18 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c154

  1. Happy Halloween to you assorted kinksters and perverts! On this, the awesomest night of the year, I figured I’d ask about the general state of things since it’s been nearly a month. How are the last chapters coming along? Have there been any new translations of Sensei’s other works? Has he said anything somewhere about possibly coming back to this series for a third part? (Wishful thinking on that last one, I know.)

  2. I can’t believe it’s almost over. There were so many more stories to tell.

    Thanks for the translation. Doing them must be bitter sweet at this point.

  3. Thx Anifeik. Any reason for the dup image from last chapter?

    Also what are the plans for the future when all is translated and done? Will the group go onto IchiKyu?

      • We, as a group, have discussed the idea using Tank raws, but Anon is not terribly interested in going back over things that have already been done. Sorry.

        • The first few chapters of the series are especially poorly translated. Here’s a couple of particularly egregious examples:

          http://imgur.com/a/MZ7Ke (The ‘translators’ pretty clearly made up everything from scratch in the left panel)


          http://imgur.com/a/aPfms (lol child porn? WTF!)

          I’m not remotely confident enough in my Japanese to do anything about this, but I certainly hope you guys change your mind and at least re-edit the first couple chapters. 90% of the translation is correct I think; it’s just either terribly stilted, or they mangled the context-specific dialogue pretty badly in certain places. And then maybe 10% of the translation is just either completely incorrect, or otherwise made up on the spot, as you can see in the examples I provided.

          Either way, whatever you guys decide to do, thank you so much for the work you’ve done so far on this wonderful series.

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