31 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c119 (97)

  1. Hi there, I know NtK takes all the priority when it comes to translations but I wonder if there’s going to be a new chapter of Happy negative marriage since it’s over and only ~15 chapters are left to get translated. Thanks.

    • Yeah, it will. But the first few pages of the next chapter are a real bear just out of hibernation, and I’ll have to be in a particularly frisky frame of mind to get going on it. But it will happen, just no promises on when.

  2. Say, if I were trying to turn someone on to the series, is there any convenient place to point them to get the whole thing? (although yes, I know there are still a couple of skipped chapters.)

    • I got all of them, part from a torrent over at bakabt, part loaded by hand, all of them renamed to be in order. If theres demand for it, I can go ahead and pack all things up and upload them somewhere

      • Please do, it’d be a great help to have them on my computer. Rasserfrasser uptight UK not releasing print editions…

        • okay, it looks like i lost track of the size, as the complete pack ends up just above 1GB, so i need to find the time to UL this at some point… will post again when its up

  3. A extremely fast release this time, thanks a lot. A regard to the chapter, it seems the artwork has been restored too. I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks the previous chapters has had a horrid art form, something closer to a shoju manga.

    – D.J.

    • We all love these guys more than we should 😛

      We’ve decided to go with the more literal translation of the title “199X”, but since the first chapter no one has uploaded any raws to the net. When/if they show up, work will resume. Best I can do…

  4. What a lovely chapter! Thanks much!

    The more I read though, the more I’m forced to wonder how long Amazume-sensei can maintain this equilibrium. Any other manga, I’d’ve expected them to finally confess to each other any moment now. These adorable idiots inch ever closer to admitting their feelings, But the looming presence of Black Label sort of screws up the pacing. I find myself waiting for the moment when mainline NtK catches up and moves past Black Label so we can get back on track with actually moving forward in the relationship.

    Not that I really mind this torture though as long as the writing maintains current levels of awesome adorableness.

    Wow, I really have been going on a lot of NtK rants lately. Sorry.

    • I think it will catch up after another arc or two at the most. What will be interesting is if it stays as cannon if he does any flashback, or how he explains to those who have read Black Label. And if the adventures now become more adult, or if it ever becomes more sexualised.

      • I’m really expecting the Black Label step-over to take place after this arc. Just seems to tie in too well. Probably in YA100 (122). That would be my best guess, such milestone chapters are normally where big things happen…

        • 100 is a good call. Especially if he ever wants to shift the status quo significantly. Whatever happens I hope Tachi still plays sometimes (as a sub). Although I really would love to see her Dom Nana…

        • I certainly hope Tachi will still play with them. I think the reason she is feeling conflicted at the moment, is because while she enjoyed playing Domme, she really would rather sub to Kaoru. She is in love with him, after all. With both he and Nana, if the truth be told…

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