32 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c127

    • Yeah. Amazume actually credits an “Okinawan Dialect Editor” on that page in the raw. It’s very different from normal Japanese.

      I tried to translate it with a Jamaican dialect to both give an “island” impression to the reader and to capture how foreign it might feel to the Japanese audience, but as someone with no experience with either Okinawan or Jamaican relying on what foreign translation tools I can find, it’s probably pretty clumsy.

      • Thanks for this reply. As a non Anglo Saxon reader I had a bit difficulty understanding the English behind it, but I got it meant “do not be lazy cleaning the field from the weed.”

        Yes, I thought too about making a pun about the “weed” but I decided it was too trivial. Now, since you say that was Jamaican, this seems a coincidence the sole clear word is “weed”…

  1. Thanks for the hard work. Love the series so i’m quite happy that you aren’t giving up on it.

      • I will look at it tomorrow after work. I can give you .psd if you prefer. And yeah, the title pages will probably take more work than the rest of the images combined. I’ll see what I can do.

          • Downloaded it and will work on it this evening. Title page is the only thing that could take a little longer. As for e-mail, good idea but I do not have yours. You should be able to access mine off of the required fields on the comments, right? I may be missing some easier way to get your e-mail, but 14 hours of work today have left me a bit punchy!

          • Done except for the title pages. Must be more awake to do those! Need to confer with you on a couple of minor things.


  2. Thanks as usual.

    Not the set up I was expecting for the arc. Are we now in a post Arashi world? Or is there still another term before that? Find the Japanese school year a bit confusing.

    On another note I love the way Kaoru talks to his mum, and the way she happily laughs it off.

    Slightly disappointed we wont be seeing a Princess Nana getting bound story.

    Still supper excited to see the rest of this arc!

    • Arashi takes place during summer break of their third (senior) year, so this is still pre-Arashi. Someone once explained to me how the Japanese school system works, but I’ve slept since then.

      It seems it’s only been six months since Nana and Kaoru started their breathers, so going by that timeline, we still have a lot that can happen before the Black Label events occur.

      • The Japanese school year starts in April and ends in March. There are vacations in August (for Obon) and December (for the New Year), as well as the break between the end of the last year and the beginning of the next.

        They’re starting their third and last year of high school in this chapter, so it’ll be another four months before Arashi begins.

        • Wonderful, thanks a lot for the answers, I had the same doubt as @alwaysabsent, is good to know that there still is some room to a bit more of development before Black Label.

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