31 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c134

  1. Thanks again for great job! Keep it up, I love reading your scans & translations, I also read raws, and compare how close I managed to get my translations. Drooling already for next one ^_^

    • So how are you doing in your comparisons? What I have found out from talking with Anon, is that the translation is only half the battle, and the easy half at that, then comes the interpretation/localization and that can really get fun…not! 😀

      • I get most of the stuff right, but as mentioned interpretation of some parts is tough :). And also being rather beginner it takes me coupe of days to get everything translated. Fortunately as its manga, its easier to get hints where to look for meaning via emotes and stuff in the image. anycase good luck with next chapter it was killer trying read it, so I can’t wait to get proper translation ^_^

        • I recently read a linguistics article that showed how a French translation of an English story set in Québec became almost a complete fail because it was done by a Frenchman with no local knowledge of the province. When translation is from a language that is structurally different and has the world’s worst writing system — argh! Translators and interpreters have my complete respect.

          • Hehe I also respect translators totally, I fortunately don’t have so much trouble interpreting text. But yeah if there are many fundamental differences with languages it just makes things loads harder. It’s also matter of understanding culture of original piece of work since there are loads of metaphores, synonyms and idioms of words that are used just with certain kind of situations. Thats why its so intresting to see if you get your best guess of interpretations of even near of official or more experienced translation or interpreation.

            ps terribly sorry if I made mistakes on some words, was writing this after been up for 27 hours ^_^

  2. I love the ups and downs, it frustrates the hell out of me but hey i love it! Also seems Ryu loves to toy with his readers about as much as he has Nana and Kaoru toy with each other.

  3. cheers anifreik, you got yourself a dedicated team now or still financing this series per chapter ?

    • I’ve got a couple of really good guys working on it with me now (AnonTL and Poisoned), so no more hiring out the work. Couldn’t keep doing this without ’em. Going to try and have 135 out next weekend, btw, and then the next chapter of HNM while we’re waiting for 136. Also, should be getting raws for the first Tank of 199X (Ichee Kyuu) from a team that wants to do a French translation off of our English one. 😀

      • AH, nice work Anifreik and co, especially you for being there from the beginning and single handely kept this series alive and updated when many came and left, readers and scanlators alike.
        I will resume quietly leeching in the shadows just know your team’s work is very much appreciated by me and many of my fellow leechers who have never bothered to stop by and say “Thankx”.

        • For any one who hasn’t seen the raws spoiler ahead U have been warned.

          I’m pretty sure tht in chaper 135 nana confessed her feeling for kaoru to taichi…

  4. Amazing work as always, Ani! Ugh, but that was a rough read though. Translate like the wind! I need some closure on this….

  5. Thank you!!!!!
    Sad for the misunderstanding .. but waiting how the story will develop from this 😀

  6. There’s an empty caption on page 4…just sayin’…okay, it has a heart in it. Also, am I the only one who noticed the clasp on Nana’s cloak on the cover page? I think this chapter reveals more about Nana’s feelings than she’s comfortable with. She spends a lot of time trying to convince herself that Kaoru needs her without admitting that she needs him just as much, if not more. Can’t wait to be able to understand Tachi’s take on this.

  7. Thanks for the release. With this translation Nana’s turning around and returning home, and all the drama in the c135 raw become clearer. They’re going to need to change the label from ‘S&M Rom/Com’ to ‘S&M Soap/Opera’. Poor Nana, all those feels. And let’s face it, Kaoru is such a slut.

    • Yeah, it’s more in the “Dramedy” category at the moment. In defense of Kaoru, he went into it to help out a friend. It was a job, sure he enjoyed himself (if you can’t enjoy your work, why do it?) but he wasn’t slutting around on Nana. Actually, he’s looking at it as his time with Nana is over and now he’s stuck in this boring ass place. I think at the end he’s figuring out that while he and Ai-san had some chemistry, there’s no feels there. She’s an experienced S&M model (he’s a bit star struck) who enjoyed the job, but the jobs over. Bet her boyfriend has a good time tonight, though 😛

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