51 comments on “Nana to Karou c146

    • WoW, thank you very much, now, who was this guy? and how the hell he got that pic??????? (╬ Ò﹏Ó)

    • Still nothing on share for 149 or 150 which is out today. Same story for raws for Ichikyu chp23 😦

      • Forev3r got us the raws for 149. I suspect that since we had two chapters released (raw) in March, that there was, in fact, only one chapter in April. That is the pattern, two one month and one the following. Looking at the raws for 149, I see that my initial reaction was correct. I may like the resolution, but I will not enjoy the rest of this arc. 😦

      • No way in freaking hell (BTW I’m ok with NTR in doujinshis but no in canon mangas), president guy will contact Kaoru and he will come in the nick of time to rescue Nana…

      • Thing is, whoever that is, Nana is clearly not indifferent to his attention, and almost welcomes it when he pats her on the head… And that’s what’s bugging me. A lot. ^^’

        • I think in this specific case it has something to do with Nana missing a father figure and the fact that this guy is somehow look alike of Kaoru…

          • Well after a second look, I like it even less xD She does not welcome him, she totally goes to him, like a horny schoolgirl, making a move on the older cool dude.
            She totally initiates the flirt and engages it, like she never has before with anyone, not even unknowingly, especially towards kaoru (even during breathers, it still was awkward, looking for words, overcomed by shyness, but with this guy she does it so casually it’s hard to watch).

            • She is looking for approbation, anyway definitely we need to Kaoru comes into scene asap…
              Fortunately we knows that this is no hentai because otherwise would be pretty obvious the kind of NTR that could come next…

    • Well, if that man’s some sort of relative, I think I know where Prez’s dislike of Kaoru stems from. That said, HANDS OFF, budget Kaoru.

    • Can someone explain where does the numbering come from?

      I have all traslated chapters on my computer, sorted and numbered according to the tank raws, one by one (strong OCD here), and I don’t believe I’m mistaken when I say that the last released chapter shouldn’t be 146 but 150 (it’s the last one from vol.17, check the tankoubon raws, it’s on the page of contents). And those raws (#127 in the Young Animal numbering) are in fact chapter 153. Which makes sense since the difference has always been and should stay +26 (number of chapters published in YA Arashi before switching to standard YA where the started again at 1 instead of 27).

      Don’t pay attention to online readers, most of them have chapters missing, inverted, and the numbers are messed up.

      BTW, since I have EVERYTHING in the right order, numbered, etc and it’s almost impossible to find a good pack/torrent/reader without something missing/mislabeled, I’m willing to share my repack, any advice for a good DDL website where the links should last?

  1. thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! It was so long since the last update i was getting worried the project had become defunct. this is one of a very few select projects that has had my attention to stay on top of for several years now. so happy to see it back!

  2. Ah! Nevermind my previous comment, it’s still up! Just wasn’t coming up for my on Google, just got disqus links or something like that. Used the history button to get to the site and everything is fine. Sorry for the scare!

    • Those ain’t raw, they’ve been cooked into Korean already. And you can’t translate from a translation, it gets…imprecise….

      • Enhorabuena por el libro!Hoy lo he comprado en FNAC y puedo decir que las primeras 20 páginas son muy interesantes y didácticas (las que he podido leer hasta el mo.oSte)mnaludos!

  3. Not that I don’t appreciate what you do for us… but has there been any word on official localization? I’d still love to own this series and support the author.

  4. So since the senior year is starting, I’m assuming Arashi is non-cannon after all, huh? Great chapter, though. Thank you!

    • Oh wow, I didn’t even notice the author’s note! I should go back and reread Black Label to make sure. On one hand, Summer Break was skipped over, so there’s time for it to have taken place. But on the other hand, everything in this chapter implies they haven’t seen each other since Okinawa. I guess we’ll see?

      I hope Kaoru becomes Sarashina-sensei’s protegee in this timeline too, if not. I think that relationship was good for him.

        • It is only a week since then. It’s just the beginning of May, the later chapters at the Prez’s cabin probably taking place during Golden Week. Amazume has plenty of time to get Kaoru back in time for Arashi.

      • No, at the end of Black Label. Kaoru was in his old room. It also stated at the beginning of Black Label it was the summer break of their senior year. I see Kaoru coming back to Tokyo without his mother. Yes, I can see becoming apprentice to Leather worker as well or possible his Mentor’s protegee.

      • Whoops, yup, I completely forgot that they start the school year in the Spring. My bad!
        *crosses fingers hoping the Arashi happy ending is cannon*

    • Hehe, yeah. She deserves to get tied up herself for doing it “without his permission..”. Lol.

      Personally I’d be worried about Tachi screwing up. I keep looking at raws half expecting a harmful accident where she ends up in the infirmary or the E.R. when it’s not Kaoru doing the breathers. At least she’s trying to be smart and going by the book carefully, and acknowledges it’s harder than it looks.

      Now… Can we hope #ShipTheHarem could happen here? I mean, Nana and Tachi already get along… Just throw Dominant Kaoru and happy happy…. 😉

  5. Happy to see this translation, the text was really important in this chapter. Thanks to everyone, with an extra thank you for Log.

    So that naughty little minx Tachi is showing some real promise here. Looking forward to the next arc that has her in a starring role.

  6. Pffft! Ani, did you wait to wait to release this until after I said something?! XD I feel like this isn’t the first time I’ve posted to ask what was up JUST AS you uploaded a new chapter!

    Anyway, fantastic chapter! Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

  7. Ugh, did you post RAWs on accident?

    Btw, if you need help with typesetting let me know at letitgo.scans at gmail.com. I’ve gotten attached to this series!

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