45 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c142

    • Thanks very much as always, Gin. You have made it a Merrier Christmas for me at least πŸ™‚

      Dr. Mauser, yes I received your email, I will include your join separately in the next chapter release, and everyone can do with it as they like. Thanks for the work on it.

    • Can’t imagine there’s many more chapters after this.

      But he messed up on page 12. The lead is on the wrong side of her arm. The way it’s drawn doesn’t make any sense.

      Also I feel dumb for not noticing earlier this is the same outfit she put on in the first chapter.

      • Still got 9 months more of story left (that’s the problem with Arashi) we know this isn’t the end the only thing we don’t know is how they stay together and why they go back to Tokyo.

        Timeline wise current chapters are 18th of April in their final year of high school (flyer in chp 132). The school term started in late March so both of them are skiving from school atm πŸ™‚ and it runs to end of July when their summer hols beginning.

        Arashi was set at the middle to end of August as the school term restarts in September. Story will officially end at the end of March the following year unless they decide to extend it into the university setting in which case could go on and on.

      • About the outfit, many of us thought the same. But after comparing it to the original in the flashback panels, while the style is the same, this one has mesh or fishnet side panels and the original was solid leather.

    • A) Merry Christmas to you too.

      B) Happy New Year

      C) Holy shit… those Raws. Da Feels

      D) I need one spoiler… last page… does it say End? Or To Be Continued?

      • Nevermind about D. I realized I have the answer in the form of older RAWs.

        Spoiler alert… it’s to be continued.

        God damn… I’m so stoked.

              • There’s a box on the upper right hand side that explains this. But to be concise, it publishes on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the first month, and on the 2nd Friday alone in the second month. Lather, rinse, repeat. Unless Ryuto-sensei is feeling extra productive, and then you get extra chapters on the 4th Fridays of those second months. It can get confusing, I know. Ch145 should be published on the 8th. Hopefully we’ll have ch144 out before then, but with Anon not due back from vacation for a couple more days, no guarantees.

      • Sorry people having issues with port forwarding on the connection I’m borrowing atm, will be able to get the file and post when get back home from Xmas lunch in 5-6hrs time 😦

        Maybe version out on senmanga in a bit to hold you over till then.

  1. I was holding back on reading last 2 chapters because I peeked at the RAW on the one before this and it seemed like everything was going wrong πŸ˜€ glad it turned out ok in the end.

  2. I wonder what Nana’s hoping for? Is this a demonstration of how far she’s willing to go for Kaoru, so he will see that she loves him?

    • Maybe not love, but need (or that’s what she thinks)… or maybe to show him that HE need (and love) BDSM (and her, btw) and that he can’t flee just with a “My mom is happy in Okinawa, let’s live here and erase the past”

      Great chapter for me, thanks for the release work!

    • The whole thing is basically about Nana and Kaoru coming to grips with their feelings for each other and slipping every chance they have to confess to each other. Mostly Kaoru’s low self esteem, thinking Nana would be better off without him.

      Nana going to these lengths (especially in the following chapter) is basically her way of showing him that despite what he thinks, she wants him in her life and isn’t about to let him just go.

      It’s super sweet X3

      • I wouldn’t pin it all on Kaoru. If you read all of NtK, including Arachi, you’ll find that, in contrast to Kaoru, not once does Nana refer to him with the term “like” or “love”. Not because she doesn’t, because she obviously does, but probably for some reason involving her parents. Kaoru may have a terrible self-image and zero confidence, but I think Nana is the more emotionally damaged of the two.

        • Nana has been playing a rΓ΄le for years. She is a latchkey kid who hardly ever sees her parents. She plays the reliable good girl so that her workaholic mother does not have to worry about her. She takes on too many duties from her teachers, classmates, track club members, etc. as part of the dependable hard working persona she projects. The only one she has ever been honest with is Kaoru before they reached high school and drifted apart. Their new relationship, as twisted as it is, is her way of exploring things she feels she cannot show anyone else. It is her way to be honest with herself even for a short time. All of the characters in this story are damaged in some way and you may be right about Nana being the worst case.

        • I think that they were meant to be facing pages but not actually a two page spread. They ‘shop together adequately at screen resolution, but at higher res they do not precisely line up. The misalignments are not at a consistent scale across the drawings as well, as if the two pages were drawn separately. Putting them on the same page either joined or with a strip in between makes for a better visual and would be similar to how they would be in the original where the two pages would be visible at the same time.

        • I’ll take your word for it, since I’m not that adept with PS. When we get the raws from Share, the scanner has already done the double pages, sort of. They’re like you see on SenManga, with the 1/4 inch white stripe down the center. These two were scanned seperately, so that’s the way we released them. Thanks for the input, though!

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