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  1. From what I can translate from 151, without much spoilers, he quickly disarms Nana mentally, hitting her weak points, deconstructing her and blowing past her defenses. Given her natural M tendencies, that he has the photo, and that she’s out of her depth, I do not fault her for not fighting back as much. I read her as becoming paralyzed by shame and fear over who and what this man represents than accepting him as another dominant.

    This is totally not cheating by Nana, this is all the fault of this creep. He literally wakes her up saying today she is getting a #1 real man.

    • Gulp, well, thank you very much for the spoilers, now I don’t know if feel better or worse(specially by that last statement)…

      • That would depend on the final outcome, right? I mean that last statement is clearly and utterly NTR like but if nothing more happens it’s not so bad, right?…
        Although yesterday I was reading the NtK theme on 4chan and there they were giving some NTR definitions, based on that, actually with we already have in this arc, and these chapters, it could be said that Kaoru has already being NTRed I think…

        • NTR means a loved one being “intimate” with a third party, yet not withstanding if it’s consensual or not (so including gangrape as well as a stolen kiss or public hand-holding…). All in order to cause drama by triggering jealousy in the target audience.

          So, NtK could have been tagged NTR long before this arc because Kaoru already NTR’d Nana with Tachi and the MILF. The reason almost nobody gave a damn is pure misoginy and fantasms of the targeted male audience (you almost NEVER see the NTR tag when it’s just the MC being played or almost assaulted by some horny chick).

          Actually, the kind of NTR that usually gets a manga tagged as NTR because it’s the most hated (or liked by some), is when the woman/man doing the cheating has, at some point, the opportunity to prevent it or make it stop but goes along with it, or simply starts to enjoy it, even unvoluntarily, before it ends.

          • “Actually, the kind of NTR that usually gets a manga tagged as NTR because it’s the most hated (or liked by some), is when the woman/man doing the cheating has, at some point, the opportunity to prevent it or make it stop but goes along with it, or simply starts to enjoy it, even unvoluntarily, before it ends.”
            As it seems could be the case here, this is somehow surprising to me given that usually I really like the genre in hentai but I find myself just hating it happening here…

            • WIth this arc I would imagine it would possibly get sexual abuse/coercion tags, possibly blackmail, and maybe kidnapped. I think(hope) that will be the extent of the tags that are added after this arc. I don’t think theres a tag for getting drugged.

            • Well, as for me, I simply keep hoping it won’t get to this, that the author has a plan to at least stall, anything that prevents the guy from doing more to Nana than he already has, because anything after that could trigger some unvoluntary body response in her if he’s as experienced as he says.
              She has to get rescued before any of that shit has any chance to happen, I don’t care if its believable or if the way they find her is far-fetched and poorly written. I’d sign in a heartbeat. This way, we won’t even have to see or wonder if Nana likes it or not when he starts doing whatever he plans to do after he’s done tying her up.

              To this point, up to ch151, Nana doesn’t like any of it. Yes, it still sucks and any form of trauma will probably be treated half-assedly if not totally overlooked. that’s poor writing but I can live with it.

              But as soon as I read anything like “I hate it, I’m disgusted yet I can’t keep my body from reacting to him”, or she simply starts obeying him in any way, or some pleasure is even slightly hinted, or she Nana starts panting/drooling/moaning/licking her lips, I don’t give a damn if she’s been drugged, gave up, switched off her mind waiting for it to end, being manipulated by an experienced dom who knows all the tricks, that’s full-on NTR edging on partial cheating in my book.

              • Agree, agree, agree and agree, specially with the first part, I would prefer to read some plot holes as long Nana (and actually the story) is saved of the NTR…

  2. Wow! haven’t seen this much activity in the comment section for awhile! Objectively speaking even the author has gotten tired of the predictability of the plot on the s&m side of things and from past experience when that’s predictable then the true love story suffers between the two (seemingly), still not happy it had to come to this kinda thing but not surprised. We’ll see how well he continues to walk this tightrope that he has on this twin tale one thing’s for sure he’s certainly grabbed our attention again! πŸ™‚

    • Everyone just voicing their opinion. I have read some manga with ntr, but can anyone think of a manga that had added ntr as a possible element after 5+ years of being in circulation? Just feels wrong because the manga has been out for so long for some cheap drama. Also, are their any female readers out there? If so how do you’ll feel about Nana in this situation and is the author treating her actions and reactions appropriately in this situation, or does it come off as msynogy?

      • Not every woman would react the same its hard to tell….. but imo :Nana is a 17 yo that was supposed to get help because she was feeling ill (from her pov didnt know she was drugged) and woke up with a random guy molesting/physically abusing her,first reaction would be crying your heart out and shouting on the top of your lungs for help without any blushing and resisting as hard as you can(considering in earlier chaps she was shown to be like this with kaoru), OR extreme confusion along with fear that would prolly prevent any possibility of actually even thinking if you enjoy it or not….The blushing face is also weird,i would expect a clear fearful/shocking expression and a blank mind.

