27 comments on “Bad News

  1. Still nothing on the 199x raws think you may have to take out a subscription and scan them yourself or wait months for full scans of the magazine

    • I didn’t think DF was so unpopular when I uploaded the chapter there. It’s been my host of choice for a while now. Thanks for the alternative MF link, Ginginc.

  2. Hey all,
    so while Anifreik is fighting his computer gremlins I took care of chapter 116. No fancy blog post since I don’t have posting privileges. I’m sure Ani will do that once he’s back.
    Please excuse any differences to the usual typesetting. I tried to stay as true to the usual look as possible, but I’m sure it’ll have a bit of my touch.

    Get Tachi’s Revenge here:

      • Not a big fan of depositfiles either, but at least they don’t tell you you’ve exceeded your daily limit before you download anything like some hosting sites do.

        Am I the only one that thinks Tachi might end up paying a pretty high price for this little escapade, especially if Kaoru decides she’s embarrassed him too much? I can definitely see him telling her to stay away from him for the rest of her life.

        • Yeah you’re not wrong. I’ve always said, the thing that makes me the most uncomfortable about this arc isn’t the fact that Kaoru’s subbing (I’m willing to buy or at least humor the author’s logic on why it’s good for Kaoru to give it a try), but the fact that they invited Nana to watch without telling him.

          That’s–RRGH–That’s a major breach of trust. I predict it’s going to take Nana throwing herself on the grenade, so to speak, and taking the blame for Kaoru to calm down a bit, and for at least Nana and probably Tachi to have a particularly intense breather of their own before the status quo is reestablished.

    • BUT, Thanks for the Release!

      It’s interesting to see that Tachi is so much more aggressively sexual than Nana or Kaoru, even if she’s a bit less understanding of the fire she’s playing with.

    • Great, really thanks a lot for this new chapter, I had no problem with DF, I mean if you are only downloading a small file there is actually no problem at all, at least to me.

      • Mostly I didn’t like the fact that there were lots of places on the page to click that said “Download” that were NOT the file, and that to get it, I had to do the Captcha (twice actually, since the first time a blocker stopped it from actually working), and the one they used seemed designed to extract demographic data out of you (“How often do you fly?”). While MediaFire pretty much automatically starts sending me the file even if my ad blocker screens off most of the page.

        Installing someone’s downloader program that promises faster speed means either they are deliberately f-ing with your transfer if you don’t use it, or they want to gather other data from your computer with their custom program. You can’t tell WHAT the thing actually does, but it’s worth money to them to either develop or buy. Maybe they scan your HD, or have a nifty little rootkit, or it puts in a buggy search toolbar. You never know. The whole file transfer segment of the Internet is full of some of the most dodgy places, even moreso than porn sites.

  3. Wow, I just received my NtK Black Label 5 collector edition and there was a good surprise in the volume itself: The whole chapter 42 is full color! (it’s the first kiss one for those who don’t remember)
    As for the doujinshi (and the 4 others as I have them), well, it’s not that good but interesting to read (sorry, I don’t want to destroy it so I won’t scan it)

    • Damn your eyes, Sol! Chapter 42 is in color and your can’t even find someone with one of those portable rolling scanners?!

      …I kid. Ah, it’s okay. I’m sure some brave martyr will give us what we need.

    • mine died last week, a cold soldering somewhere on the supply path…..maybe I’ll try to reflow it next week 🙂

  4. My HDD with 4TB of anime and manga died on me a week ago, I’m still crying over it. Got a replacement but there’s no replacement for the memories it hold. Hope you get a new Laptop and get things working again.

      • Yeah I hope the people who read this remember that even backup HDD can fail so make backups of your most important things to cloud servers or flash drives. I even opted into getting the 4TB NAS HDD since I figured the NAS would last a lot longer than the “green” or “black” HDD from other competitors.

  5. Bummer, sorry to hear that for you. Mine threw (total) craps a few months ago as well so I know what a pain it is to start over from absolute ground zero.

    Oh well, shit happens. Good luck with it and thanks for the heads-up 🙂

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