34 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c135

  1. Part of me was thinking since Kaoru was away, Tachi would offer Nana a breather in his place seeing as she is apparently developing a Dom streak. Woulda been interesting to see Tachi tie Nana up, but I suppose his possible Nana VS Ai will be just as interesting if not even more entertaining.

    Possibly seeing Kaoru tie them both up and having to make a decision (and if this will indeed follow Black Label we already know) between the two will be fun.

  2. Ok 1° thanks 4u work, effort, desire to share with out intrest for this & for all your time not only in any chapter, cleaning, editing, writing the text and the upload is the concern to stay making this work for all this time and finnaly thanks for all raws sharing too

        • I think that it’s going to be a big step. Karou knew he was in love with Nana but was always able to deny their relationship because he felt Nana would be fine without him. Nana has grown dependent on Kaoru but was able to deny their relationship because she couldn’t acknowledge her feelings.

          Now the dynamic has changed. Nana knows she is in love with him, and now needs to make Kaoru acknowledge that Nana really does need him. Kaoru will have to admit that while he likes S&M, the play he does in the scene is nothing like the emotional investment he has when he does it with Nana.

    • Great, thank you very much, seems like a really, really interesting chapter but I hardly understand anything without context, anyway again thanks a lot.

  3. Yaaaay 😀 thanks for great work again. I enjoyed this chapter greatly. Great job doing everything for this chapter again 🙂

  4. Aaaaand there it is. The self-awareness bomb has dropped. Whooof…. And another agonizing wait ensues…. Great job Ani! And you AnonTL!

  5. A big thank you to everyone involved for the quick turnaround. This one is a real tear jerker. I would feel real depressed right now, if I didn’t have the reassurance of Arashi signalling that everything will turn out all right. There’s some serious relationship drama up ahead. Interesting question is how much involvement will Tachi have in what’s coming up?

  6. Good way to prepare NtKA’s events!
    And best way to have fans “I want more!!!” syndrom^^

    Thanks Anifreik for this quick translation, don’t die because of overwork beetween chap 135 & 136, as hard as it will be, we’ll wait

    • Anon does the translating, but say thank you for the kind words. Got something to play with, but nothing to kill myself over. Looks like we get an extra chapter this time around, I could have sworn this was supposed to be the skip Friday o_O

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