        Unless we see TL,so we can see nana’s thoughts its hard to tell imo,but if the author is planning to make it so nana is actually enjoying it for few chaps or doesnt seem to mind it wouldnt be believable given the circumstances unless author is planning to show us that if you are an M you can hit it off anytime with anyone no matter what…
        Its still too early and we dont have TL or know how the author will handle the aftermath,but i have to say its a very thin line and such cases of sexual assault/kidnap/(almost rape) are very hard to execute and so far this whole arc is poorly written so i think there is a fair chance of making Nana look like a hentai girl(if you know what i mean)….So hard to tell,but so far things do look like it will come off as abit not womanly ”friendly”.

        • I dont see any sign of enjoyment so far. I think we can discount physical reactions, those can be involuntary, something that was established when Kaoru was tied up. If we see her lick her lips, that’s when we know she’s getting turned on. She does it every time with Kaoru, often even before the play begins. When Tachi tied her up, she only did it one time: when she thought of Kaoru while they were running. I’m willing to bet (though not a large amount) that no matter what reaction she has during the time with NotKaoru, lip-licking will not be one of them.
          At this point I think she’s enduring. She’s probably still feeling the effects of the drugging; after all, you dont just wake up and feel on top of the world. As Tachi has described it, you “hold it in, and hold it in, until you’re driven so low that your head goes blank”. Let’s wait for the “boom”, because I’m relatively sure it’s going to come.
          There’s a lot of talk in this manga about “living up to expectations”, and “good” S&M is all about trust, so maybe we’re just being subject to something like that, and just need to trust that Amazume will “catch” us.
          My problem is that I’m not sure I’m ready to sit through two or three months of (my) waiting time while a character I like is, for all practical purposes, being raped. I may have to just walk away for a while, until, say, Christmas, and hope that Amazume doesnt fail us.

          • It all comes down to how ”dedicated” the author will be about showcasing the severity of such a plot device.

            The screentone/facial expressions/physical reactions/thoughts/behaviour after she is saved/how the guy will be treated after getting caught/how kaoru and nana will treat each other and get over it….

            What the author wants to show us is probably nana realising she enjoys BDSM with kaoru because of trust and love,and because of Kaoru himself(we all more or less understand this tbh,and doubt author would kill his story and go full hentai ntr plot)…..But what message and impression about the chars the reader gonna receive from all this depends solely on how the above will be presented,this is the problem.

            Very few mangas treat rape/sexual assault responsibly.
            Considering how poorly written this arc is so far and how Black label is in 2 months(and the chars seem to interact like usual) i doubt this will be the case here,so as readers we might be left with doubts and a bitter taste ;/ (Meaning we get what author trying to tell us but what he drew/written say otherwise).

            About the physical reactions,i agree up to an extent artistically the author need to show us the shock and fear through the way he draws,the lip licking as you say will be important to distinguish simple physical reaction(Stimulation) or Arousal……The blushing is prolly reaction to the shame she is feeling from what the guy is telling her,but honestly i would expect a more scared/shocked face from someone that woke up with a guy molesting her,if she still is dizzy/or affected by the drug this should also be shown by her expression as well(a more blank state with no much emotion shown/thoughts)……(nana doesnt enjoy anything so far but artistically i think its kinda wrong ;/)….

            Anyway lets see what the next chaps will hold….and how the author will deliver it…

  3. That last page, it looks like he says δ»˜γεˆγ£γ¦γ‚„γ‚Œγ‚‹γ©γ“γΎγ§γ‚‚δΈ€η”Ÿγ . With this being Google search literal translation. “It is also a lifetime how far that we can do dating”
    Not sure what it is supposed to mean but dang we still have to wait to find out what was said in earlier chapters plus what is happening in later ones.

  4. @karasu I dont mind getting downvoted, just expressing feelings. Just irritated about things. Kaoru has a breather with someone else with all parties agreeing and it takes like five or six pages. Nana forced against her will and it takes 2+ however many full chapters. Kaoru gets tied up and resists almost the whole time. Nana gets drugged and basically sexual assaulted and breaks with a hug which was supposedly a special thing between her and Kaoru, but not so special now because anyone will do apparently. Reminds me very slightly of Chisa x Pon where gf refuses sex from Mc, but gives in to rapist. It’s really giving off a similar vibe and if Kaoru was here instead she would and has shown to be a lot more resistance. Also I say she broke because it goes from hug to him tying her leg with no indication that a struggle has taken place. Those of using logic know that after this event, which I’m sure will escalate further, there is no way Arashi is going to make sense unless it turns out this was all a dream or hallucination.

  5. Is there any possible way to get today’s chapters in raw? I understand the raws we just got are actually the last chapter and 152 came out today. Really on edge about how this is gonna go >.<

    • We only get the webrips of the digital version of the Young Animal, which is released a week after the printed version. If you want the raws of the printed version, then someone has to be In Japan to buy the magazine and scan the pages manually (you could import it, but delivery costs and time wouldn’t make it worth the money and effort).

