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  1. I know it’s been awhile since we’ve all heard anything but try not to forget that there was a big influx of raws for the 1999 series they’re working on too, not to mention real life tends to get in everybody’s way when we least expect it to so I’m sure there’ll be some sorta word when they’re able, in the mean time here’s to cliffhangers! lol! 🙂

  2. Hey, Anifreik, are you, um… are you doing alright? I’m NOT asking about the translations, I know they’ll get done in time. It’s just that we haven’t really seen you around here for a few weeks, and I remember how busy you said you were during Sensei’s hiatus. Has that lightened up at all? Forgive me if I’m being too invasive, but I worry a bit for the fandom when we haven’t heard from Big Bro Anifreik (or Ani-ani, if you will) in a while.

    Anyway, on behalf of the rest of us, I hope you’re well, and that any work-related troubles (if there are any) pass swiftly.

    • Sorry for my absence, I have been reading all the comments though. Still just as busy as ever, won’t slow down for another 6 weeks to 2 months, plus I’ve been dealing with a bit of a midlife crisis type of thing. It’s been hard to get enthused about very much, even Nana, Tachi and Kaoru. Don’t worry, things will get better. 😛

  3. Any news on when the translations are coming out… 146 – 148?? Just wondering ?

      • Still nothing, could be delays due to the earthquake. It was in the YA that was released on Friday just waiting for someone to scan it Japan side. On side note Vol 17 of the series is out on the 28th.

          • Last page of 148 had a date of 4/22 at the bottom. Unless some unforeseen event happened, a chapter would have been released.

            • Was called an earthquake…. Several things could of happened, that YA wasn’t released due to earthquake, scanner in japan was in the earthquake zone and thus unable to access home/internet or worse….
              The list of what could be the delay is endless, all I know is all the manga chapters from that YA are missing from the web not just NtK.

              • Nevermind not knowing Japanese, you’d be hard-pressed to even identify the kanji between the low resolution and that font!

              • Looking at the bottom right corner it says something about NtK, and I seriously doubt that they’d waste cover space to say that it won’t be there this week.

    • Lately has been one RAW after another and that wonderful, thank you very much, about the chapter, well, poor Nana she misses Kaoru a lot (it seems that even the Council President is already realizing of it), BTW I miss Kaoru a lot too…

        • Kaoru’s dad is dead. I’m thinking its a relative of the Prez’s, and wondering if he’ll also turn out to be related to Kaoru’s mom (since he looks more like his mom than he does like his dad’s side of the family).

    • No way, what a wonderful surprise, really thank you very much.
      I wonder how many chapters will have this story…

    • Is anyone currently translating this? Last I remember I only saw the very first chapter, now suddenly there is a raw of chapter 22? What am I missing?

      • A translating group like we all are 🙂

        If you look at the previous translated chp I put the raws for 1-20 & 21 on that thread.

  4. Kinda a noob here. I have the raws, but no way to translate. Mind you I have a trackball mouse and google translate. Trust me trying to write Japanese with a trackball mouse will test the patience of even the most Saintly person. Any suggestions?

    Thanks to all for their Hard work



    Any clue on when Ch 146 will be translated??

    • I’d suggest picking up easier serie to study japanese. Such as Yotsubato! Reasons can be found in this article http://jpninfo.com/44501 . But If you insist staying on NtK I assume you do do have memorized most of the basic kanji? And for more trickier kajis which are made from multiple different pieces you can search them with radicals: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_of_Japanese_kanji_radicals and try to search correct kanji with http://jisho.org/#radical
      This is way I did translate some raws with fairly good succes.

      Remember to search clues from picture also it helps alot ^_^


      Fellow noobtranslator

    • Look through the previous comments and you’ll find a link to a program that reads kanji straight from the jpeg. Gives about the same accuracy as GT. Good luck.

      • Dont you find it adventure to search kanji you do not know yet? ;D;D Well I admit its easier to use of course, but if I use couple of hours or perhaps days to find that kanji I didn’t know I think I’ve deserved good beer. Also searching way I mentioned does help me(atleast) memorize the kanji and its part. No pain, no gain? 😀

        Any tips how does team nanachanscans does the translation? Do you use often any of these kanji reading programs or search with alternative methods? I’m actually curious about this 🙂

        • The easiest way I’ve found is the old fashion way, a kanji dictionary.. Well it gives me the best accuracy and once you get the hang of it, is not complicated. Just buying one won’t necessarily help, because kanji don’t have an alphabetical order. You’ll need to know root kanji and stroke count to look up the kanji. Good dictionaries should have an intro chapter that explains how better than I could or have space for. The cool part is for each kanji the dictionary gives a breakdown of how to write it the correct way, different pronunciations based on order and usage, and examples of words it is used in. well worth to me,

    • When I translate, there are three basic tools I use to help me.

      Firstly, and most importantly, I have my education. I spent my time as an undergrad in college studying Japanese to varying degrees, and I’ve tried to keep that up after graduating. That learning counts for a lot when translating. There are lots of resources that can make up for a limited vocabulary when you translate, but no automated tool can really help you if you don’t understand the grammar. Japanese grammar operates very differently from English grammar, so in tricky situations Google Translate will almost always let you down. Studying Japanese is tough, but you can do it on your own if you’re motivated, and learning a new language brings with it incredible rewards. Getting into how to start on that is probably beyond the scope of this comment, though.

      I hope that doesn’t come across as too discouraging.

