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  1. Well I’m reading the chatter on the Japanese boards. Waiting till there is more concrete info (so don’t take this as 100% factual), but from what I’m reading there is talk of rape and attempted murder. A couple are talking about a rape off panel. I can’t tell if they are refering to chapter 153 or a fantasy that they are having. Hopefully by tomorrow there should be some nice spoilers I can post for you all.

    • That sounds really for out there for a manga like this unless it turns out to be all a dream. Is Japan known for getting spoilers like we do a day or two before it comes out?

      • Its 12:33pm Friday over there right now. The magazine is out. Unless it’s released in the afternoon.

    • Holy god, I’m just now reading this and now I’m really anxious (>﹏<) (」゜ロ゜)」 (╥﹏╥) , nobody has taken some pic capture or something like that????

  2. Ok so here is a Theory… Kaoru won’t come to Nana’s rescue. Instead it will be the pegging loving Prez. Whatever his name is. I can see it coming about. He’ll be like “WTF? Where is Nana?” An then we will as the lodge staff an they will say “Older Kaoru look alike took Nana out for a walk…” Or some fucking lie like that. He’ll go looking for her. Find the cabin. An save her. Which Nana will be inbeted for and may start to fell a bond between her and pregging bro. Which could drive a wedge between Nana and Kaoru… Though just theory…. A manga Theory. (Yep. Just watched Game Theory before writing this). Honestly though I like NTR it’s and interesting Genre. Though I DO NOT WANT THIS FOR NANA TO KAORU! It’s pissing me off. Though this is the Direction Amazume wants so, … I’ll respect that Direction. I look forward to the the next translations. An sitting on the edge of my seat for the next raws,

    • As far as they know Nana’s gone home or the hospital or someplace not at the retreat, and the Prez, Yakuri, and Bitch Sis have been duped by fake text messages. NotKaoru was smart enough to leave seperately so there’s no obvious link between Nana being gone and himself. Unless Kaoru calls the Prez (or shows up) asking wtf is going on with the picture of Nana online (which is recognizably taken at the lake house) he’ll be too late. Besides, Kaoru has already defanged the Prez as a threat by being a decent human being towards him (and running hm into the ground), and I’m pretty sure that the Prez knows he’s beaten, even if he wont admit it to himself yet (observe his already somewhat defeated attitude in ch 148). Worst of all (for him), Nana is pretty dismissive of the Prez in pretty much every private thought she has about him.

      My theory on the Prez is that he will end up with Tachi, or, even better (and more circular), a Tachi-taught Haruka (her track team captain).

      • I don’t think it’ll be the prez. I’m assuming it has to be someone from Kaoru group if her bondage activities are to stay secret. I don’t see how Kaoru could plausibly save her without at least alerting her friends or mom which would spill everything. Going off Arashi it seems that it still seems to be a secret. Going to take some serious detective skills if Kaoru and his friends who know of the bondage can pull this off without alerting anyone. Or you know, a serious ass pull from a writing perspective.

        • The more I think about it, the more I worry that Nana will try defusing the situation so he doesn’t go too far, maybe agreeing to “teach him the proper ways”, out of pity. That’s basically what Kaoru did with Tachi, agreeing to tie her out of good will, not really admitting it was kinda doing S&M with someone else than Nana, so cheating a little bit…
          If so, I wouldn’t be surprised that Nana even covers for the landlord when asked where she was. She just goes back on her own to the city and everyone get on with their lives, “no harm done”, totally overlooking everything he’s done…

          • Hmm not sure. He has already tied her up and appears to have no more rope. I don’t think she would agree to being whipped out of pity because she has no experience with it and the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. Although if she did it would upset readers so he could go that way for a raising of the rage level, which is still low from what’s been shown on panel. I could only see her escaping by talking him down or managing to get away while being moved to the plank. I think these are the most realistic options, assuming no one rescues her.

            • I’d really like for Kaoru to make an appearance before him to show him up. Make him feel smaller than he already feels.

    • My theory is that we see some signs of Nana getting aroused (the lips licking) when it gets slower and more emotionally teasing. Then she catches herself immediately and is horrified by it so she freaks out and screams proper etc.

      Then the door busts open with the whole crew coming to her rescue. The old maid woman went to get them because she thought Nana was willing in this situation and earlier sounds of fight/protest made her nope the fuck out.

