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    • Raws just came out a few days ago 8? Patience’s a virtue and you’re gonna have to wait anyway for the next chapter to be released, so when it comes out…we’ll all be happy…with you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Actually this seems to be a chapter that’s fairly easy to interpret from the pictures alone. I don’t expect much in the way of surprises from the translation. ‘Waiting for Nana’ is the difficult part of following this arc. Our boy Kaoru has mastered the challenge and I for one applaud his growth.

    • Lots of sound effects, a few thought bubbles, almost no dialogue. Let your imagination fill in the details, you probably will not be far off. Give them time to clean up the raws and do it right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I am still interested to see the exact rรดle Nana will play in this arc. Will have to wait weeks to find out though. (sigh)

    • Well, there are 3 raw chapters out. So, patience is needed. Should be thankful for all their hard work. I have several mangas I have been waiting months on. So a few weeks is almost nothing

  2. I’ve been reading NtK for years and I only JUST noticed the thorns in the kana of the title. Is that weird or is being that distracted by Nana’s poses normal?

    • Thanks to you I will forever be distracted from Nana’s poses from now on. This arc has been the best one in a while now that we are finally back to the only couple we really care for.

      • It’s a great arc, but now it’s so suspenseful and interesting, the month long breaks are KILLING me.

        • It is quite normal to be distracted by Nana’s posing, in fact I’d say it was weird if you weren’t! About the schedule, we should have new raws again in two weeks, then two more weeks after that. Then another month long wait, but we can have hope! Now and then they’ll fill in the normally skipped over issue with an extra chapter, never any rhyme or reason that I’ve been able to detect, though.

      • I’m enjoying this arc, but I’m also looking forward to seeing more Tachi, she’s got a good personal arc going on.

  3. Raws appeared 2hrs after went to work will post in 5hrs or so, expect senmanga will have up in couple of hours if you can’t wait.

  4. Quick theory, Kauro ends up living with his uncle and cousin. Cousin ends up joining the S&M fun. This might allow Tachi someone to Dom since Kauro didnt want to let her do it with Nana.

  5. Awesome chapter! Aarrgh, It really fells like SM, having to wait that long for the next chapter! Many THX!

    • Yup and that makes it all the sweeter when the next chapter is… released! ๐Ÿ™‚ (creepy guy pun checked off the list… I’ll let myself out now.)

  6. I like how Asuka is having to reassess Kaoru. Her idolized senpai knows and has some respect for Kaoru and now a beauty shows up looking for him!

    Also, would love to see Asuka’s reaction when it sinks in just what the fetish con is about. She strikes me as a bored, aimless teen who does not pay too much attention to the world around her and is a lot more naive than she realizes.

    • I think Asuka knows what the fetish con is about, since Kyoko showed the add and talked openly about S&M-con. She might seem bored since she didn’t get to go to event, which I believe, is only for adult audience.

      I just wonder how broken Nana will be, since she might think that this Uehara Ai is reason for Kaoru to move to Okinawa. I bet that in next chapter both Asuka and Nana will come to con and hell is loose.

  7. Thanks for another great release.

    Predictions for the next chapter? Best case, Nana turns up and is thought to be part of the show, where Kaoru’s collar is shown off to her embarrassment; worst case, she sees Kaoru tying up someone else and hits the roof.

    • I feel safe in saying that I believe Asuka-chan will take Nana to the fetish con to find Kaoru (she wants a reason to go anyway, hmm sounds familiar ๐Ÿ˜€ ). At what point in time and in what situation will be the kicker, I’m sure Ai-sans’ role in this little drama is not finished. For myself, ever since seeing these in the raw I’ve had a picture in my head of Kaoru seeing Nana standing just off stage, red faced and puff cheeked in full-on angry, spoiled little girl mode. Damn, I’d like to see that happen…

          • Poor Nana, I do not think she is spoiled, she is actually very modest.

            (Tachi on the other hand… ๐Ÿ™‚ )

            But after all this time I can not say I remember everything well. Did Nana become angry in some occasion? Maybe offended, or frustrated. As far as I remember, she is not the type to fall to rage.

            • she is rather spoiled by kaoru but the emotions Iโ€™m waiting to see are when she gets possessive and jealous like in the dog arc nana really doesn’t like to share

              • …just to be sure I checked again the word ‘spoiled’ in the dictionary since it seems absurd think Nana is spoiled by Kaoru. Actually that word had 2 opposite meanings. Great. But none of them applies to her. She is not ruined nor pampered.

                In fact I mentioned Tachi because I had in mind the dog arc. Nana was of course jealous, but more sad than in rage – if memory does not fail me. She was not in rage even in front of those parasitic students and teachers, it took Kaoru to save her.

      • This arc seems to be where Nana realizes she can’t take Kaoru for granted, and that he may not always be there for her when she needs him. Ai-san and the associated events to come could be one of the reasons Nana’s panties slipped off that dark and stormy night in Arashi.

    • P.S.: Da, tare-mi plac tablourile lui Franz Marc. Liternet a ilustrat minunat volumul; a fost alegerea lor. Iar Konrad Lorenz e miraculos de frumos, ร…ลธi ca fiinร…ยฃร„ฦ’, ร…ลธi ca sciirturร„ฦ’.

  8. Thanks for the quick translation. Awesome job as always.

    As thrilled as I was to read this installment, I’m bummed by the note that they are skipping an issue. I was anxiously anticipating the raw this Friday, looking forward to seeing Nana added to this brew.

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