      So unless someone in Japan does it out of good will at his own expense and shares it on P2P, the only alternative is to pay someone to do it (a raw provider). That’s what most scanlating groups who don’t work on mainstream stuff do, and why they ask for donations, it’s mostly to pay the raw providers and/or magazine subscriptions.

    • @MikaBDSM actually I would be happy enough with just a fairly detailed summary and maybe a pic of the most important part of the chapter (even a cellphone photo would be ok) at least for the moment…

  6. Basically the Kaoru look alike saw right through Nana. Her false attitude and face. I think he is saying he will help realize her true self through SM, but not the soft SM he has accused her of. But real hard SM. In a few pages he has already gone further than Kaoru ever did, Nana at the moment is not aroused rather she is in pain. I thinki he insists that she will only be able to keep up that farce for so long, and that ecstasy will over come her soon. Like others have said, if she succumbs to this, the whole theme of the manga is kind of moot, yknow the whole (SM is about communication). I’m curious how Kaoru will help this time.

    • Where are these raws? I have seen up to 150 where it ends with Kaoru looking at his phone

      • @Oxygen is Taboo, I fear he might be talking about the actual physical copy of the magazine, so we only can wait…

          • don’t know why people are selfish, instead of uploading the raws they just come to reveal spoilers

            • and im willing to pay someone double the amount Young Animal Magazine costs to keep the raws coming if anyone in Japan who reads this blog is interested ( via Paypal or PaySafeCard ).
              We can do better as a community of NTK lovers, we should be able to crowd fund and get the raws (buy like a dozen copies to support author) and get them scanned quicker in good quality and compensate the translators for their time.
              But i am not about to do it on my own im a struggling soon to be student again.
              What are your thoughts anifreik

          • Thanks for the raws. But come on. Fuck this shit. She’s already given up, if next chapter she’s tied up and horny, I’m done with this shit.

          • I want to believe that she’s 100% a victim and that Kaoru will rescue her (if nobody comes to get her, she’s done for, there’s no way for her to escape now), but the way some panels are drawn, I see hints of “breathers faces” everywhere, that’s the doubt that’s killing me. If she enjoyed it, I’d be done with this manga and well, so be it. If she fought back fiercely, then no matter how painful to watch it’d be, at least it wouldn’t be cheating/NTR.

            Yelling “baka” does not count as fighting back in my book, she shows the same kind of resistance as raped chicks in hentai who moans and asks for more after 3 pages… She got herself tied and molested without even trying to kick him in the face, which she did numerous times on her first sessions with Kaoru…

            I have this horrible feeling that she gave up sooooo fast. By the end of the chapters, she’s already resignated, she does not push back once when he hugs her or starts tying her up. It’s really worrying.

            It all happened so fast, I have no idea how long it was since Kaoru found the picture online. If it’s only been a day or less, then I doubt he will make it in time (even if he learns where she went with her friends, nobody knows where he took her, she was seen on a car, it can be a long way from the inn). But if there’s a rescue/escape, it needs to be VERY SOON, like RIGHT NOW. Seeing how fast the guy goes, she’ll be naked and whipped as soon as he’s done tying her up…

            My other worry is that the author plans to to let Nana go through all of it. With no rescue, or too late. Then I don’t see the point of just scarring her for life with rape, it can only be to show her enjoy it at some point, switch off her mind and go into breather mode when he starts tying her full body up (memory of the flesh and so on). And if it happens, we will have our 100% forced-NTR. As for me, if it goes there, I will be done with this manga. This is a deal-breaker for me, couples can survive cheating/NTR, you can still have a sweet ending, etc, but readers don’t forget, there’s no coming back after NTR, especially when you have a nice couple with pure feelings (perverted plays, but pure, true, tender love for each other).

            • I think it might be useful to take a deep breath and chill. We are 4 chapters into this arc without text to help decipher what’s going on, so any speculation can be way off at this point. The pictures tell a story but there is a lot that’s unclear about what’s going on.

              One thing is for sure, Arashi let us know that there’s a happy ending and everything will be fine despite some excitement and shenanigans along the way. My own take is that in the previous arc Kaoru wandered a little and was tempted by the big titty woman but was returned to his senses by Nana’s timely arrival. I think that Amazume is just creating a complementary arc where Nana is tempted and put in peril but the cavalry will arrive in the nick of time.

              As for that skeevy guy, I bet he’s the one who did all the downvoting in the previous post. He’s just that evil.

              • @Bolton Farlept at this point I’m seriously doubting of the canonicity of Arashi, maybe Arashi is the alternate Good Ending and now we are having the Bad [True] Ending???

            • Totally agree but on her behalf should be said that this guy seems to be really skilled in push her personal, specific buttons, exactly because of that is really necessary to Kaoru to be there right now, she is too defensless against this predator guy and obviously not strong enough to resist too much time…

            • Again, I’m totally agree with @vaiowega, now, I think that exactly the moment of the hug is the breaking point for Nana, she is really weak against that kind of attacks, a little bit more of that (which surely is complimented for exactly the kind of words of praise that she loves to hear so much) and I’m pretty sure sadly there will not be coming back anymore…

            • The author has confirmed that Arashi is entirely canon, so we don’t have to worry about this (at least). But this arc, however it goes now, is gonna leave scars on Nana whose being vigorously assaulted, so next arc is gonna be about recovery and I wouldn’t be surprised it’s gonna be the trigger for Kaoru coming back from the countryside.

