221 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c156: The End.

  1. There I was looking through my old bookmarks, and what do I see? Not only is this site still online, there are actually active discussion going on here .. and they are talking about New Nana to Kaoru releases??! Couldn’t believe my eyes.

    That said, I was really happy to see that all the links to the raws are all still working .. except the one for chapter 1-5. Does anyone have them lying around and might be so kind as to provide a working download to them? Would really appreciate that.

    On that note, I’m also still looking for the raws of the original Nana to Kaoru series. Would also be nice to have those.

  2. Can I just say that after all these years, I’m so happy that people have continued to work on this series after myself and many others started it. Thank you. Thank you so much.

    • But, in terrible accompanying news with this, is the information that THE SERIES IS ENDING WITH THE IMMINENT OCTOBER RELEASE. I hate to say it and I wish it weren’t true, but this excellent manga is coming to a close. Since we never expected anything to follow Black Label, we should be grateful that we received a follow-up at all, and keep hoping for the mangaka to surprise us again. It was a pleasure reading it with you all, and I am strangely touched by how so many people have come to this abandoned website over and over again to keep up with a story few have heard about.

      • Came to say that today chapter was the last one. Some good eyes candy and probably a better ending than the last one, now to wait for translation.

        For this chapter, do note that in the end there is a 2 year ellipse. And here enjoy the last chapter (for now *finger crossed*): https://www.mediafire.com/file/ksh5h0qto4sw7yx/NtK31.zip/file

        Spoiler headed for the whole series, beware if you have not checked the raw until now.

        let’s be honest here I found this sequel underwhelming. The author refusing to go the porn route made it hard to continue with new and different breather and my favorite character kinda disapeared (I need a Tachi spin off please).
        What I have to praise this sequel for is that the Nana and Kaoru relationship finally evolved (touching hand, even a kiss!) and we no longer have the awkward “I love you but you are too good for me so I won’t tell you”

      • You’re very welcome. I actually lost track of this place for a long while, but it warms my shriveled, old heart to see fans still coming here, downloading the scans and carrying on the conversations about Nana and Kaoru. Reminds me just how special a thing we were involved in.

    • On the resume for the next chapter it says they prepare for the last breather, to embrace their future. If I take a guess there will be 6-7 books for this story, so like around another 10 chapters before the end?

  3. Something I really would like to know – after I posted here on the 4th, a few people came out to leave comments in the next few days. How did you guys see that someone made a post? Did you just come here to check the website, or are you using some kind of software to be alerted?

  4. As much as I hate to be the one to leave the very last comment this site may ever see, I do want to break the silence to ask: it’s been two whole months. Has there been any new RAWs posted online in that time?
    Here’s hoping we’ll see new translations once mangadex is back.

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