      For kanji recognition, I used to rely on the radical look-up at jisho.org, but it’s very time-consuming to use when you’re coming across a lot of unfamiliar characters. There are a lot of pieces of electronic dictionary hardware in Japan that have handwriting recognition, but they can be pretty expensive. I split the difference with an awesome piece of Japanese DS software (region free!) called 漢字そのまま DS楽引辞典. You can write kanji on the DS’s lower screen, and it’ll recognize it and give you a definition. You could even use it as your exclusive JP->ENG dictionary, though it’s somewhat limited. Since I already had a DS, it was a no-brainer, and it’s been a valuable purchase.

      For vocabulary, my current go-to source is ejje.weblio.jp. You have to type the Japanese words in using Japanese characters (which you can set any Windows PC to do fairly easily), but it’s got an even wider set of words than jisho.org, with more comprehensive definitions. It’s able to cover almost everything I come across, though I do wind up in rare situations (particularly with pop culture or slang) where I’ve got to just put a word I don’t know into a web search and see what comes back.

      Stick with it if you can. Translation is a nice way of putting everything you’ve learned to work, and you come out the other side with something you can say you built from that knowledge that other people can enjoy. Just be open to feedback from others. I know I made plenty of mistakes when I first started, and I’m incredibly grateful to the people who pointed those out to me and pushed me to do better.

  5. Ohhh HELL… trying to translate with a trac ball mouse & google translate…Had to stop before I threw mouse out the window. Any hint on when 146 might be translated.?

    • *rubs hands together nefariously and chuckles*

      Oh boy! What an excellent pinch to start out with….

    • Found a pretty amazing OCR program online that reads Kanji and thus gave it a shot at translating some of the next raws let me know what you guys//anifreik think???

      Page 2
      Well then special study skills of the vice president it is of something like…
      There are none (NB) only do obvious one thing diligently
      Satsusuga Chigusa graduating (HEART)
      (NB) The weight of words (can’t translate kanji)うなア….
      So the next question is!!
      What is the mood transformation method that of Vice Chairman
      Chigusa Sempai do you have something to?
      Specific “Breather”
      (side text)
      Restarting serialization (HEART) Kaoru and Nana was farewell to the last of the breather in Okinawa. High school 3rd year student became.

      (NB) is where moves to a new bubble but same panel

    • SQUEEEEEEEE~! I finally got what I’ve wanted for so long~! Tachi gettin her Dom on with Nana, hehehe~! That was awesome, and I hope we see more of it as this arc unfolds. Tachi is just so adorable with how open she is with BDSM.

      • Wellllll, not so sure of that. While Tachi is certainly enjoying herself (the blackout face with the giant grin shows that) it doesn’t really look like a Domme/sub scene to me. More like a straight forward “Give Nana her bondage fix” type scene since Tachi just puts her in a new tortoise tie variation and leaves after taking a couple of phone photos. Plus, it appears that she finished with a bow knot, so that Nana can undo her bindings on her own later on, but later got here sooner than expected. My question is, how long will it take for that photo to make it’s way to Kaoru?

    • First, absolutly delightful surprise, I was sure we would have to wait a lot more for the new chapter, really, really thank you very much for this chapter…
      Now, about that OCR program that you mentioned, could you tell me which is the site please?????

        • Looks like it does about as good a job as Google translate, which means a very literal translation indeed. Keep your copy to compare to the official one that comes out and it will show just how extremely valuable talented translators like Anon and Shark0 really are. 😀

          • There is a huge step in interpretation/translation between what is literally said and what is actually meant. I involves understanding the idiom, the phraseology, and even the culture rather than just the words. It can be difficult to understand someone using a different dialect of one’s own language let alone a completely different language. Agree completely with you on skilled translators/interpreters.

    • Ooh. Okay, I am totally cool with following Nana’s trials and tribulations for a few chapters. Namely, how fast can she get out of that? Inb4 “It’s not a phase, Mum”. 😛

  6. The fact that this all takes place before Black Label/Arashi makes the impact feel a little less climatic. It will be interesting to see what events forces Kaoru and Nana to go back to the seemingly neutral setting before Black Label/Arashi unless Ryuta decides to reboot that part to compensate for this latest development.

    • Arashi still hasn’t been confirmed to be canon. It could still be a spinoff story while the main story goes in a different direction.

      • Canon or not Arashi really painted Ryuta into a corner and I’d wager that’s what’s got his production speed slowed down. Cause we’ve already seen the summit so to speak aside from our duo actually doing the deed, so it’s really a matter of him ignoring it or skipping ahead past that particular timeline cause there really isn’t many other places to go at this point, here’s hoping he can come up with something good either way! 🙂

  7. Been a while since the series gave me such goosebumps. Great way to end this arc that I was very much two minds about all the way until the end. Looking forward to seeing how it goes from this. Time skips or stuff? :O

    As always thanks for translations!

  8. Thanks for the update. This was anot her good session of them expressing feelings through the act. I think they forgot about that audience though. 😉

  9. Just a quick note: you’ve forgotten to set a category for the post, which could mess with some people’s RSS readers.

    Thanks for the release though!

  10. Big sis nana and shrunken kaoru? Without that tagline I would have thought it was normal size nana and normal size kaoru 😀

  11. Even though I saw the raws, I really thought they’d be going back together, but I appreciate the statement of intent to stay together. And was that all non-verbal? Anyway, cautiously hopeful.

  12. I’m worried that the people or person who usually gets ahold of the raws and uploads them to Senmanga forgot about the series or forgot the date the manga resumed.

    • Nah, the good old @Ginginc brings us the RAWs directly from Share, so it does not really matter what happens with RAWSen…

  13. Great, thank you very much for this chapter, don’t worry about the delay, the new RAWs still have to appear…

  14. Thank You… Thank you for all your hard work past , present & future. Not really sure why this manga has me so obsessed…lol

  15. Man you fucking rock. Awesome present for before bed. Thanks so much for your work on translating this series.

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