              • Well, is good to know that Arashi is undeniably canon, but if the NTR comes to be a reality it could shed a whole new light into the Arashi story, I mean its not the same thing a kiss at the end of Arashi between Nana and Kaoru (and maybe more) if previously she has been through a lot more with this depredator guy, I mean in this latest chapter several times this guy seems to have the explicit intent of kissing Nana, if the worst comes to happen a kiss would be the first thing to do and definitly the least of the worries…

          • Jesus christ. That guy is committing full on sexual assault, the pictures certainly suggest whatever is happening is not consensual. The guy probably belongs in jail, rather than the inevitably walking free he ends up with.

            • He will probably finish in jail but only if Kaoru manages to get to save her in time, if not…

              • We can hope he ends up in jail, but he may not. His prepared location, the use of the servant to bring Nana; this isnt his first time doing this. He’s probably pretty high up on the socio-political food-chain to be pulling this kind of thing off. Let’s just hope that what ever level he’s at isnt enough to trump whatever Nana’s Mom can bring to bear when he is inevitably exposed. She’s head of security at a national level, so hopefully she’ll be able to make life very, very uncomfortable for him.
                I should point out that this seems similar to the story from the first night in Arashi, if you flip the Lady and the newcomer’s parts. So here’s hoping for “a chance encounter with the protagonist”, resulting in NotKaoru finding himself tied up and not terribly comfortable (hmmm, if NotKaoru is in the Lady role, and Nana is in the Minoru role, will that result in Nana whipping NotKaoru after being set in place by Kaoru/Tatsuhiko? That might go ways towards helping Nana get over the trauma.)

            • Lazy manga artist, if you check other works by same author will see a lot look similar to one another.

    • Really thanks a lot for these spoilers, I wonder how many more chapters will have this arc??? anyway is good to hear Nana is resisting (at least at first), BTW I think Kaoru will come as a (little) knight in shiny armor.

    • There’s realistically no way for Nana to get out of this situation unless he just plain stops or she does it herself. She’s been drugged and taken to a remote garage on his property and no one except the old lady knows where she is I’d imagine. So I would assume something bad is going to happen even if it contradicts Black Label where she and Kaoru are surprised by the hard play. I’d imagine she might end up hiding it from Kaoru and those around her in shame.

      • Yeah, I prefer not to think about it and be optimistic instead of realistic, not giving up hope it’s gonna end before it gets too bad. Even if it means lazy-writing, cheap narrative tricks and a miraculous unrealistic recover in a few weeks to close with Black Label ending. Because otherwise, I’ll almost be obligated to drop this series I’ve loved reading for such a long time. It will be a deal-breaker for me if it goes full “torture and psychological scars” or “guilty pleasure and NTR”…

        • Think about how I feel about it, my friend. I’ve worked on this project for over two years, at times spent money out of my own pocket to get translations done, and even created this blog just to have a place to release it for free to all the other fans of a wonderful (until now) series. If, and I say IF, it goes the full “guilty pleasure and NTR” route, I’ll have to find someone interested in taking over, give them the keys to the blog and say “adios”, because I’ll be done. I knew, somehow, when I saw the raws for the very first chapter of this arc, that I would hate it. And I have. Which is why I haven’t, and will not, work on a single chapter until it’s over and hopefully happily resolved. Log will be back from vacation in a couple of weeks to pick up where he left off, unless someone qualified wants to volunteer to clean and typeset until he gets back.

          • I know the pain, I’ve been in a scanlating group for 10 years, doing One Piece (in HQ, not crappy translated-from-chinese typeset in a rush on uncleaned-blurred raws) and when you have 10 boring chapters in a raw or background fillers, and still have to do your weekly release and respect plannings for each step, it can be tough to find motivation…

            PS : I already sent you an email through your blog a few weeks ago to propose my services. Typesetting is quite easy, I can also do some cleaning (and light redrawing). Just send me a few test pages and you’ll see if it satisfies you. I already have the raws, just need parts of translated script and your typesetting format (fonts/sizes variations for screams if there are rules, or just send me a few old psds so I can keep some homogeneity). If you’re worried I just want unreleased script, you can send me old pages, I don’t care).

          • Well, I’ll give you a heads up. Lurking around the Japanese boards. The next chapter (152) isn’t looking much better. I’m waiting till June 24th, I am curious to see what Chapter 153 will hold. They are just as upset as you are right now. From the spoilers I read for 152 on the board (no I did not find raw scans, and assuming I read them correctly), the glasses Kaoru look alike has a name but I’m not sure if I was reading it correctly, but he slows down and does everything slow and soft for Nana. I still feel like there is time for this to end in a good way. Also there was a mention of Nana’s mom, I’m not sure in what way or manner she appears in the story at this point though.

