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    • Uhhhh, not sure, but I think you posted the wrong link there, dessie. That doesn’t need translating first of all, and second I don’t do video, it’s beyond my skill level. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ahh mentioning I’m way too hyped for latest chapter ^^ I don’t need translation for vid xD! I try avoid bringing other topics than NtK here ^_^! Sooo when we get new chap?(I know answer: “When its ready!”) But I just had to ask!

        • sorry didn’t mean it to sound like i was moaning or trying to rush was just wondering. on a side note i love to work you guys do so thanks

          • OK, in a more polite tone, raws have been downloaded and disbursed to Log and Anon for cleaning and translating (their schedule), when they get done, they’ll send the pieces to me and I’ll put the pretty words in the pretty pictures and release them to you guys/gurls. Believe me, we want to know what’s happening just as much (if not more) than you do, so we don’t mess around on NtK.

        • i know this is probably a silly question, is there anyway to subscribe to your blog so i can get an email when there is a new update? i searched everywhere and couldnt find it. thanks in advance and thanks for all the NtK

    • Teen angst….don’t you love it. This seriously will need a translation before I can figure out who to yell at.

    • Is Nana actually offering to do the demonstration in Mizuno’s place, just because Kaoru’s there to do one? Why, I do believe she is! Nothing else could explain his storm of stammered “BAKA!”.

      • Flights are probably $100 to $200 each way. Her mother is doubtless well paid, almost never home to do more than sleep, and probably leaves Nana with a very generous allowance to look after the apartment. I am sure she is making a hole in her savings but other than when Kaoru is involved is the responsible kind of person who would have saved more money than most teens.

          • Yeah, everyone trusts the responsible Nana to use money sensibly. She would likely completely approve of buying the first ticket to send Kaoru to be by his mother’s side after her “life threatening” accident. After all, they have been neighbors for a decade or thereabout. Kaoru is the only one that has got away with taken her to task for her absentee parenting (or likely anything else). And since both Chigusa femmes can barely boil water successfully the Sugimuras have likely been feeding Nana the only healthy home cooked meals she has ever had.

            I also find Nana’s parents interesting. Both flawed in opposite ways, the underachieving father and the extreme workaholic mother. Separated or divorced, but she still slips him money occassionaly via Nana, while avoiding seeing him. I can picture combustion if they let themselves meet. Huge blowup or end up in bed or both. Even bigger regrets the next day.

            • We saw the big blowups in the relevant chapter; every time Nana’s father came round to visit after the divorce, he and her mother ended up fighting.

        • Last minute airplane tickets from Tokyo Haneda (HND) to Okinawa (OKA) seem to be around $300 although if you order well in advance you can get by just below $100, assuming that Tokyo is where they live. The longest last minute trip from Sapporo (CTS) up north to Okinawa down south appears to cost $570.

          I went to Japan on holiday myself last month from Aug 18th to Aug 28th, arriving in Tokyo Narita (NRT) and then travelled domestically from HND to OKA to CTS and then back to NRT to catch the flight home.

  1. Man. First Nana now Kaoru are being honest about their feelings to other people. At yhis rate I’m surprised it takes them to Arash to be honest to each other.

    Thanks for the translation as usual.

  2. Great chapter, and thanks for the hard work. Three weeks to the next chapter, though? Oy. Alright I’ll see you guys on Buttsmithy….

  3. Thanks.

    (I am a bit behind schedule reading this so I do not comment… but please fix the “licensed” word in home page)

  4. Uh! I have to wait ill 9/11. Damn you Amazume-Sensei, with your cliff hangers, and you’re emotional peaks!

    I can’t wait!

    Thanks again for another release.

  5. Great job on this chapter. Thanks to everyone. There were lots of feels in this one, but I expect this was just a feels appetizer. The call is going to be the main course. It’s going to be a loooong wait till the next chapter.

  6. This a wonderful issue, thanks to all of you who worked on it. It’s a shame we’ll have to wait for the next one.

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