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  1. Well that blows. Not even once have they said “I love you ” to each other with any proper confession. They’ve thought it and and demonstrated it but that’s only worth so much.
    Man what a letdown after like 7 years.

  2. So, Ani, now that we’re in the home stretch, how are things progressing on the translations? No rush, obviously; I’m not in a huge hurry to see the peak of ‘Hiko’s shitbaggery. But on the other hand, I kinda want to rip the band-aid off, so to speak.

    • Due to some poor management on my part, we got things a little out of order. 153 is ready, 152 is not but will be soon. When it is, you’ll get a double release to help pull that band-aid off a little quicker. 😛

  3. For your aggravation/enjoyment here are two Amazume one-shots from current issues of Arashi.



    Sorry, the second link is too goddamn long and you will have to use clever computer tricks to make it work. Good luck.

    I don’t read Japanese so I have no clue what’s going on in the cross dressing one. In the baseball story I think I may have that figured out. NotNana is an enthusiastic supporter of her school’s baseball team. She offers a special personalized charm to the ace. What make the charm special is that NotNana masturbates with it and infuses it with her passionate support. The lucky player is inspired by the charm during the game by fingering the charm and absorbing it’s aura.

    Once the player achieves his potential and becomes well known he no longer needs NotNana’s support, but becomes ensnared by the attentions of a big-titty admirer in tight pants. NotNana then gives her special charm to the next would be ace, and the bittersweet cycle repeats. This story is a tragi-romcom and an inspiring sports manga at the same time.

    Personally I don’t see why these had to be stand alone oneshots. With a little effort Amazume could have made them into several chapter arcs in the NtK universe and made all of us a lot happier. Well, so it goes.

    • I wonder if Amazume-sensei will try to do the Baseball one or the other one as a long series now, personally I will be fine if he does a short run with the Baseball one (the genre of the Traps is not my thing) and then retake NtK from the point at the end of NtK-Arashi onwards…
      Well, anyway thank you very much for those oneshots.

  4. This manga went down the drain with the worst last arc ever and the second worst ending possible 😀

    Worst ending would have been NTR/rape/death, but this one with the fucking status quo is a close second as it’s less depressing but as frustrating.

    NOTHING HAPPENED. No confession, no closure, nothing. Just a cringeworthy, rushed, and dull open-ending that could fit 99% generic romance mangas out there (so they’re still good friends who kinda like each other without admitting it and you’ll never know if they end together, which is kind of the point of a romance storyline). That’s why I hate teens/high school context, it always ends with some kind of open ending, we leave the characters and their relationship almost in the same state as it started. We’ve been baited for 16 or 17 volumes, years spent reading this story seem now like a total waste of time… What would it cost to show a glimpse of their future, a fuking hint? I mean, it could go on next week without any transition, we wouldn’t even realize it, since nothing changed since 6 months ago, or 2 years ago. It’s like the only purpose was to show some flesh and S&M.

    I didn’t even bother reading the spoilers to see what’s being said, I’m certain it’s as lame and empty as it looks. Not even impatient for the next releases, I’ll just read them because, well, why not.

    • They more or less confessed to one another. It’s just that no one actually said the “I love you”. But I get where you’re coming from. The series could have ended before the Nana has exams / NTR arc and still been fine as a lead into BL.

  5. Any chance someone happens to have a link to downloads for Black Label volumes three through five? I have one and two but I can’t seem to find links for the others >.<

    • Great work, really, really thank you very much, I do not like this so self deprecating Kaoru but at least we know that Arashi comes next, I just hope to see a sequel some day…

  6. On the one hand, we do have the Black Label storyline to kind of end this all on a better note, and this does tie up the current story plot very well.

    On the other hand, how many chapters have we had between a proper scene with Nana and Kaoru? Between the various chapters they focused on them separating, to the scenes with the one guy who has banging the teacher, to the one arc where Tachi dommed Kaoru, it’s been years at this point. I really feel like that all of this is actually winding down (goodbye breather, NTR threat that shows how much Kaoru is willing to do to save her), but we need like another 3-4 chapters to end this properly. Actually show what happened past Black Label, and with a confession or something else.

