22 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c118

    • I’m with you, Gin. I half expect this arc to somehow continue to some kind of wind-up in YA Ch100. We know how publishers (and authors) can get about milestone issues πŸ˜€

      Edit after looking at raws: Tachi fans rejoice! We shall see Tachi-tan as never seen before! LOL. Rest assured, we’ll get this out ASAP.

  1. RRRGH Why did they have to skip an issue! I’m climbing the walls! I need my fix, man! I’ve been rereading everything but it ain’t doing the job cause I keep getting frustrated with those two adorable idiots.

    Furthermore, our fandom is too small!! In any other dry period, I’d go read fanfic or doujinshi, or look at some fanart, but we have so little of that to go around. We don’t even have a wikipedia page! It boggles my mind that a manga so popular as to have a concurrently running spin-off, an OAV, and TWO live action movies, has such a small internet profile, regardless of the niche and lurid nature of it’s content! I’m at peace, if not exactly satisfied, with the lack of an official English translation, but not the lack of a subreddit for god’s sake! There needs to be more of us producing more stuff! IF MONMUSUME CAN DO IT WHY NOT US?! RISE UP!!– [jerked offstage by the vaudeville hook]

    • I have a feeling, knowing Amazume-ensei’s sense of humor, that we won’t see that scene play out directly; the next time we see Sprinter Girl, there will probably be a significant and remarked on change of attitude from her, with the patented Very Significant Glance being exchanged with Tachi.

  2. Thanks as always. Not sure I’m happy with this arc, spoilers to follow;

    I don’t feel like Kaorus decision came from the right place, IMO he needed to make the choice for himself because of his own desires. Not desires for Nana but in his own life. My problem is it implies if Nana ever quit then he’d be a sub, and I don’t think that suits the character. Much more interesting for Tachi to be a switch than Kaoru.

    I know he somewhat comes back from the brink, but I’d have preffered if he fell down the Rabbit hole for him to climb back out himself. Find his way on his own, I know it’s a love story between him and Nana so her giving him strength is part of that, I just don’t think it worked for me.

    • One thing we have to remember is that Kaoru does everything because of Nana. He worked desperately to get into the same high school, even though he mostly avoids her there so she can maintain her social standing. He had a bondage suit made specifically for her thinking she would never wear it. He lets her pick the times for their breathers while anticipating her needs, so it sometimes looks as if it’s his idea instead of hers. He carefully thinks through any outside activities so that Nana can have the thrill with as little danger as possible, something Nana is mostly oblivious about. In that respect, at least, Tachi is much more aware of what Kaoru’s doing. He’s even considering breaking things off with Nana because it would be “best for her.” If anything, Kaoru is almost obsessive where Nana is concerned. You could argue that he treats Tachi in much the same manner, but in my opinion, it’s because her actions, also, impact Nana. Tachi has a tendency, in her exuberance, to take things too far. This latest arc is indicative of that. The most natural outcome of the latest episodes is for Kaoru to question himself (and possibly grow up a little). His worldview and self worth are being shattered (at least, in his mind), and I expect him to push Tachi (and possibly Nana) away until he can come to grips with what’s happening. Tachi, should have a long way to go to regain his trust…although I’m sure it won’t play out that way.

      These are my own opinions and are in no way affiliated with…yeah, you know the rest.

      • All valid points. I do think BDSM is something of a lifestyle choice though. While Nana has been his dream girl for years, if he is truly a dom he should say. I am a dom. Rather than I am Nana’s dom. Again I recognise it’s a love story and that’s why it’s worded in the way it is. I just feel that leaves the character on less solid footing.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! And as invigorating as a new perspective can be on a relationship sometimes, I for one will be glad to get back to the main bits and bobs regarding our titular characters (and yes I wanted an excuse to say titular) my own inner Tachi fan not withstanding as she makes a great plot device to move our little tale along. Anyways while it sucks we got us a couple of semicliffhangery situations in the form of raw obtainment due to delays out of everyone’s control in one way or the other of course. Might I suggest that during the lull we could maybe, hopefully, possibly see the next Happy Negative Marriage? Should the time be available of course to do it and what not. Anyways thanks again, lurk mode reactivate!

  4. thanks again everyone for your hard work, awesome chapter, much love to the whole team for keeping up with this series.

  5. Awesome, finally is here, really thanks a lot guys, definitely there will be a very long wait for the next chapter.

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