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  1. in the beginning i thought it was a great idea……..support the artist…………..but then i thought if the people who publish the manga need us as a guage to determine popularity then they’re idiots…….how many kinky ,english speaking people are there in the world?…..the only thing is if theyre cowardly to need all of us to hold their hands to help them with such a no-brainer then they’ll probably think changing it for the western audience would be a good idea

  2. What a surprise news just after returning from summer vacantion.

    This thing happened also with Haruhi Suzumiya scans, it disappeared for years from these sites until recently someone decided to post the full thing – what a coincidence.

    Anyway, if a group decides to stop working to a manga, I think there will be other groups willing to fill the gap, depending on their visibility and their sensitivity to legal threats – and same for the raws.

    As a personal consideration, I will trust always much more scanlations and fansubs than official translations and subs.

    The net is full of horror stories about official translations of abysmal quality, censorship and arbitrary changes to graphics and wording just to make a product family oriented or kneeling to some political correctness. I am not going to throw money for the risk of having garbage in my hands.

    So, yes, supporting the author is a noble purpose, but not at the price of paying for a degraded product.

    • I appreciate where you’re coming from in regards to the quality of the translation in any official version of the series – but I very much doubt anyone would pick up a manga like NtK and then try and make it a ‘family friendly’ publication

    • I agree in some parts. We absolutely don’t want more modified versions that gives it for masses. Keeping series after translations as close as original is, Is the best possible solution. No alteration or anything. Of course there is this subtle thing, how to put nuances of other language and culture into other language, for people with different cultures? I’d say its best if readers actually undestood the culture of country and had some basic knowledge about customs. Unfortunately thats not possible when doing it big.

      Lets hope this won’t be catered for masses and taking off the edge. Supporting author can also be done by purchasing the originals from Japan. Loads of companies actually ship these manga and anime out. Having originals gives you quite a different approach. It gives you chance to learn language, and culture more directly. I think.

      In short if this goes big and gets serialized in english, Be kind and support author best way you see possible. If “official” translations are not to your liking, try finding originals or raws and study language. It really is worth it. Do not forget to buy them! πŸ™‚

      Terribly sorry for random rant! When we get update? I need to check if I made too big mistakes in my own translations ::D

    • Well you have many here who have a rose-tinted view of that matter . Anyone here already read battle royale. If not , please do it, it’s exactly the definition of horror story about a official translation.(well you can add jormungand and wallman and many others )

      Again please “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, what’s wrong with the actual scanlation , it work wonderfully an by dedicate fan (I can attest that because I notice anifreik on mangafox forum at first), why trade that with some “official translations” who only purpose is to make profit of a fan community already establish by the scan chapter and stifle any future online chapter.

      • Lord knows most of us have no issues whatsoever with the quality of the translations here. The two big reasons that those in favor of localization would see it as a good thing is A) putting a little money in Amazume-sensei’s pocket (the fact that the english publishers will get money too is more or less incidental) , and B) actually having a physical paper copy of the manga.

        • I actually buy the tanks to support the creator. Although I can’t read 99% of the material in Japanese I do it to help this manga stay in publication. A few years back one of the series I was reading started to be published in English and the scantalator had to cease and desist translating it. What also happened was the scantalator contacted the US company that had decided to release it and offer their services to provide the translation to the US published manga. It was a win win solution to ensuring an accurate translation that allowed the fans to enjoy the manga with a proper translation.

  3. please if you start to be published, do not stop to translate
    I live in another country, and read in english, would be unable to buy
    know it’s illegal to publish online while being serialized, however accompany NTK is already three years and one year on the website of you, please keep posting the manga

    sorry for bad english πŸ˜‰

    • There is no reason whatsoever for them not to sell worldwide, if they sell it only in one english speaking country to try to curb worldwide scanlations that would be more like treason than support.

      • ok, but…
        I live in Ireland, imagine who translates and an Irish scan, then she to translate into English, you do not want to be without knowing the end of the manga.
        I want to know as much as you order, however not know another group that translates into English, if she stops to translate, I’ll never see the end
        I’m being selfish, I know, however I love this manga and I’m sure that year would be published here

        sorry for bad english

    • At least , someone understand how bad the news is for many of us , if anifreik stop to scan Nana to Kaoru

    • Anyone with a Crunchyroll account please post a comment in support. Everyone else, please email Tina. The members of the scanlation teams of Nana to Kaoru have always pledged to support the author in any way possible, so please, let’s help bring an official version to the English speaking and reading fans of NtK.

      • PLEASE post this bit of news on the front page of the website. This is MUCH too important to leave in a comment section. Throw it right on front for all to see right when they enter so we can get as much support as possible. This MUST happe!