    The old, “The Story Continues” series finale is a bitter pill to swallow, but at the very least we have black label to make do.

    • Yeah when you put it like that I do wonder if he lost interest in it a while ago and has been trying to get it cancelled or find something that restarts his interest. The NxK sepperation public bondage scene is very good, but otherwise nothing for for the better part of two years.

      It’s a shame as I’d really hoped he’d progress there story to adulthood. There’s lots of avenues opened up once nudity/sex/ sexual things are on the table.

  7. Ending? This is called an ending?! Wow they didnt even have the decency to make the chapter 20 pages but 19, really skimmed out in the ending. In the end, i must say that this manga left a hugely sour note in my mouth and i doubt that any spin off or other series that Amazume make will be enough to wash out this terrible ending. Thanks for making me actually invested in something…

  8. Uhmmm? anybody here knows korean? well the chapter #156 is already out on his korean version:
    I’m not sure but these last few pages certainly look like the end and I mean an ending for the manga not just the chapter…

      • ‘Underwhelming’

        Yes it was. It closed the current arc and suggested that they would go on. I’m not sure what could have been done in this last chapter that would have been different? You can’t compress several months of story into 19 pages. It’s every bit as incomplete and disappointing as it was bound to be.

        Once we get a translated version we’ll understand what they are saying but I don’t expect a huge reveal. The pictures tell the story quite well I think.

        Thanks for the link psico.

    • However, it’s an ending that leaves a nice path to Black Label, so that still seems to be cannon.

        • Well then is ok, at least it works as early spoilers (as usually the RAWs works for me given that I don’t know nihongo), I think we will have to wait at least for the RAWs to know what they are saying each other and what says at the end of the chapter…
          It seems that once again it is time to exercise patience…

    • Not the worst ending that could ever be. It seems like the best we could expect considering how quickly everything came to an end. It could (and perhaps should) have been a LOT better, but considering Black Label is still there, it’s fine.

  9. I’m quite sad to hear that NtK will be ending, especially when there is so much unused potential in e.g. Taichi’s further development as a dom, or the story moving post Black Label, where we can see them developing their relationship further now that they both know that they love each other, but then again, those are still possible if Ryuta ever decides to make a sequel-series. And seeing how the arcs after Taichi-as-dom (which I loved) have been meh at best imo, it might be best to end it now, especially when BL gave us a good emotional finale. But I will hope for a sequel or a Taichi-spinoff.

  10. fucking really? I haven’t looked at the raws, this is one of the few series that i have adamantly followed every way i could but always waited for the dialogues to sort out the psychological mess/weave that’s in each facet. I feel like regardless of how it ends, considering where things lay it will be wholly unsatisfying. With so few chapters left i feel like there is too many loose ends left. Arashi ties up a few of them, but we got Kaoru consulting a guy on the forums, Tachi as a friend just gets left by the wayside when she’s seeking him to help her relationship with a kouhai? Nana’s family situation? I feel like whatever can be done, no matter how well, 5 chapters? 4? is just not enough space! Kaoru’s just now barely finding his place in the world, has made his resolve to chase Nana…i mean some cheesy hero rescue wouldn’t be fair! NTR would be top-tier bullshit, especially if it’s gonna happen in 5 chapters. what is this some cheap comiket hentai doujin? I mean you can’t honestly tell me that there’s nowhere left to take this story!

  11. Oh, so it was cancelled? Good. That’s what happens when you introduce NTR into your series. I hope this author never publishes anything again.

    • Well, since he has at least 2 more ongoing series, if not more, in other publications I’d say you’re SOL on that one. We’re looking at picking one of them up for our next project. No decisions yet, news at 11, LOL.

    • NTR is common in series like this. It is also present in this author’s other works. So I’m not sure what to tell you, cept you kinda shoulda know it was gonna pop up eventually.

