23 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c117 (95)

  1. Is there a problem with recent Mediafire links? I’ve tried to download a couple of the latest chapters and the Mediafire website is timing out on me. Firefox suggests it’s maybe because I’m not accepting cookies, Internet Explorer just says the connection failed.

    I tried downloading one of the other chapters via older inks, an NtK Arashi from 2012 and it started up OK but the URL for that was shorter and didn’t have the word “download” in it.

    Are there any other filestores carrying your scanlations other than Mediafire?

    • No, Mediafire is the only host I use, and actually lots of people ask for it specifically. I have that problem sometimes, usually refreshing or even closing and reopening the mediafire page gets it working for me. Still beats the hell out of the others…

      • I might have narrowed it down to your recent use of parentheses in the Mediafire URLs you publish — strings like “(117)”. Other NtK files you’ve got on your Mediafire share seem to be OK for me, it’s specifically the ones for chapters 115, 116 and 117 that are causing me problems and they’re, as far as I can tell the only URLs with brackets in them. I’ve tried translating the brackets into HTML codes and the recommended %28/%29 characters but the resulting URLs still make my attempts to download fail.

  2. Now normally I don’t comment on the manga, but in all honesty this is a very good arc. I understand that initially Tachi wanted to Top someone so she could better understand how to get through to her track and field teammate, but if you read what she has been thinking she really wants Kaoru to experience a breather just like she and Nana do as she knows that he has been the one that has allowed them to enjoy the experience and she knows he doesn’t get to the state of bliss they do when he is in charge. Normally Kaoru is thinking of what he did wrong and blaming himself as the breather didn’t turn out as he expects. Add to that Tachi almost confessing to him is a big deal and that to me enhances the story and adds a bit more to the mix.

    • Yup, the near confession is a very big deal, and while Kaoru probably missed it, you can bet your best flogger that Tachibana didn’t. What I’m wondering, is while Nana can see from where she is, how much can she hear?

      • It’s also possible that some of the subtlety of that near confession may be lost in translation. I may be wrong, but it could be that love/ respect in Japanese share the same first character. Or different characters with the same sound.

        This isn’t a criticism of the translation, just something that seems fairly common in manga especially when it comes to confessions.

        Tachibana’s expression seems quite knowing at that moment. I think if Nana heard she would have reacted more strongly immediately. As it goes we don’t see her for several more pages.

  3. Thanks guys, finding this arc a bit frustrating. Kauro is still learning the dom roll of course but he’s not inexperienced/ Uneducated. I know Tachi has an advantage, but he should have known some of the simple triggers, like making noise were avoidable. Oh well we’ll see how it ends I guess. Really want to see Tachi dom Nana

    • Yeah, I hear ya. But I don’t think that’s going to happen (Tachi topping Nana) since that’s the suggestion that got us here in the first place. 😀

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