            • Slows down? I think that is even worse, at least with rough play it could have been discussed that all was forced on Nana but with more soft play is easier to Nana to be seduced by this guy, ok now I’m depressed, anyway thanks a lot for the info, I would to be grateful for any new info of the next chapters….
              Is absolutely amazing the turn that has taken this manga in the few last chapters, I wonder if something made Amazume-sensei angry and is now expressing his dark mood through the story(???)

              • Don’t take what I say to be 100% correct. Only way to do that is to ask my friend to double check make sure my basic understanding of what I read is correct. I still don’t see this ending the way I think many here feel it will. When they start discussing Chapter 153 come the 24th I’ll share any info I find.

              • Ugh, this is really bothering me and messing up my weekend. Introducing a generic clear villian in a story where none was needed. Go through all these chapters with two main characters being shy and slow moving. Villian comes in with just enough charm and does all the things go the MC would get kicked for. He has shown more physical intimacy than the main character in like three pages. Main heroine gets hugged and stops resisting, but if MC was to do that she would actively trying to get away which as been shown before in a chapter. I hope the people in Japan are letting their disappointment known to the author. But at this point it’s turning into a typical romance villian arc. I fully expect him to kiss, fondle, finger Nana for a long period of time before being stopped before penetration in typical shoujo style.

                P.S. Willing to help pay for donations or whatever should this arc resolve peacefully and everyone hasn’t dropped it. Lol

              • Well to be fair Amazume is quite predictable. He usually introduces an NTR element when the manga is nearing its end. You’re right though, the arc is going to end on a cliff hanger where it gets stopped right before it gets serious. I’ll keep my eye out reading spoilers from the Japanese boards. This is what I think though.

                While a lot are unhappy with the arc in Japan. On the other side a lot are happy with the NTR. Don’t ask me, I don’t have an answer.

              • I don’t think Nana is being seduced. I do think she’s confused. She has messed up feelings and the dork is taking advantage of that. But I think she is more feeling conflicted that she doesn’t want this even though the dork is doing many of the same things Kaoru does. This is the kind of thing she asks for and now it feels wrong and terrible and she’s scared. So she’s being passive out if fear and confusion.

                But her liking this or the dork? Not seeing it. This has come out of left field though. A lot in the same way as the president’s arc did, so we know the author does stuff like this. I think we’re all paranoid the author is going to wreck the story. But in this case I honestly believe patience is a virtue.

                In the arc where Kaoru bound Nana in the outfit, gagged and blindfolded her, it went pretty dark. But then it had a moment that changed the whole tenor of their relationship. So let’s see where this goes before panicking.

          • I doubt anyone thinks she’s gonna literally “fall” for the guy (stockholm syndrome, hello), just that it would suck and be full-on NTR if she just gave up, switched off her mind and started being aroused like she is with Kaoru. Letting her body taking over, feel the pain and the pleasure.

            Thing is, no NTR would’nt be a relief the way it’s going (yet I’m still naively hopeful). We all fear the two same things, here, and worry more and more about no third option with every chapter released:
            – seeing Nana’s signal for breather-arousal : she licks her lips and starts enjoying it (mind switched-off, still half-drugged, whatever, still mild to full NTR, depending of each one’s tolerance). That would mean that anybody can make her feel pleasure if he knows where to push, that would make her some kind of unleashed masochistic, enjoying any form of pain from anyone, as soon as it’s done in a way her flesh reacts to it.
            – Seeing her scared, in tears and not feeling anything. So no NTR, yeepee… but in exchange it would just mean turning this into a session of plain molesting and torture for her until she’s rescued. It would leave deeper psychological scars depending how long she has to suffer (there’s already no way she leaves unscarred, she’s already been thoroughly molested and exposed).

            So what’s your weapon of choice, author? PROFOUND GUILT or SEVERE TRAUMA? We all hope for an alternative though, because well, except for sadistic readers fans of big drama, nobody would want any of this to happen to such a likable and sweet main character.
            We all know that there’s a happy ending and the pair will get past it anyway, but man, that’s a cheap trick to instigate drama, making no sense at all considering he has to wrap it up and have the two MCs recover in 2 months or so before Black Label takes over.

            • After looking closer at the raw for 151 it really looks like he’s going put Nana on that plank in the picture either spread eagle position or in the style that his open book is showing. The book and the plank each had their own separate panel and I’d imagine the author wouldn’t bother singling them out like that if there wasn’t going to be a purpose for them. So i can easily see between Nana being eventually put on that plank and possibly flashing to see what other characters are doing, this arc is easily going to last at least 2-3 months that will be super annoying I predict. Even longer if there is a break or holiday in there somewhere.

              • This is the opposite of Kaoru’s experience in Okinawa before Nana came. That was filled with more filler. This is a tad different. I can see this having no more than 12 parts. So far we are 7 chapters officially into this arc. 5, if you dont count the the first two with Tachi. It should be over by end of August if not sooner. Don’t worry I’ll be lurking on the Japanese boards during this time.