  12. Slight update on this issue: While Amazume-sensei hasn’t made any announcements about any more serialized comics, the first page of Chapter 155 does mention two one-shot stories in Young Animal Arashi volumes 8 and 9, titled “Hanyutan Otoko Dazo” (“Hanyutan’s a Guy”) and “Eikou to Omamori wa Kimi ni Kagayaku” (“Your Amulet Shines With Glory”) respectively.

    When looking for more information about them, I came across this article from July 1 (http://natalie.mu/comic/news/192990), which says that Amazume-sensei will be writing three one-shots in Young Animal Arashi (so there will be one in volume 10 whose title we do not know). It also contains a little more information about “Hanyutan”, which is a “boys life” story about a guy in an all-boys boarding school who loses a punishment game, and as a result has to dress like a girl.

    Maybe one of these stories could lead to a new published series, but that’s just speculation.

    • Thanks for the information. I guess it’s interesting that these one shots will be appearing in Arashi. For me It still doesn’t make up for the sudden shit show ending to NtK. The bad taste of that will take a long time to go away. Thanks for your hard work with the translations. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation.

    • Hope those oneshots fail miserably so he has to come back to NtK universe ^^
      (tbh, the few words I just read about “hanuytan” are plenty enough to convince me to avoid it at all costs, since crossdressing wusses are not what I look for in an MC, whatever the genre and audience).

      • Just because he crossdresses dosen’t make him a wuss, especially when it’s not something he really dosen’t want to do.:P I personally love gender-bender stories, especially those who use it as an excuse to examin gender-roles etc, so I’m really looking foreward to that one-shot. (But I really want a Taichi-spinoff).

  13. Sad it’s ending so suddenly. Given I was considering declaring everything after ch. 147 non-canon and writing my own ending that linked up with Black Label… it’s still a sucky situation.

    Thankfully 154 has pulled it back – I still have hope!

    Thanks to AnonTL and everyone else involved for releasing this wonderful, weird and romantic manga. And thank you, people in these comments. You make me realise I’m not the only one who likes this stuff, and isn’t that half the message of the whole story? 🙂

  14. There’s raws for 155 up on nana to kaoru forums on manga fox forums in the spoiler thread. It’s only 11 pages though 😦 Not confident in a satisfying ending.

        • Thanks for the link. Based on 155, it does feel like 156 will close in a way that leads into BL.

        • Whoever scanned the pages in did all of the facing pages as single images. So, each “page” of the raws is actually two pages of manga. A bit irritating for the cleaner, as he has to separate each one into two pieces. Not technically challenging, but time consuming nonetheless.

          • Meh.. My raws were never meant to be used for translation becauase of the odd resolutions they come in (have no Internet or pc atm and cant be asked to clean it up on a mobile phone image editor) , the public releases with good res for translation always come out a week or so after mine, i only upload on the basis of sharing is caring and want fellow ntk readers ato get a preview of the latest raws regardless of quality ASAP.

          • Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any redeommncations for inexperienced blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

        • out of the 11 scanned images, 9 are double page scans, so in terms of actual page count, not file count, it is the correct amount of pages.

  15. So it really is coming to an end. It’s hard to believe it. So many joys and tears from this series. I won’t forget that first chapter I read of it – it was the when Kaoru stepped on her boob and then their friends came over to search for Nana. I had opened the chapter while clicking on random ecchi manga to do my business but seeing Kaoru & Nana hide under a blanket peaked my interest so I stopped what I was doing and started reading it. Kaoru’s words at that moment to defend Nana really struck a cord and cause me to open chapter 1 and start reading everything. I’ve been a big fan eversince and even got other people to start reading it. I’m going to miss this series a lot

  16. It’s hardly surprising and about bloody time. The story had been spinning it’s wheels for sometime. I was shocked it didn’t end in Okinawa. He can’t keep spinning it out without endlessly repeating the same story over and over and over again. There’s nothing new to the story. It really should have ended at chapter 119. The chapters since then have added nothing to the story. What we are all waiting for is the confession. Though given the type of author, we might not get that.

