58 comments on “Nana to Kaoru 139

  1. Thanks for the upload!

    Would you mind making sure to use the NtK category/tag on the blog when submitting these? I use the rss tag for the NtK category to keep myself updated, and I just noticed that ch 139 and 140 aren’t categorized. Thanks in advance!

    • Sorry about that. When I was making the post I looked at that and said to myself “Remember to add the tags once you finish the post.” And I promptly forgot. 😦 I’ll see if I can fix it.

  2. i love that their thinking this is the last breather and so they brought it full circle having nana in the same leather suit the series began with i have a feeling nana or kaoru will buy the suit rather than let her sell it to anyone else

  3. Excellent as always………what can i say that i haven’t already said?
    are there any plans to scanlate his new work?……………%

    • Which new works? They are still working on Happy Negative Marriage and 199X if those are the new works you are referring to. I don’t exactly know what is up with HNM because I have seen untranslated RAW’s. Maybe it is a quality issue. However, I can’t find anything on 199X at all sans the first chapter. Who knows if that issue will ever be resolved.

  4. Since my english is potato I can’t say for sure but isn’t there a typo in page 10?
    Second picture, Ai’s first line: “Then me son got it(…)”. Shouldn’t be there “my” instead of “me”?

    Anyway, thank You for Your hard work.

  5. Wonderful chapter as always, my friends!

    Though, man, every chapter I hope more and more that Amazume-sensei just throws continuity out the window and has them kiss onstage at the end of this. When the tension is so bad that side characters remark on it, something needs to be done.

    • Some authors tug at their characters’ heart strings. Amazume tangles them, ties them in knots, and plays with them like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

    • That’s actually being worked on by Renzokusei scans at the moment and I believe they’re stuck in getting the last of volume 3 out due to having computer issues. Though if I recall correctly the last posts I read over there were something to the effect of the main guy having some time off coming up that he could fully devote himself to getting things going again. Lol not sure if that was an answer to your question but it’s latest info. I had heard as far as that series goes 🙂 .

  6. Thanks to everyone for this release. Things are getting stirred up a little. The “last breather” is tossed out as bait for speculation.

    Nana and Kaoru are still thinking that Kaoru might stay in Okinawa because they haven’t read Arashi. Luckily we know better and know this is just a dramatic device. But it is the last breather in the sense that what used to be a private game between them is now ramping up to a new level. They are demonstrating to themselves and to others publicly that this is an important part of their selves and not just casual slightly kinky amusement.

    Since they can’t do it in words I expect that they will communicate their feelings to each other, on that stage, in front of that audience, through the ropes. So when this arc is over they will have moved from breathers to the next level of their relationship. This is the start of the journey that leads to a dark and stormy night with Nana not wearing any panties.

    Also, no need to worry about Nana getting the outfit dirty. That will only make it worth more.

    • Seashore can’t be tied to the story plot just yet… Can it? Been a while since I read arashi. I always thought arashi was a stand alone until the end of the main series.

        • The Japanese school year begins in April, not in September like in the United States and other countries. The first term runs to around July 20, when summer vacation begins. Kids return to school in early September for the second term, which lasts until about December 25. The final term begins in early January and continues to late March.
          Arashi is stand alone story set in the main series. It takes place in their last year of school in the summer holidays around August time. The current main story line is exactly 18th of April at the moment so we have another 4 months to go till events in Arashi.
          The bad thing about Arashi is we know from that, this isn’t their final breather and that he doesn’t stay in Okinawa.

  7. Yooo i am hoping this is not the last breather i have seen arashi soooo better not be last one otherwise i am pissed off lol

  8. I would say this would be quite tense what with this being the “last breather” but since we got Arashi…I dunno. Kinda robs the suspense from the situation for me. Unless of course Arashi really is just a spinoff that won’t have any real connection to the main story. Otherwise this seems kinda forced suspense that does work for the readers who may not have read Arashi. All that said, I am LOVING how this is turning out. Kinda weird though, seeing how in the next chapter Kaoru is still using rope on Nana despite her being in the leather gear. You’d expect something like the armbinder he used back in the 50’s.

    • The rope doesn’t surprise me, it is the focus of the show they’ll be putting on, what the audience expects. Also, with the protection that suit gives, Kaoru can get more extreme with the rope and keep Nana safe. And an intricately tied arm binder is a thing of beauty.

    • I think “taking one for the team” might just be her excuse. With what we’ve seen I think it’s just a matter of time before she makes that clear. It’ll probably be one of the steps that will keep Nana from walking away.

      • Yeah, watching the first show with Kaoru and Ai-san definitely got her interest up. I fully expect that one day she will pull a Tachi-tan and talk Nana and Kaoru into letting him tie her up. Which would shock the hell out of Kaoru’s little cousin… 😛

  9. Thanks x10 x (your work) + (your effort) + (you dessire to share) = great work/great team/hunger nana to kaoru fans

  10. Thanks a lot for the translations as always. Was so hard to stay away from comments and not spoil myself 😀

  11. This is a lovely way to start a new week, and with the new raw it’s even better. Thanks to all of you for getting this out.

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