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    • It’s on senmanga, along with 35 popups and annoying bogus loud alarm ads. Turn your PC sound off.

      • Thanks for letting us know~! Also, install adblock if you use Chrome, won’t have that ad issue ever again~

        • My abject apologies for getting you confused and excited. It turns out that I am an idiot. It’s been so long since the last installment that I totally screwed up. I went to sen manga, saw chapter 145, and totally forgot that we have had 145 since January 9th.

          I started looking at the pages and thought, “Gee, some of this looks kinda familiar, is Amazume getting lazy and recycling stuff?” What I didn’t do is check the chapter numbering against the latest existing raws and translated releases.

          Obviously we are anxiously waiting for 146 raws, not 145. I feel like a retard. Sorry.

  1. I have a request.
    Please, can someone upload chapters NtK YA 22(44)-43(65) ?
    I lost some of my archives and now i am trying to reassemble the NtK, but anifreik does not have those chapers anymore.

  2. I’m not saying you missed an opportunity here… but you could have posted the new chapter on leap day. It’s 1 day in 4 years!

    J/K You do you, life is rough, I know. I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that it’s leap day 😀

  3. By any chance, can we possibly get a update on Chapter 145’s translation? Not to sound pushy or anything of course.

        • Well, I guess that’s a matter of opinion (some people think I’ve never been right :P) and perspective. I’m not dying, at least not any faster than anyone else, I’m suffering a lack of energy. I work 10-12 hours a day, split into two shifts, 7 days a week, and I’m 51 (and a half) years old. This time of year, when I’m off work all I want to do is rest up for the next shift. I wonder if it has something to do with the lack of sunlight…

          • Yeesh. If that’s what you’ve got going on behind the scenes, I’m grateful you get work done on NtK at all, considering what you do for us is basically a public service. Listen, rest up, get yer vitamins, we’ll be here. We can be a bit of an antsy bunch, but we’re not going to explode if you need to take some more time.

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      • Real Life needs to be dealt with and comes first. I think we all understand that We appreciate and benefit from what you have been doing with NtK and thank you for it. Hope things get easier.

      • Thanks for all your job, here in France ( Europa ) i’ve had to translate in french .. and i appreciate all the characters… of this beautifull story … i hope there will be new adventures of them …great job !!!

  4. So if there’s no more Nana to Kaoru for six weeks, I wonder what Amazume-sensei is doing in the meanwhile. Have there been any rumblings about new issues of 199X or Puppy Lovers? Or is he just taking some well-deserved time off?

  5. Another Friday, another (hopefully) chapter? wasn’t sure if people figured out if we’re on a hiatus till March or not.

        • Well, I guess, we will see a timeskip and see them on tokyo after the holydays/Black Labels. At least that’s my theory, any thoughts?

          • You forgot a few th81os&#i230;Lgli&#82n7;s? Check!Meido? Check!Andoroido? Check!Refresh your memory Of course, there’s still that pesky no-fansub rule of his. I just avoid the licensed stuff or if it is and I watched it, I buy it.

  6. Thanks for the chapter! The translation was great but the font choice for Nana’s thoughts was annoying – it was too “girly” for such “strong” thoughts

    • Thanks. This chapter provided an interesting challenge in that none of the dialogue was in speech bubbles, and the raws used differing fonts to distinguish between Kaoru and Nana’s thoughts. Trying to find a font that compromised between femininity and legibility was more difficult than you would first think.

  7. Literally breaking free of the confines of the breather to get her feelings across… Damn, getting choked up here.

  8. Awesome. Thank you so much for all the work and care you put in to every chapter. It really shows.

    It will be interesting if/how he ties this into Black Label. If he does make it canon (if it isn’t already) I hope he doesn’t make that the very end as I really want to see what happens after that.

  9. Thanks for the release, but I was looking at Ichikyu Kyupeke’s page on mangaupdates and noticed its been a year and a half since u released the first chapter… I want to cry ;(

  10. Thank You much. A good way to start the new year.

    In this chapter the pictures pretty much told the story. Still, it’s good to have the text to confirm what seems to be going on in the raws. There’s a whole lotta feels happening here.

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