53 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c138

  1. Correct me guys if I’m wrong but the raws for 140 are suppose to be released today right? It’s been about 2 weeks since the last release of raws? Also that getup that nana is wearing isn’t that the same one from the beginning of the series? Where the hell did that come from?? Maybe some fore shadowing?

    • Also I must on drugs or something cuz I remember when I read 138 a couple of weeks ago I could have sworn that nana told kaoru to tie her up… O.o lol

    • Oh, they’re always better. The ones on senmanga have been resized and the ppi changed. Also, they’re embedded and you have to save the whole page and then trim off all the senmanga parts, or at least you used to. At least they quit watermarking the pages…

      • Is not so hard, you only need to use the RightToClick Add-on for Firefox and voila, anyway really thansk a lot for the new RAW @Ginginc.

        • So when will we get the translation for 139 then anifreik :p

          Ok jokes aside did notice the same outfit odd coincidence that just happened to have same type of outfit and that it fitted (Nana is tall for a Japanese female) guess you don’t ask those plot questions too loudly.

          Not sure on this whole “called it” business. Most of us figured out the general gist of the story arc back in chp 130 when you saw the SM flyer showing 2 dates 1wk apart. You knew then that Kaoru would be involved in both events and Nana would be in the 2nd. The only major twist in the stories were the presence of Ai-chan & Kyouko feelings on bondage may even see her in a future arc getting tied up possibly in her own creations.

          Final one any word on translations for Ichikyu? Think you said you had the scans? Wouldn’t be able to put them up in raw format?

          • Re: Translation=ASAP 😛

            Re: Outfit= Until or unless the manga tells me differently, I’m going on the working theory that it’s the original outfit from the first arc, repaired by Kyouko.

            Re: 199X (Ichikyuu) I do have the raws, and a script for ch 2. Waiting on Log for cleaned pages, I’ll redo ch 1 with the old script. I’ll send you a link to the raws if I can find it in my emails, but be warned, it’s friggin’ huge!

  2. Just wondering how many of you are old time fans enough to realize that the outfit Nana is wearing on the last page of the new raws (available at senmanga) is the one piece from the very first arc? Obviously repaired to “like new” condition by Ryokou or Tensuke. I’m putting my money on Ryokou ;P

    • I’d bet everyone noticed that 😀
      I don’t care for the way this arc is going though it was obvious what would happen once Nana saw Kaoru tie someone else up on stage. Doesn’t fit with were they started from in Arashi but maybe I’m mistaken.

    • Oh I noticed right away. This was very much a full circle moment. And what’s interesting is that it’s being expressed in a relatively public way. Nana might not be showing her face to the crowd, but she is acknowledging their relationship to a circle of people.

  3. Please tell me we’re just delayed on scans of 139 raw. I won’t be able to handle hearing there’s no chapter for yet another two weeks.

  4. As always thanks for a great chapter! I’m not sure it counts as SATISFYING, after waiting so long, but that’s Nana and Kaoru’s fault, not yours. Fuckin’…precious, asshole, dumb idiots.

  5. You know when I looked at the raws I pictured what they were saying based on context. As it turns out the translation is almost exactly what I imagined. I also had an overwhelming urge to reach into the page and shake some sense into the two of them. I am sure that I am not the only one.

  6. Now kiss.

    *grits teeth* …I said, “Now kiss.”


    Thanks for the release, even though we readers have had none. 😛

  7. I don’t comment often enough.

    Thank you for the translations!
    I’m sure that if some people seem impatient with the releases it was all because they were unsure if the translations were going to continue because of the news about possible English licensing. The quality of the releases never disappoint, keep up the good work! 🙂

    • While I support the licensing project (don’t know how much faith I have in it happening) I fully intend to keep doing this until it is official and they hit me with a C&D order. That is all. 🙂

  8. Awww! Aren’t they just too cute? Heavy on the Rom/Com but light on the sexy S&M in this arc.

    Thanks for the release.

    • Yeah, I know. The publisher put out a chapter the second Friday of last month and then skipped the fourth one and didn’t publish until the second Friday of this month, then two weeks to release the chapter makes it about six weeks total. Not forever, but long enough…

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