21 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c128

  1. Like the release.

    Did Kaoru mean to say “It’s fine. She’s dead.” on page four, or was that meant to be “gone”?

    • Yeah, but he meant it in a facetious way, which is why Nana came back with “I just saw her…”. He was angry at her for barging in and wishing her dead, but not really.

  2. This is really a beautiful surprise, really thanks a lot for this chapter & special thanks to the provisional translator.

        • I wish I COULD read Japanese beyond a few basics. My contribution was just a plot to have someone else translate these chapters for me without having to wait three or four weeks. ;-D

  3. Thanks to everyone who helped give us this new chapter. And a special thanks to bil who stepped up to fill the gap so ably.

    • Well, we’ve gone to the more literal naming of “199X”, but there have been no sign of raws on share after the first chapter. The script at the top of this chapters cover page says that both Vol 15 of NtK and Vol 1 of 199X go on sale April 28th. Hopefully tank raws will become available after that. It’s on our “Want to do” list, but nothing we can do without “raw” materials 😛

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