        • No it must not , and it will be desastrous for many of us , I follow Nana to Kaoru since for 2010 , 5 years and which means I can’t read the rest of it beacause I’m not in a English speaking country because anifreik will stop to scan it.
          For many of us it’s a absolutely bad and desastrous news

          • Whilst it might be nice to NtK as manga’s on my bookshelf the downer for me would be anifrek stopping with the scanlations. We are what 14/15 volumes of the main story already published in Japan and the stuff in YA is always a volume or 2 ahead. Assuming they release 1 volume a month (won’t happen more like every 2-4 months) then we are talking years before they catch up. Not sure I could handle waiting a couple of years for them to catch up with where this group is…..

              • Well, nothing is settled yet. They are just doing a poll to determine if there is enough interest to warrant buying the license and then translating and publishing the manga. Unless or until it is confirmed that they or someone else has done so, things will continue on here just as they have been for the last two years.

              • not only that it would also stifle some of his emerging fan base………………i know i’d lose some interest if it was months between eng pub chapters

            • 2-3 years? I literally have a withdrawal sydrome if I don’t have my Nana to Kaoru for a month, just try to imagine what’s a year without it means for a abnormal person like me , that’s why I said it’s a absolute disaster if it come to pass.

              For those who read Berserk try to imagine if you must read berserk only by volume (without any scan, and all Miura’s break).
              Nana to kaoru is a bi-weekly mangas and take 3-4 months to make a volume up, a volume translation will probably take much longer, I ask you do you really want trade the release scan speed and ryhtm for that? Me? No.

              • Well, prepare yourself, since the raws show that the next chapter won’t be published in YA until Sept 12. Sorry for your pain. πŸ˜›
                I’ve pretty much given up on Berserk. Beautiful artwork, but just too long between updates. What does he do, like, 2-3 chapters a year?

      • Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait for your scans.
        I read it already, but still so juicy episode that I need better translation than my own. xD

            • I don’t think I agree. For the OVA I think horrible is too strong a word. It wasn’t perfect, compressed and modified the first few episodes, but given the manga’s strong ecchi content it wasn’t badly handled. If only Kyo Ani had taken on the project we might have had the “Hokago Shibari-Bu”. I may be prejudiced but I saw the OVA first, found it intriguing, and searched out the first scanlations and got seriously hooked.

              The ‘live’ movies on the other hand are truly awful.

              • Yeah, I thought the OVA was well handled too. The art was wonderful, IMHO. Very true to the manga. I have to disagree with you on the live action movies, well, at least the first one. Casting could have been (a lot) better, but the first movie was very true to the story as told in the manga. That second one, however, where the hell did all of that come from. A mishmash of NtK and Arashi along with new video only content (Celestial Maiden? Really?) that really made Sarashina look like a total perv. Almost bad enough to make me sorry I (helped) put it out there for you guys. 😦

              • we all have our opinions, so thanks for feedback ;)… Perhaps I give it another chance then and rewatch.

        • Am I the only one getting a 404 error for the download? Not that it matters since I can’t read Japanese, anyway. I just wanted to look at the pretty pictures.

  4. one more week…. huehuehue I can’t wait. Any opinions, will Kaoru get the bondage job ? Or decline it because of Nana?

  5. I noticed a large number of chapters are missing form the archive such as chapters 44-54. Any chance of a re-upload for those looking to get them all?

    • If I’m not mistaken that set was offered as an extra booklet in Volume 9…or at least, that’s where it ended up in my collection. What I’d really like to see is complete volume covers and a Table of Contents for each volume. I’ve got the TOC for 1-11 and volume covers for 1-12 (9 and 12 are just partial covers, tho’).

  6. First I want to thank you for your work !!!

    But I was organizing the chapters by the numbering of the published volume (Using the volume 15 tankoubon RAW), and I noticed that the numbering is not the same.

    So I organized all the chapters, using the ToC of the published volumes, and got the following numbers:



    The problem is that the special chapters appearing in volumes 2 and 4, joined the numbering of tankoubon, but do not count towards the magazine numbering.

    It was just an observation. Thanks again for the excellent translation!

    • Yeah NtKs numbering has been screwed up for quite awhile now. Its hardly alone though, several series have numbering issues. Especially ones that have switched publications like NtK, though volume only chapters and split chapters create problems too.

      • Man, I hope so. I think that would be a much more interesting arc. Kaoru is perfectly capable of causing relationship drama on his own; he doesn’t need Ai-san’s help.

  7. I really hope she’s pushing this in order to make him realise what he wants.

    Thanks for the release!

  8. this is very promising……was thinking it’ll take a while till she acts on her love ,let alone admit it……now we have a new school situation for kaoru with strong allies and a visiting princess(nana)
    time to re invent onesself

  9. Hmmmm. Looks like a needy sub is looking to pick up a new dom. Didn’t see that coming.

    Thanks for the fast chapter.

  10. thank you all so much for your hard work, time and effort with the releases, much love and good vibes being sent your way πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks for the really quick work. Things are becoming a little clearer. We’re 10 chapters into this arc, and it looks like we might as well settle in for a long ride.

  12. Im not saying that 5 minutes ago I checked the site and wistfully scrolled down through the previous chapters, but I think I might be first

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