42 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c141

      • Thanks as always, Gin. We’d be dead in the water without you! Man, I wonder sometimes if SenManga even wants anyone to visit the site, what with all the pop-ups, pop-unders (the inventor of which should have something horribly disfiguring happen to them :/) and page redirects. I know I’ve been slow on this chapter, and I’m sorry but I’ve had a massive increase in workload at my regular job combined with some nagging but persistent health issues that have lead to mostly a lot of resting in my “freetime”. Look for a release of c142 this weekend. 🙂

      • This chapter looks fantastic, but it seems like the name of this arc may ring true. A lot of stuff happens that makes me thing this series is actually starting to wrap it up. It is kind of depressing.

        • I don’t know about that. If you look at the last page of the raws, Nana is biting down on Kaoru’s fingers while remembering the dream/vision/imagining she had of Kaoru walking away and disappearing. To me this is a clear case of “I’m not letting you go that easily!” Nana, I think, has decided to fight for her Master! 😛

          • Yes I agree on the finger part, which was quite erotic imo. The troubling thing to me is the breather montage. It is like a NtK crescendo. I know you can point to Arashi and say that it isn’t the last breather, but the last chapter of Arashi was exactly what I’d expect the last chapter of NtK as a whole would be like.

            However, when NtK actually does end, I wouldn’t imagine the author would just let them be. I could easily see a new series being made, one that involved Nana and Kaoru during college, where things can get a bit more…adult.

            • I’m not sure of the timelines but in the Ntk universe there is still a long way to go before Arashi, and there’s opportunity for plenty of shenanigans. Amazume is the guy who got an entire volume out of sticking a suppository in Nana’s butt (still one of my favorite arcs).

              Up to now Nana and Kaoru have been relatively ‘innocent’ in their breathers. Kaoru as an enthusiastic pervert and Nana enjoying the stress relief she’s getting. Neither has explicitly faced the true nature of their relationship.

              I’m optimistic and look at the ‘goodbye’ in the title as indicating a transition. Nana and Kaoru are confronting their commitment to each other and the bonds that link them together. They are no longer playing. They are both going ‘public’, with their BDSM play and their affections. I’m thinking goodbye to the breathers and hello to whatever Amazume is plotting.

              At least I hope so. What I would hate is the traditional Japanese ambiguous end where nothing is resolved just in case they want to resurrect the series at some point in the future.

              • In my limited experience, the “open ending” has not been Amazume’s style in series that he has been able to end on his own terms. While the characters “lives” go on, the stories have come to a satisfactory conclusion. A rarity in Japanese literature, from my experience.

  1. As all ways thanks for the release. Don’t over stress yourself guys and be well. Also I know that the main series is catching up to arashi. My question is thought is the series gonna end of maybe continue? I very much like this secure I I hope for the latter. Do you guys know the popularity of this manga in Japan?

    • To be on its 17th or 18th tank volume, I’d say it has to be pretty popular in Japan, although I have no firm numbers to support that opinion. As for what will happen when we catch up to Arashi’s starting point, nobody really knows, although I think everybody hopes it just skips over or gives cursory mention to it and moves on in the more adult vein established in Arashi, making it truly canon.

  2. 1# Thanks for the chapter, effort, time and dessire to share with us

    2# plase care yourself and your health, you are the most important part of the chain of folower of nana to kaoru here in the west, tanks….

  3. Thanks for the release, it’s great to finally have some idea what’s going on, that this is before Arashi means things will be alright somehow in the end, but still the suspense was killing me! 😛

  4. Thank you, I’m sure we all have been waiting with baited breath for this…

    And I do want to thank all of you who work on these for us, always.

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