving much to imagination, for the best or the worse. I always like to see how the main characters end, expecially seeing them as adults, see how they grew up, if they’re happy together and didn’t get stuck after we left them, when they weren’t mature enough to understand and admit their feelings without worry or doubt.

          • God, let’s hope not… Further assault is impossible, way too dark, because rape would be just unavoidable with Kaoru down, psychohiko unleashed and Nana running around with no panties…

  4. Since I don’t see a “to be continued” date, I’m guessing we won’t see a new chapter for a month. Anyone care to place bets on whether that next chapter takes us back in time to show us how Kaoru came to show up at the cabin when he did?

    • Hiko looks like he’s about to kill someone. I think we’re due for at least one more chapter before the inevitable flashback.

      • Man it would suck for it to go on break and then start again with a flashback. I know we don’t currently have any translations, but the guy kind of comes of as a child in a grown man’s body. He’s supposed to be this smart guy, but some of his actions suggest otherwise. He talks to Nana who seems to get along with him, finds a picture on her phone and then immediately drugs and kidnaps her. He molests her like a horny teenager and tries to break her down, which fails because apparently people don’t like being kidnapped and molested. So then he appears to throw a child’s tantrum in the 153 raws and steps on her vagina because…uhh…reasons, before grasping her panties and maybe peeking at her vagina(hard to tell), and goes ape shit when someone ruins his master plan. He must have skipped the classes about law, because he is about to get the book thrown at him. Are laws in Japan not as strict? What educated person would risk kidnapping and drugging someone just to prove a point. I think he would have to be some kind of serial rapist/murderer for him to risk all of this for one girl.

        • I suspect that since he’s related to the Student Council President, and since their family seems to be of high standing. It wouldn’t be welcomed to have their family name or someone closely related or associated with them on the news for such a heinous act. So they probably want and will have this swept under the rug. Or they will grease some palms in the government a few backdoor deals to where Hiko either goes to jail or is banished, and this whole thing is dealt with quietly to protect the family’s honor and pride.

    • Wonderful, really, really thank you very much for the chapter, now we even have fights in this manga o.O, BTW anyone knows what he screams in the last page???

      • Phonetically, it’s ‘oooooo,’ but should be read like a primal roar/scream, to which Kaoru tells Nana to run away ahead of him

        • Oh, well thank you for the info, then now this guy is in berserk mode it seems, I wonder if He called for reinforcements before go to save Nana???

    • Thank You. God bless you and your scanner.

      Whew, that was close. The knife was at Nana’s panties!!! It looks like he even cut part way through the panties. Thank God he made that common villain mistake — he stopped to gloat for several lines of dialogue.

      • I wonder if he saw her genitals. In the one panel he’s holding them straight up, but in the next panel is either from a side angle perspective or he moved them to the side I think. It’s kind of hard to tell, but I think the dialogue will clear doubts when it’s translated. If he did see though it makes sense that she would refer to no one seeing her face as opposed to genitals in the chapter where she doesn’t wear panties in Arashi.

    • Man, what a chapter. A part of me feels guilty for saying I kinda wish this went on for maybe another chapter and he pushed Nana further before being rescued (I’m a sucker for drama and tension). Maybe gag her (I like gags. Alot. >.>) and put her on the X platform but regardless this was quite the turn from what we usually have seen in this manga.

      A actual fight with a deadly weapon involved, potential attempted murder (what with the creep ready to smash a vase or pot on Kaoru), I think blood being drawn, not sure if that was actually blood coming from Kaoru’s leg before he gets kicked in the gut, and now the guy looks like he snapped while still having the knife in his hands. Honestly never thought I’d see this in Nana to Kaoru.

    • Very sweet . Thank’s man. I swear when I saw that big splash panel the Mighty Mouse theme popped into my head. “Here he comes to save the day!”.

    • Thanks a bunch, great job, nice effort for the community, you rock. 😀

      About the chapter in 3 words:

      FEAR. Well, because Nana was seconds away from being raped, rope only served the purpose of “acquiring target”. The guy stepping on her crotch was kinda a reminder of when Kaoru did it with her breasts, this guy was just not caring about what Nana felt at all, he just wanted to have his way with her, didn’t care about S&M or her being a sub, he just saw a prey.

      RELIEF. Kinda self explanatory. Kaoru’s here and beating the guy, Nana still has clothes on, she’s safe, nothing more happened between chapters, at least we’ll never have to wonder if psychohiko did something we didn’t see.

