36 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c143

    • Don’t worry, thank you very much, that last page left me really curious to know what’s coming next, such a shame we will have to wait two months it seems.

      • Yeah that was surprising. Seems to have had a few breaks in the last year. Though sometimes it might be an illusion because of the translation time. At least the story is continuing. Kaoru seems to be building himself a harem as well, even if he only has eyes for Nana.

        • I dunno. Tachi seems to be taking a Dom route herself especially after she and Tachibana dominated Kaoru. She did ask one of her track mates if they’d be willing to “try it” (her meaning a breather).

          Ai was definitely trying to mossy her way in with Kaoru. But, when Nana showed up and she saw how she and Kaoru were together, she DID make up a excuse or two to back out of the show so Nana would step in and the two could express themselves to each other in one way or another.

          I can see some stuff with Kyouko happening since her interest in BDSM has without a doubt skyrocketed after watching the first show with Ai and Kaoru, to the point of trying to take Ai’s place after she backed out. Nothing serious though I’d imagine, she was pretty supportive of Nana stepping up afterwards and seems to want the two to be happy together.

          Miyu and Daisuke are what really intrigue me now. I’m wondering if we’ll ever see Miyu or Nana finding out the other practices S&M. Now that Miyu has partaken in it (and seemingly enjoyed) I can’t imagine she’d jump to a conclusion. It would in fact be cute seeing Miyu asking Nana for advice and see Nana sort of take on a teaching perspective on how to be a good submissive. And of course there’s Kaoru already sort of mentoring Daisuke on the internet. A possible double bondage date similar to when Nana and Tachibana got tied up together in Arashi?

          Still waiting on Tachi to tie up Nana though, been itching to see that >.>

          • Ai is married… she either wanted to help Kaoru with his female problems, or she just wanted to tease him. I’m not entirely sure which…

              • Married with a new child, is the story she told. We’ve seen no actual evidence to either support or disprove it however. It would explain her disappearance from the modeling scene for the last year.

                She was asking Kaoru to be her “rope master”, basically what we would call a scene rigger, to work with her on her future modeling shoots, not to be her Dom in a relationship setting.

          • I presume Tachi is something of a switch. She clearly enjoys being submissive, but obviously has a move dominant side than Nana does. I’ve been hoping for a while to see a Tachi topping Nana story. Could also be fun to see Kaoru>Tachi>Nana volume.

            Seems pretty likely his cousin will be involved sooner or later (maybe with Tachi, joins her school starts track etc). The leather shop assistant girl seems to have had a realisation as well. Wonder if she’ll offer to do some work if Kaoru practices with her or something? Still that’s 4 women all set up to be after Kaorus S&M time. He may only romantically want Nana, but he has that Main character obliviousness to female interest.

            We’ll see, roll on the new volume!

            • He’s not really oblivious. He doesn’t have self confidence. He wouldn’t believe them if they told him they were attracted to him. “They must clearly be lying, what is there that’s attractive about me?”

              It’s a feeling I can relate to and understand quite well.

              And then you factor in that he only has eyes for Nana, and nothing else matters.

        • 1/22 would be the correct date for the next chapter to be published. 3/11 I don’t know about, probably when the next volume goes on sale or something of that nature.

        • 1/22 is when the next YA (no. 3) comes out, 3/11 is when the next chapter of NtK is coming out (YA no. 6). So yeah, we have to wait two months, unfortunately.

    • Whoof. We may not know until it’s translated, but that sure seems like a good end to an arc. The perfect balance between satisfaction and needing more.

  1. Seems Senmanga posted the same chapter twice. Are the raws for this week’s chapter out? Or are are we not getting one this Friday?

  2. Thanks for new chapter. It felt like forever since I’d read this, couple chapters back NtK just felt bad. I don’t know why but now chaps 142 &143 relit the spark this serie had.
    Anycase thanks again for everything you people did for bringing the chapters for us readers ^^

  3. There’s something I’d like to ask. Is this manga published monthly, weekly or byweekly? Because I reached the last released chapter and I’m dying for more! Can’t wait for the next release and I need to know how long it will take for chapter 145! (144 appeard 5 days ago or so.)

  4. Thanks for the releas guys happy holidays and a happy New Years to you and yours. Seems to me like the story is progressing not at a fast pace but a significant pace if that makes any sense. I don’t know why but I get the feeling that they are so close to making a break through. Hopefully we don’t get another 6 months of blue balls lol

  5. Argh, if there are any more cliffhangers Im gonna punch something.
    Amazume really knows how to tease like a pro.
    Also thanks to you.

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