              • I’m hoping for an escape by Nana follwed by table-turning on NotKaoru. Maybe, just as Kaoru got to eperience being a Sub, Nana will get to experience being a Dom. Something (if Amazume attempts to maintain a somewhat realistic story-line) has to lessen the trauma (in just a bit under 3 months of story-time) of being tied up and assaulted by this guy and return her to her normal relations with Kaoru. And he has spoken of how Dom and Sub are just rolls, and the two positions can be exchanged. And if he’s thinking in terms of its connection to Arashi, it might tie in to Nana’s statement that Tachibana/Shizuko was “pitiful” (after all, Doms have to be kind, right?). Anyway, so while the plank might be used, maybe it wont be Nana on it.
                But then I remember Toshiue no Hito and the idiotic (2nd) runaway arc, and I get depressed all over again.

            • @ Daveaway from home who I couldn’t reply to for some reason. I just don’t have alot of faith in the writing taking place in general because this “drama” was introduced at all. I mean supposedly Nana and Kaoru already care about each other which will be shown for the umpteenth time. Of course there not gonna use the term Love or any action greater than maybe a hug and wall of text and lots of crying. So now we have this fake drama so Kaoru can come back, even though he was probably going to do so anyway. So we’ll have some chapters of Nana being molested or whatever. This being a Japanese manga I’m sure they’ll all become friends because it was all a big misunderstanding and he will see the light to postive SM. Much like Domestic na Kanojo because molestion/assault not too big a deal in ecchi series. Then will get glimpses of him every now and then and probably know Kaoru will never reach his level of intimacy good or bad because of reasons. Even his so called “hard” play is soft in comparison.

              • Hahaha I love your attitude so positive in comparison. There’s a few people on the Japanese boards who want to see him go to Jail, have Nana’s mom kick his ass, or for Nana to go (psychopathic yandere mode) and pull a knife out of thin air and stab (“You’re getting in the way of Kaoru and myself….now you die..”) lmao.

            • They’re waiting to see how the archives ends. I just realized 151 is a bad sign because despite being in first time bondage with someone else she did not think of Kaoru even once. Probably going all the way.

              • c148 is done, just QC left, I think. Should be out soon, I hope. They are already working on c149. After that, who knows…
                Depending on how this arc ends, I wouldn’t be suprised it gets dropped if full-on NTR/torture is hammered on us. After that, nobody will want to work on it for free, except maybe for some anonymous rape/NTR fetishist translators on hentai boards. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay someone to see it scanlated, and I sure as hell wouldn’t gve a dime to read something so depressing and fucked-up.

              • @Edogvsu and @vaiowega God, it was tempting to downvote you guys just ’cause I don’t even want to consider things heading in that direction. Remember, my [INSERT-FANDOM-NAME-HERE]s, to be optimistic! Remember who we’re dealing with here! Amazume-sensei is, above all else, a romantic. We can see in his other works that while he likes to show realistic, sometimes painfully dark, hurdles in romantic relationships, there’s almost always a happy ending. More to the point, in NtK, we KNOW that Nana and Kaoru end up romantically involved none the worse for wear for their trials and tribulations. And even if Black Label winds up not being canon, I should say it’s a good indicator of Sensei’s intentions at the very least.

                This arc is going to go to some bad places, that’s plain to see. And depending on how it ends, it’s possible the next one might be worse, should Kaoru come to the (remember, MISTAKEN) conclusion after this that Nana doesn’t need or want him anymore. Beyond that, though, I have every reason to believe that things will start looking up. Nana to Kaoru is not an NTR manga. That would be completely at odds with the tone established over the last seven and a half years. So don’t despair over the horrible fate of this manga and its characters just yet, okay?

    • I believe the national media today is biased towards almost anything liberial and coewnsendingtodards conservatives and/or christianity at best.That doesn’t make me happy. Nor an I happy withhow fast the media is quick to jump on anythingnegative about the war or our military and dosen’t seem to want to print anything positive. TV media is much the same. Infurating!

  7. Those last 3 pages of 150, is that a blog revealing Nana? A teaser pic saying they know who this girl is and what she’s into?

  8. Those last 3 pages of 150, is that a blog revealing Nana? A teaser pic saying they know who this girl is and what she Sinton but won’t show her face?

    • It’s the SM forum that Daisuke and Kaoru use and I think it’s pretty clear this new guy is textbook stalking her. Since he’s on the forum with Kaoru and Daisuke we can assume he’s in the scene, but judging by his body language and actions he seems to be really abusive. Like the first time we see him he’s staring at Nana as he sleeps, and then he breaks into her phone and looks at her private photos. This arc’s most likely gonna be about this guy trying to out Nana because he’s an asshole and Nana’s gonna have to stand up for herself because Kaoru is too far off to do anything else other than yell at him on the forums.

