20 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c130

  1. I did a quick check. Mom doesn’t appear in Arashi. A possible outcome to this would be that Kaoru returns to Tokyo without Mom. Leading to a very, very interesting senior year.

    • I think you might have something here. Maybe Mom sees how Nana came rushing down and realizes that Kaoru doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and changes her mind about leaving Kaoru in Tokyo.

  2. Hey anifreik, are you planning to translate the extra pages (4-koma) from the books/tankobons? There is one at the end of every arc. In the books 1 to 15 there are 30 extra pages (plus 2 extras in other 6 pages).

    For anyone interested, I’ve uploaded them in a zip here, and I’ve downloaded the raws from rawcs.

  3. Thanks for this new release.
    As usual, leaving a simple thanks does not seem so imaginative so I would like to add something, but this time I am lacking immediate ideas.

    Well, the cover picture seems wrong. 🙂 The leash passes in front of her right arm so he should be in front of her keeping it, but given the position of their legs he is behind. Sort of Escher work here.

    • If I wanted to be catty, I’d just say that we don’t draw ’em, we just post ’em like we get ’em. But looking at it, the leash comes from the side of the collar, around Nanas’ shoulder and to the rear where Kaoru is (and admit it, where else would you want to be right now 😛 ). Ryuta could have put a bit more bend in the leash to show that better, but I got the idea just fine.

      One thing I found very cute was Nana more or less breaking the fourth wall at the end of the chapter 😀

  4. Thanks very much for the chapter. It’s great to see the focus back on the main characters.

  5. Asuka wishes she could be tough and independent like Kyouko.
    And Nana is finding a way to be passively “forced” to do what she wants to do. Like in the breathers. She has changed from panicking and hitting Kaoru when she becomes aroused to arguing (or thinking to herself) that she cannot do something, when in the back of her mind part of her is hoping he will find a way to convince or coerce her to do it. And Kaoru has not realized or is afraid to face the fact that he could push her much further than they have already gone.

    Also, welcome back, Log. ….Oh no…ah…no pun intended. Seriously…..ah…..I am going to shut up and hide now…….

  6. Wow, so did Kyouko just totally out Karou to his cousin? And apparently Asuka just totally let it go by. Anyone taking bets that Asuka is a perv too?

    • Yep, she sure did, and in the middle of the street too!! I expected Asuka to react surprised or disturbed like Tachi, but she seemed excited, if anything.
      Also how the hell did Nana manage to close the lock? I know the first one she locked with her leg, but it doesn’t look like she pushed this one against her chest or neck.

    • The hero-worship kinda drowned it out, but I imagine Asuka will have some questions for her cousin.

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