      Anyway, Nana is saved but is somewhat emotionally scarred and confused about just how much of a masochist she is. Maybe they try something with Ryouko and Nana just flips out and is unable to do SM. Then we get Kaoru coming back and an arc about them easing into the breather again overcoming Nana’s trauma. Somewhat anyway, think absolute trust in Kaoru but unable to even think about doing it with anyone else.

      That’s my prediction for the iffy rapey situation. Might take quite a few chapters.

  3. man it would suck eternally if this story took a ntr dive. I seriously hope the author pulls a knight in shinning armor plot twist or something. Every reader has invested too much time into this for it to turn ntr. But there is hope from what im reading in the comment below of people more intelligent than me, it seems nana is fighting back. Now whether that amounts to anything we need to wait and see but should one be hopeful?? Idk having serious mixed emotions on this one. Really really hoping it turns around.

  4. Based on the different story arc’s so far the female in trouble doesn’t save herself. Usually it’s Kaoru, but not always. I’m kinda hoping that Nana’s mother is involved and that was a reason for her to be in ‘The Life Without You’ arc rather than just refreshing each of the secondary characters. If there is any NTR I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Nana wanting to believe that Kaoru had come to save her or something similar which is why Kiyohiko looks like Kaoru.

    In chapter 10 ‘Scared’ the mangaka makes a point to show that Nana is about law and order even when she was trying to hide that she was tied up. Because of that I don’t think Nana will try and hide this but I do agree with the comment that it won’t affect her has much as a kidnapping and assault would IRL.

  5. I wonder if that gag on the 152 promo page means anything. With the way she just told the landlord off, I can see him shutting her up with one. I mean it’s also been a while since she’s been gagged. Since…I think the breather she had with Kaoru where she vented out all her frustrations about her friends and parents?

    Here’s hoping our girl’s mouth just didn’t make things worse for her.

    • While it’s almost certain he could gag her or worse to shut her up, the cover pages are usually just random pinup poses of Nana with no relation whatsoever to the content of the chapters they introduce, so I wouldn’t take that as a hint.

      Yet tying her up is obviously just the beginning in the guy’s mind, so careful about how much she provokes him, he could gear up sooner and start more painful stuff since that’s the way he sees S&M : she’s a masochist, so the more pain she gets, the more pleasure she’ll feel, to the point she’ll succumb, so that could go quite far very fast.

      Now that Nana’s fully tied up and in a shameful position, I really expect the guy to take pictures of her and start threatening to reveal them if she reports him, the usual stuff that should not work but does in Japan. Let’s not forget that Nana’s the PERFECT blackmail target: admired by everyone with a saintly reputation and her Mom occupies a VERY high position in government.

      That’s why now that we’re almost sure Nana won’t give up or unvoluntarily cheat on Kaoru (losing control of her body over the pain and enjoy part of it without her will, stuff like this), it has to stop quite soon, before he has a chance to do more damage.

    • “the dude” it a typo.. they are good quality just need better resizing but I am too sick to make it all uniform.. use Cdisplay or Irfanview for their fit to width feature for better viewing.
      will try to get the other chapters of the other manga this author does on a later date.

    • Damn she told his ass OFF, being told you suck at typing rope is probably the equivalent of woman telling a man his penis is small. Hahaha

      • THANKS FOR THE EARLY RAWS! ❤ (still hope we'll get 1200px pics to clean though because if not, it might need a lot more work to make it decent quality once enlarged).

        So… My heart was almost racing, fearing what I was gonna see… But now I can finally breathe, this arc will still suck a lot, but maybe at least we won't get any form of cheating, even unvoluntary, from Nana.

        Nana hates it and lets him know adamantly, she fights back and finally lets out a loud scream for help, that's a huge relief for me because, while it's still NTR (she's tied up, panties exposed in front of another guy, so by definition…), I can live with it as long as she doesn't enjoy any part of it, not even physically or against her will.

