36 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c120

  1. I’m actually having trouble getting myself to read this arc, it bothers me. It doesn’t feel right. Like, it feels not completely consensual for one thing–they manipulated him into doing this when he doesn’t basically want to. And, I feel that it’s really not cool for them to have let Nana watch when he so absolutely does not want that, and lie about it yet. That portion is DEFINITELY not consensual and a betrayal. And of course it’s pretty inevitable he’ll find out. And when he does, well, in real life he might never be able to face Nana again. Their rationalizations for this strike me as flimsy.
    This is not good SM. It might be hot to read if it wasn’t Nana to Kaoru, if I wasn’t so fond of the characters. As things stand my gut doesn’t like it.

    • Then there’s the fact that when he did start to run away, Tachi was told to literally knock him to the ground and restrain him. Kaoru’s really screwed up and done things that cross the line, but he’s at least an emotional and inexperienced kid. What’s the shop keeper’s excuse?

      Yeah, sorry but this was really for fanservice. And if they want to just have fanservice of a tomboy and beautiful older woman tying a guy up, that’s fine. But don’t say that it’s all some important learning experience.

      • Tachibana-san’s excuse would be that all present are experienced enough that Kaoru would have a safeword, which he didn’t use. So the games play on. It’s a bit harder version of their usual S&M, but only a bit. Reluctance, even rebellion, can all just be part of the fun.

        • Well, that could be the case. But as you say, kind of an excuse, being as how it’s not actually in the manga.
          When you think about it, safewords have pretty much never been mentioned for the whole manga, let alone this arc. I’m not even sure whether the Japanese stress those in the same way as western SM culture does. It would be oddly typical Japanese kind-of-stupid hardass-ness to decide that safewords are for wimps and it’s up to the sub to take whatever is dished and up to the master to somehow figure out exactly when the sub has had enough and would have given a safeword if they had one. It would go with how much Kaoru always agonizes so much over that question–is it too much? Is it OK to go further? On the other hand, maybe it’s just that mentioning safewords in the manga would reduce emotional impact.
          But really, what bugs me is more the way they conned/manipulated/pushed/shamelessly abused an IOU to get him into the session in the first place. That and letting Nana watch. I mean, lots of people are switches. Contrary to what Tachibana was saying, if there’s some sub in Kaoru that in no way means he couldn’t still be a master; that’s BS. On the other hand, for a lot of people, and I would certainly have figured for Kaoru, it would be damned hard to keep on being a master to someone who SAW you submitting. It is absolutely horrible of them to risk killing his relationship like that, just so Tachi, or rather the fans, can get their rocks off.

    • Wow! Thanx Gin. These aren’t even up on SenManga yet, unless they went up in the last hour! Not to be a pest, but any signs of 199X ch2 out there? Or the whole mag we could pull the raws from?

      • Sorry no sign of it or chps 3-5 (think its 5 it’s on), guess you are likely going to have to wait till the manga comes out that or buy copies of Arashi 😦

      • Well, if I have it right (and we’ll see) the older woman is the teacher who, way back when, told Nana she needed to get a “hobby” in order to relax and improve her grades. She is having a sexual relationship/affair with the younger man/busboy (21 y.o.) and they accidentally discover that she likes to be spanked during sex and want to explore more about S&M. Busboy, seeking advice, apparently meets Kaoru-sensei on a bulletin board service catering to SM enthusiasts. Hilarity will ensue. What would happen if the two Doms decide to meet with their subs in tow? 😀

        • Not to mention the possibility of Kaoru having his girls adding another girl to his harem again. First it was Nana and Tachi adding Tachi, and now it’s Tachi adding a third girl! I guess it answers the question of why he didn’t want to bring Tachi along with him though in Black Label, though, if she was going to be able to have plenty of “fun” with the third girl in his harem on her own.

        • I honestly don’t think that Kaoru would bring Nana to a meet with another Dom/Top. As we have seen he is very much trying to keep his D/s relationship a secret from everyone, but I think he probably would meet up with the Busboy to help him out like he did with the other guy from his school.

          Also as a comment to nick012000 comment I do not believe the story will go there at all. This isn’t really a harem manga or something that deals with polyamorous relationships, so having the teacher become involved would imo wreck the social dynamic between Kaoru and Nana. He has a hard enough time keeping Tachi out of his breather sessions.

    • Heh heh. Did you guys see the picture in the background of page 4? Looks like the restaurant has a thing for botched Jesus frescos. What a weird reference…

      • Nice catch. I noticed the picture but never made the connection, although it’s obvious once you’ve pointed it out. I wonder if that’s Amazume or his background assistant indulging in a little subtle humor.

  2. Thanks for your work. I only liked this arc ok, but I really liked this ending with the more mature Tachi.

  3. Thanks a lot for this. I think this is definitely one of the stronger arcs from a Dom p.o.v. and I’m glad to see Tachibana mature through her experience. Here’s hoping she and her senpai will get up to….’it’…at some point!

    • I agree with your premise, but you have your characters confused. Ryouko Tachi is the young, thin, track star Domme (or switch) wannabe, Mitsuko Tachibana is the mature, submissive but knowledgeable sex shop manager. I hope I have the names correct for English!

  4. Thanks for your hard work!
    I feel like this arc works better (and I like it better subjectively) as a whole, rather than chapter by chapter. It works as a mechanism for explaining the mindset of a dom more practically, as opposed to Tachibana’s philosophical approach, and Kaoru’s focus on his needs and wants specifically.
    On the whole though, I’m more than ready to get back to Nana and Kaoru.

  5. Tachi need a spin off, I would totally buy it!
    (oh and there is a typo in page 2: Ryouka instead of Ryuuko ^^)

  6. I actually really like Tachi and Dom!Tachi was amazing, but this arc has definitely been one of the least interesting in the series IMO. Can’t wait to see what’s next though.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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