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    • Yes. The group was seriously behind at that time and FwPA was also doing the series then. Those two chapters were already released, and a decision was made by leadership at that time to skip over and begin with 105 on a push to catch up. They have never been gone back to and re-released since FwPA did a good enough job.

  1. is it just me or does it seem more like kaoru’s grandpa doesn’t want to go into a home when his son leaves and is trying to force kaoru and his mom to accept this deal so someone will be there to take care of him

  2. Wonderful, my day is always merrier when a new translated chapter of NtK is released, really thank you very much.

  3. The anti-climatic thing about this chapter is that the events of Arashi/Black Label haven’t taken place yet so u know that Nana or Kaoru will resolve this latest issue without too much long term consequence, lol.

    • Well, there’s long term, and there’s lo-o-o-o-o-ong term, LOL. We’re in April now and Arashi doesn’t take place until August, so there’s four months for Ryuta-sensei to play with and torment them (and us). But yeah, I expect this to resolve some issues, and bring others to the forefront. But then, that’s life, fix one problem and another will crop up…

      • First thing, thanks for the new chapter.

        Second, I thought the same thing as TheWanderer. But since the long term came out, it is true the situation appears confused. I would say the doubts Kaoru has (and anyone else), are founded. Nana is too much for him to handle in a stable relationship. They feel passion because they share the BDSM taste but beside this they do not interact so much.

        Nana is very feminine and caring and she can accept him as he is now, but if he does not change in the better Nana will be burdened by him as she was with school activities. If I suppose Nana will be successful in her adult life, the sole way I see to get out for Kaoru is raise substantially his status, becoming affluent with a business or an accomplished author like his idol in Arashi.

        These are just 2 cents, not exhaustive.

        • Kaoru’s passion and skill set revolve around BDSM. The series so far has shown several potential ways in which Kaoru can turn his specialized talents into a rewarding career, as an author of genre books, as an artisan fashioning accessories and equipment, as a store manager/owner, or as the creator of internet BDSM tutorials on Udemy.

          Difficult to predict is what happens in the relationship with Nana. This tortured romantic tangle is at the heart of this series and is what makes it so charming and engrossing The only ultimate resolution I’m prepared to accept is Kaoru leading a mostly naked Nana on a leash, off into a sunset and a rosy future of them bound together as a couple by their mutual love.

          No ‘bad ends’ are acceptable. I’m putting Amazume on notice right here.

          • His passion is certainly BDSM, but his talents actually lie with anything to do with working with his hands. He’s a maker, not a thinker. He’s been shown to be a better than average cook at the age of 17, so many (myself included) think he could wind up being a successful restauranteur. Nana is fine with the romance, the tangles come from Kaoru’s lack of self confidence and self worth. If he can become successful at anything publicly, it will go a long way towards making him feel worthy of Nana’s love. He doesn’t have to become an Iron Chef or anything, I don’t think, just respected in a profession.

            • I’ve read that this is a part of being attractive: you want a skill or attribute, ideally a demonstrable one, that you can feel proud of. It does not have to define you, it does not even have to be a job, but you do need something that lets you say, “I am a…” That’s an identity.

              • Unfortunately, Kaorus’ biggest identity marker at the moment is “I am a pervert!” Not something he is, at this point in life, particularly proud of. πŸ˜›

    • Welllll….We don’t know what’s going to happen in those long four months, do we? Nana really wanted to spend time with Kaoru over summer break. Maybe it’s because it’s the last vacation before he moves to Okinawa at the end of term. I dunno if that’s likely, but it is a possibility consistent with this chapter.

    • I’ve just started rereading Arashi/Black Label and it is off putting how unfamiliar Tachibana is with them in the beginning, especially since it takes place after the collar making, and Kaoru sub arcs. I know they were written much later but it makes the continuity feel a bit wonky.

      • I agree that was left a little in the grey area, but considering how much the author usually tries to keep on everyone’s plate so to speak I think it’s an oversight I can forgive him for. Also I’m with Notjeff if we don’t get a at least semi happily ever after ending to this tale I’ll be very disappointed.

  4. Thank you very much for your great work; please keep it up!…
    …I have have a lot OTHER things to say about this chapter as well, but most of it is just mangled swearing. Suffice it to say I sincerely hope this arc ends in a manner that doesn’t leave me gutted and miserable.

  5. Well, now we know more. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out with what we’ve seen of what’s coming up.

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