  9. Interesting 149 & 150 just posted to share 2hrs ago…. Maybe we get 151 as well so?

    Will download and post so anifriek has a choice of raws πŸ˜€

    • Perhaps our Share provider is alright and able to get back to helping us out. Wish there was some way to contact, but Share (I think) is specifically designed to prevent that. I’ll be glad to provide multiple copies to Log and let him decide which are better for our use.

    • Well, wonderful news, I really hope the RAW-provider is well and safe.
      Also would be wonderful to see what comes next with Kaoru…

  10. Here are the raws for chp 150, please note they are the chapter from 2wks ago not today’s one. Not my normal source from Share so can’t comment on image quality, Share is still missing the raws for 149-151 for whatever reason no one is posting young animal manga’s to share anymore.


    • Thanks Ging. Very much appreciated as always. I guess that one guy in Japan with a scanner and a subscription to Young Animal got a job, a girlfriend, or just got tired. We have gotten too comfortable in the last few years and we may be in for a little insecurity as in the bad old days. I really hope not.

      Things seem to be heating up in Okinawa, especially with that dorobo neko obasan all over our Kaoru.

    • We seem to be left with 2 options now: Kaoru saves the day just in time, or he watches it happen helpless. The second option would be a bit too dark since that’s the typical hardcore hentai-NTR way…
      Now. Is the shady guy just stalking Nana and posting pics of her? Or is Nana aware and consenting and it’s already part of a breather? Again, second option seems unlikely, but, who knows, maybe he managed to talk her into it (Nana knowing that Kaoru is likely to see the pics, so it’s kind of a “long-distance” breather between them), and from what we’ve seen, Nana propably wouldn’t need much convincing since her switch was already almost flipped (sadly, whatever happens, we can”t ignore it, he’s definitely a threat to the pair).

      • After a little consideration I think that if she is aware, consenting and already in a breather with this guy it might be really hurtful to the readership, at least to me…

      • I don’t think she is knowing about it since the guy didn’t find out about the SM til he broke into her phone. But you gotta wonder what her and her friends were talking about since that conversation got heated, not to mention the last two pages of 150. What exactly was the context, and where was it from. It said “this woman wouldn’t show her face” but what was that in relation to.
        Man so much stuff going on. Plus how she immediately started going goo goo for this new guy as soon as she saw him.
        I see blackmail in the future since that guy got ahold of those pics.

        • Anyone trying to blackmail her is probably unaware of what her mother does for a living. And no matter how much Nana might not want her mum to find out, it eventually would, and when it does…

          • If her mom does find out, I hope at this point that Nana will stand up to her and defend her interest in BDSM and Kaoru for introducing it to her.

            Her current actions are…questionable right now but overall Nana has come a ways from when we first saw her. She finally admitted and vented out her frustrations about her schoolmates and parents, she even mulled over the thought of revealing it all and just being with Kaoru in their own little world during the panties arc(granted she backed out at the last moment), and during the show she assured Kaoru she’d wait for him no matter what (even sending him a image of her somewhat tied up although Kaoru has yet to see it).

            I’d love to see Nana do to her mother what she did with Tachi when she found out (not do a breather with her of course.). Not to mention her mother knows of Kaoru since he chewed her out on the phone when Nana had a fever, even getting her to come over and check on her daughter. Overall this is going to be very interesting should her mother find out. I do hope Nana uses her backbone and set it straight.

            • Nana didnt get fierce until Tachi focused her criticism on Kaoru. Without Kaoru involved she’s only got her sense of justice to motivate her, which gets her into trouble as often as not.

      • As I see it there are two reasons that something like this has to happen however distasteful we may find it. One because Nana clearly still thinks of s&m as some sorta game she can play somewhere in her mind and two though she has begun to have and acknowledge her feelings for Kaoru she hasn’t quite reached the same level of feelings for him that he has for her (at least not as much as was shown in Arashi I think) so my prediction is that it’s gonna get a bit darker before the dawn so to speak and our short frog faced white knight will somehow be prevented from riding in to the rescue this time (as much as I hope to the contrary) for the sake of character development. Either way it will be… interesting! πŸ˜‰

        • Personally I find this arc so distasteful that I can’t work on it. This is why releases have been so erratic. I apologize to all. I do, however, believe that this situation will culminate in our “frog faced white night” returning from Okinawa for good to take care of his Nana, who is obviously incapable of looking after herself. πŸ˜›

          • I need to say that actually these few last chapters have been really difficult of read, I check each new RAW with actual dread…

          • I can totally relate man. My Japanese is awful, but what little I can glean from the raws makes me cringe. I hope when this thing inevitably turns around and Kaoru shows up, you’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and crank out these chapters with the high quality and horrible scorn they deserve. Rip the bandage off, so to speak.

          • Honestly I think people are misunderstanding what’s going on here. The guy is clearly stalking her, and is using the fact that she’s into BDSM stuff to try to blackmail her into something. From what I can tell, the only reason why Nana is drawn to this new guy is because he looks similar to Kaoru. Like whenever she’s going gaga it’s because she’s having flashbacks of Kaoru, which get’s reinforced when the guy gives her positive reinforcement the way Kaoru does, but every other time he’s either being an asshole or doing his predatory stuff like staring at her while she sleeps. That’s a textbook example of someone who abuses other people.