    • While I agree to some point, I think the big mistake has been what I feel Is a real lack of Nana and Kaoru (and Tachi) in scenes where Kaoru is topping them. I think the obvious way to have moved forward would have been for the adventures to become more sexual.

      If it had to end I feel like BL gives the perfect place, perhaps an arc to get them to summer, then BL happens. I can’t imagine many fans haven’t read both.

    • Agreed, that’s the main reason I fear a unsatisfying ending (for me) because, there really was room for more relationship growing. I would really have liked to see them confess to each other and get a bit more intimate during their breathers (no sex, just a tid bit more flesh, more erotich touching and caressing, maybe more “sexy” games outside, occasionnaly an awkward kiss on the cheek, stuff like they’ve almost been doing or wanting to, just that they wouldn’t be so awkward and just enjoy it normally).

      That’s why I hope for an epilogue even just hinting at something like that (worst would be them having completely separate lives but still doing a breather from time to time, like Tachibana and Sarashina). But, TBH, I don’t expect it, I basically think the last pages will be a copy-paste of BL: complete status quo, no follow-up after the kiss/confessing if there’s one, they’ll just act like nothing happened, ignoring themselves everywhere expect when they’re alone, and that’s it, THE END.

  17. I had a feeling we working towards a wrap up ever since Arashi/Black Label ended the way it did, still I guess we got a happier ending than most if you save the side story for last in reading order. Can’t say that I wouldn’t like to see more but all the good stories usually leave you feeling that way (and to be honest considering this is a romantic comedy about S&M it seems even more appropriate 😀 ), so with this news in mind does this mean the end of the group as well? I mean I was hoping there would be some more 199X if there was interest in it of course, anyways as someone who picked up this series in the mid to late ecks era I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who’s ever worked on this series for putting in all the time and effort into sharing with us hiragana, katakana, and kanji (and anything else I’m leaving out 😉 ) illiterates! So THANK YOU ALL so much! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Well, thank you very much for the info @AnonTL, I really, really hope to see some kind of sequel in the near future.
    BTW somebody knows if Amazume-sensei have a blog or something like that?

  19. Is it possible, and I know I’m grasping at straws, that NtK will end but a new series will start that takes place after black label? NtK 2 as it were. Perhaps with a more adult slant in line with his other works?

    Anyone have any idea how the tanks have been selling? It seems to have come very suddenly and I’d have thought one more arc may have made sense, with the conclusion leading in to BL. This way the story ends with a kiss…

    • Is it possible? Of course. Why not.
      Is it probable? Well… I guess not, unfortunately, that’s usually quite rare.
      But who knows, we don’t know much about its sales and popularity in Japan, and this manga being a bit “different” because of its timeline (BL) and publication history (swith from YA to Arashi), maybe we’ll get some bonuses or another spinoff in the future in one of the 2 magazines.
      Only the author and his editor knows. Here we can just wait and hope. ^^’

    • un bocadillo antes de empezar el enntatemienro no cae nada mal,prepara un jugo de fresas al terminar el entrenamiento esto te ayuda a reponer electrolitos te hidrata y ayudA GRACIAS AL APORTE DE AMINO ACIDOS no olvides hacerlo en agua y poco dulce

  20. I can see this arc forcing Kaoru to admit his love for Nana and come charging in to save her. I had heard that the series was going to end soon and I think this might be a fit ending to the story.

    • Mit welch hartnäckig-blinder Bereitwilligkeit sich das &qAut;obendland" von den links-grünen Posaunen sein Grab schaufeln ließ und läßt, das ist schon beachtenswert.

  21. I’m still in shock….tanks to the creator for your work , but i was hoping to see at least a future glimpse of their life together and what does this mean for black label?

    • @Deeper Blue: I think that Black Label is that glimpse of their life together in the future–at least the near future. While I think this conclusion arc will force Kaoru to admit to himself that he loves Nana, I think the natural shyness of the Japanese male will prevent him from voicing his affection for her and that will lead up to the Black Label story…at least, that’s how I’d do it if I was the author.

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