        Kaoru is mentioned, I suppose Nana says that the kidnapper's rope techniques suck compared to him (he cut the rope many times, I never saw Kaoru do that, iirc he ties her up in one go). He might be a dom and an 'S', bue he seems too selfish in the way he practices bondage to be able to turn Nana's body on against her will… I hope the author doesn't prove me right on this and that we can at least get this out of the way…

        Still, assault goes on (I expect the guy stop to take pictures after this, to upload them on the S&M board) and the aftermath of it will get treated half-assedly, but I suppose it won't surprise most Japanese readers, that's just how sexual crimes are treated in ther society: lightly.
        I read a bit about it actually and it's kinda crazy for an occidental citizen (I live in France). Only 10% of sexual crimes are effectively reported, mostly because of the shame and disgrace that would hit the victims or their family. Laws and police still see raped woman as "potentially deserving it" because they might have acted too indecently or are basically sluts turning men on so they got it coming… Most lawsuits are not even won by the victims who report rapes… just imagine.

        Now I'm almost certain that we'll see Nana magically get over it in a short time, maybe even not report it unless Kaoru does it (or ayone who rescues her) and that the landlord won't even get punished for his crimes. Hell, I wouldn't even be surprised if Nana doesn't get rescued, just fighting the guy back until he gives up or she escapes, then he just disappears, she doesn't tell a soul and it will be as if nothing ever happened.

        • Also as far as his rope technique goes, it is apparent that he does not know how to join rope. One of the first things you learn in the practice of kinbaku.

          • Rofl amateur hour with the scissors. Not out of woods yet though. With his personality I assume he’s going to resort back to hard play to try and break her. She’s is fully tied though so not sure what that could entail in terms of bondage at this point. Don’t think he would go to rape.

            • This may become a battle of words rather than just action. Nana may make him feel inadequate to the point he starts crying (one can dream haha), gives up, or she is rescued. We still haven’t seen Kaoru yet and I still suspect he’s already taken action.

              • I am baffled he’s that inexperienced. Did he just buy all the stuff on a whim as a fad because he saw a picture of nana. I mean, that plank couldn’t have been cheap. Or is he like early Kaoru who bought stuff because he was interested in bondage even though he had no one to try it on?

              • Yeah just look at how uneven his rope ends are. I’d assume that he is genuinely into SM, it’s just he has little understanding about how important trust is. Look how tight he is tying the rope, he isn’t thinking about Nana at all, and just assumes that he is doing everything right and that she is enjoying it. We already knew he was boastful going as far to insinuate “see I’m better than your weak partner” only to be shot down. It’s obvious those words hurt his pride, she did more damage with that than his words to Nana.

              • I hope it won’t end “on its own”, something like she talks him into giving up or he lets his guard down and she escapes, or he just realizes she will never feel good and he doesn’t want her to hate him because he kinda likes her, shit like this.
                Because all of it would most certainly lead to Nana not reporting him (not like there’s a point in doing so in Japan…), probably even playing the saint and explaining him the trust needed in S&M, etc. After this he lets out some tearful apology and erases the pictures of her, and she accepts not telling everyone about it. And later, they even become friends, because after all, he’s not such a bad guy, he was just acting tough… Don’t laugh, I’ve read enough smut/ecchi seinen manga to see it happen easily…

              • @Edogvsu
                He seems inexperienced based on his sloppy rope work and from the pictures some of the binding seems too tight or rough. The hut that this equipment is in looks old and the paraphernalia is quite neatly arranged and very complete. I don’t think he went shopping when he came across Nana. More likely to me is that the landlord inherited this property, complete with a fully equipped S&M dungeon. He probably had an interest in this activity but may have little or no experience. Crossing paths with Nana has provided him with an opportunity to turn fantasy into practice.
                From Wikipedia the ‘plank’ is an X-cross or saltire cross, used for both punishment or sex play (why not both?). If Nana ends up on the X-cross she’s in even more serious trouble.
                Nana’s panties are still on and intact. This is an ecchi romantic (sometimes dark) comedy after all, not a hentai. Nana’s virtue while threatened is likely to remain intact.

              • I like Bolton Farlept’s theory on him inheriting the dungeon rather than building it. It makes me wonder what kind of crap he was spouting on the internet, which seemed to piss off Diasuke, but left Kaoru looking kind of “meh”. I’m now wondering what kind of clues there are to what’s going to happen in chapter 150.

            • Nothing to be ashamed about, I read hentai hell Nagare Ippons NTR work would make people rage harder than this. We still dont know how it’ll end and we still haven’t seen what Kaoru has been up too. I still feel like Nana’s mom will play a role.