            I think the point of this chapter has to do with the fact that Nana is taking her BDSM too lightly and it can get her into serious trouble, like attracting an abusive stalker for example. A big thing that this manga hasn’t covered yet is that there are dangerous people in the BDSM community that do abusive and awful things to people and call it SM, and so far Nana and Kaoru have only encountered people who are very loving and supportive of their relationship. I think it’s kinda shitty that Nana has to deal with this guy on her own, but she’s a big girl and I think she can take care of herself in this situation.

            • Good call. You hit the nail right on the head, new raws are showing exactly that. She’s been kidnapped. Nana is resisting and not happy about her situation. I’m curious how Kaoru is going to do what needs to be done from Okinawa.

              • Huh? New RAWs? where? anyway more spoilers please, please, please…

          • Honestly, I’m way more optimistic now that Kaoru is included in the plot. Showing him fight to defend Nana while she lets the guy subjugate her, would be a total slap in the face of the readers. We just need to see Nana show some spirit and stop sending not-so-mixed signals to this creep she just met. They just have to both show some resistance, I just don’t see any way around it, for the simple sake of storytelling.

            The very worst thing that could happen to us readers, would be Nana switching to “breather mode”, showing her horny face to someone else than Kaoru, however the creep makes her do it (harassing, blackmailing or simply confronting her). At this point, even if she snaps out of it and kicks the guy in the balls, we’ll know the arousal was there, that she can by subjugated by someone else than Kaoru… It will already be some form of mild NTR.

            I don’t believe it will happen because I can’t find any logic to it, storywise: it would ruin the image of Nana. Her character is build around the balance between kinkiness and purity. But if we’re shown that anybody can flip her switch by pressing the good buttons, then it’s over. That would reduce Nana to some kind of extrem masochist unable to cope with her urges. That’s exactly the opposite of what the author’s been doing so far and the idea of S&M he’s been giving.

            • I dont think we’ll see her “womanly” face here, not without Kaoru. If you look at the session with Tachi, not once did she lick her lips (the indication of her arousal), except for one time, when she was thinking of Kaoru while running and tied up. And what she and Tachi both love about Kaoru is ultimately his kindness, which NotKaoru does not appear ot have any of.

    • Well, really thank you very much for the new chapter, is time for Kaoru to come back immediately to Nana side, BTW that Obasan in Okinawa is married, so Kaoru himself is NTRing someone else, right?

      • Not really. We know that she said that she had a husband and child, but we’ve never seen confirmation. A child would make sense with the year off she took from modeling, but that doesn’t necessitate a husband. And since Kaoru isn’t making the play for her, but rather her flirting (heavily) with him, it would be more like cheating on her part than NTR on his. Could possibly be construed as a reverse NTR of the model versus Nana… Hmmm, it appears we have temptation on both sides of the equation.

        • With these last developments now I wonder if perhaps the author will try to give experience to each of them separately before any new development between them(???)

    • I found that the raw we currently have come from the ebook version of the magazine.
      This version is one magazine late from the printed version, that explain why we have the chapter from two weeks ago ^^

      • Yes that’s pretty much it, share version is by a person the get their copy scan in the 3 or 4 popular stories from YA. The web version is all of YA minus the gravure shoot.
        I reckon reason for disappearance from share is down to the Kumamoto earthquake between chp 148 & 149. 50 dead 3k injured and 200k evacuated uploader likely in that area and maybe unable to access facilities to post or worse…..
        Other raws are still coming to share so is likely our source that’s out of action, also means raws for Ichikyu are on hold to as no one posts web version of YA arashi.

  11. So, I noticed that the sticky post concerning a possible official release has been unstickied. Did anyone keep up with that thread? Did anything come from it at all?

    • Negotiations had been entered into, “It’ a long process…” blah, blah, blah. No news lately. Have a gut feeling it may have fallen through. I took the post down since I figured it was no longer relevant.

  12. Thanks a lot (it’s chapter 151 according to the tank numbering, BTW) πŸ˜‰

    That end :p

    Now, let’s brace ourselves for the next arc, it’s gonna have frustrating moments, I fear ^^’

    • The difference in numbering comes from the fact that there were 4 special chapters included in the early tanks that never appeared in the magazine(s). There were 22 chapters published in Young Animal Arashi to start with, and since then there have been 127 chapters published in Young Animal, bringing the total number or magazine chapters to 149 and that’s the count we use.

      • Oh, okay, thanks for clearing that up πŸ˜€ That’s why you add 22 (mag-published only) and me 26 (true total number) πŸ™‚
        Nevertheless, I know it’s too late and already confusing enough, but it’s a shame because it’s the least practical way for the reader who is bound to switch from different original scanlating sources for a reread (owned tanks, tank raws, mag raws) and will most certainly end missing stuff unknowingly or go nuts trying to find what he’s missing and go back and forth from poor repack torrents to old rar archives to random online readers. Been there… ^^’

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