      DISAPPOINTMENT. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with Nana being rescued, but this arc will have been very poorly written to the last page… Just a succession of clichés and copy-paste situations (teens alone in a unknown place, check. Shady guy hinting light NTR, check. Creep turns to be a manipulative psycho, check. Female gets molested and put into erotic display, virginity menaced, check. Hero appears alone at the last second before the rape, check. Manly duel between the two alpha males for the pantyless girl, check. Good vs Bad manicheism, check. COME ON.)
      Worst of all, the author let things escalate in a few pages to a point where I don’t see how it could go away “quietly”. Nana avoided being totally stripped and didn’t suffer much pain but she was a split second away from being raped, her crotch was stepped on and exposed, all this adding to the previous molesting, licking… no way he hasn’t to at least suggest some PTSD. Kaoru got wounded and is now involved, it will be hard to find an excuse for him being here, now way he and Nana can deny they’re in some kinf of relationship. Kiyohiko turned full sociopath in 3 pages, completely losing it, howling in the night, almost foaming at the mouth (this guy was supposed to be a smartass who got into Tokyo U)…
      Author insured a huge aftermath knowing he will have to treat half-assedly. There should be hospital stay, police reports, testimonies, parents butting in and lawyering up, hearings, local news, sequels and trust issues for Nana leading to severe hardships in her S&M routine because she might get scared of ropes or any physical contact for a while. But all of it will get forgotten in 3 months in BL. Next arc will be even more lame and unrealistic than expected.

    • BOOM! DYNAMIC ENTRY! Kaoru outta fucking nowhere! Man, physically violent confrontation is not at all where I expected this to go, but boy am I glad the arc finally turned.

    • Ty for the raws!

      Guess its just lazy ass unbelievable writting ;/

      At least nana seems to have been saved at least.

      • You my friend are a real hero, and as we say around here I hope god bless you with a lot of sons…
        (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) (☆ω☆) (╯✧▽✧)╯ (❤ω❤)
        Kaoru is the hero we deserve (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*))) (゚(゚ω(゚ω゚(☆ω☆)゚ω゚)ω゚)゚)

      • Thanks for the scans man, you’re the best. Is that a flying knee or is he also holding something in his hands? Does this dispel possible rape? He still has pants!

  5. Thanks for your work. It doesn’t seem bad so far. Nana is just being good natured and trying not to judge. Unfortunately for her in this case there may be something to the rumours.

  6. Thanks for the good work! My thoughts on this chapter (apart from the subject of the title page, which, whoo, I forgot how good that is) mostly amount to me being really unsettled. ‘Hiko seems to have more in common with Kaoru than just physical resemblance, and I worry about Nana’s sympathy (intended and otherwise) coming back to bite her. My greatest fear isn’t that he rapes her, it’s that Nana develops an emotional connection with him on account of that sympathy and resemblance.

    • After the events that have transpired I can almost guarantee there will be no attachment. I doubt she would hold a candle for someone molesting her and either raping or attempting to rape her after having drugged and tied her up against her will.

  7. thnx for the new chapter,also thnx @cobra for the spoilers.

    Dont think the author will go the rape route,and if he does she prolly gonna be saved last moment.This whole arc is just cheap shock value one but author wont go that far (hopefully).

  8. Well here’s what I’ve been reading. A sword (knife maybe?) is involved someone is cut (possibly Nana) and our unsavoury friend is on top of her. I aasume this is why the Japanese assume a rape perhaps takes place off panel. The good news, Kaoru is being mentioned A LOT, from the sound of it, he may make an appearance in chapter 153, and it also sounds like this chapter is the beginning of the end for this arc. So perhaps he makes it to her.

    • They guy seems lame enough to trip and fall with scissors and maybe either he or Nana got stabbed?

      • Been looking closer – not scissors, but a butterfly knife, which I understand is a good knife for idiots to cut themselves with. If he manages to hurt himself bad enough, it’ll be a good reason (plot-wise) for him to let Nana loose.

    • Well, I don’t see our Nana-chan getting any ugly scars, so the dork probably tries to cut her clothes off, gets kicked or something and seriously cuts himself. Maybe we’re lucky and he accidentally castrates himself.

  9. WoW, now even one more, well thank you very much for the work, now I can’t wait for spoilers of the next RAW (or even better for the actual RAW)…

  10. Well seeing the translations really explains a lot about him. Im getting the vibe that this dude is a total pushover. He may have strange hobbies but he totally sucks at it and doesnt understand it.

    • I agree he seems fairly normal, but hard to believe it’s going to escalate so fast later. I just don’t get a rape vibe from it, but I could see how if they go to other events in 153 and a certain amount of time passes people can make their own conjecture of whats happening in between panels. I just think that actual rape would kind of destroy the story and go more into a Law and Order SVU segment, while also totally making Arashi make little to no sense if this takes place two months before.

      • Agreed. Like I said, I am waiting till there is more info to grasp a better idea of whats going on. Some of the people on that board are just wishing for the worst to happen. One person said that they felt this was the final chapter of this arc. I dont know about that though it would make it appear rushed.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if author brought the arc to abrupt close. I know you mentioned some Japanese people liked the direction, but are those the same ones that bought previous 150+ chapters. I imagine the vast majority of people are not pleased which could potentially show in sales and possibly be a factor in any future series he creates. People don’t forget and I’ve personally lost some respect for author just from these few chapters.

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