              • @ Bolton Farlept Yeah I still think he might put her up there because each corner has it’s own little thingies to tie up her arms and legs. In the past the author leaves the heroine in their bra and panties when things like this happen, but I still think there’s a chance either one or both of them could be removed. I still hark back to in Arashi when she said he’d be the first to see her true face as opposed to the first to see her vagina which is what the average reader would expect her to say. Knowing the author it will probably be the bra if she ends up on the x cross so the back is exposed for when he potentially starts to whip her. I think he’ll get her up there, but it will probably be stopped before he starts whipping her because the whip shown looks like it has multiple ends. I could see it doing massive damage to her back, especially paired with his apparent inexperience which would certainly lead to her being more deeply traumatized and scarred I’d imagine.

        • Can’t speak for Ginginc but I am positive he will be able to provide you with the usual resolution images in due time(he always does), if not ill try it myself.

    • Damn! Nana’s finally awake and she is PISSED. I’m feeling a little better now. Not good enough, but better.
      A thought occurred to me: what effect might this have on Nana’s future plans?

    • Well, really, really, really thank you very much, I’m actually and really relieved to see that she is opposing some resistence, anybody have any idea what exactly she says in the end?
      BTW I’m totally agree with @Cobra281s, I think (I hope) this will be resolved through the words of Nana, perhaps Kaoru will arrive just for the end…

    • Whoo!! That could have gone a lot worse… No matter what happens now, as long as Nana isn’t just capitulating to him and is still loyal to Kaoru, I think I can handle where the arc is going.

      • Same here. Just hopes she does not turn into “mother theresa” mode, explaining him that what he did was bad, that that’s not how S&M works and she’ll never feel good, making him free her and aoplogize in tears, so she forgives him because he’s not such a bad guy…

        Also, whatever we think, Nana played quite a bit with him when she welcome the physical touch and him petting her. When they talked, she even hinted she was kinda messed up, like him. She thought he was misunderstood like Kaoru (not likeable, fishy hobbies, kinda gross) and it backfired on her.

        • Let’s not high five each other yet. If he had enough nerve to drug her I don’t think he would let it end this easily. I still count two handcuffs and the x plank to be used. I imagine he will use the cuffs for her arms and legs to put her on the plank which could take 2-3 chapters if there’s no flashes to other characters. I don’t think this is going the way of redemption for him. I’m of the mind that the artist wouldn’t draw additional objects if they weren’t going to be used. I imagine ink is valuable for a artist.

  6. I haven’t read the series since a few issues ago because I heard there’s NTR in the newer chapters. Is this true?

    • Current events in the raws are set up in a way to where ntr could occur on either an emotional or physical level, but it hasn’t explicitly happened yet. At the bare minimum there’s kidnapping and sexual assault/molesting towards Nana which most people, including myself, thought they would never see in this manga. We have a basic outline of 152 events, but everyone is really waiting for 153 on June 24th to see how far it’ll go. I’m hoping for the best because I don’t want it to stop getting scanlated and would hate to drop after all these years myself.

      • From what I’ve been reading I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there are those out there that wish to see Nana get raped off panel in this arc. Some of them literally feel the whole arc will be pointless if they dont get some type of arousal from it. Those people are in the minority it would seem though. The others can’t picture the author even trying to go that far, who knows though. Only a few more days until there is chatter on Chapter 153. I’m anxious to see what the discussions will be about.

    • Don’t worry, I’m on it at least until the usual guy comes back. 😉

      PS: There’s more to cleaning raws than just emptying the bubbles/clouds though, LOL, but it’s still the easiest part of a scanlation (we’re working with digital version of the magazine and there’s no color page to clean/redraw :P)

  7. Hurray! It’s here. The first steps into the dark tunnel. No real surprises over what could be inferred from the pictures, but it does put a name to the evil snot and establish his status relative to the situation and the president. Also, it seems to indicate that the resemblance to Kaoru is deliberate and will be part of the plot complications.

    This is helpful. It clarifies some things. Now it’s just a question of where the author is taking us and how unhappy the ride will be.

    Thanks to all who contributed to producing this installment.

  8. Gulp, well, finally is here, thank you very much for your work, now time to await for the RAWs (or more spoilers)…

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