26 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c115 (93)

  1. Thanks for the release and for all the past chapter release you have, with that I finally caught up with the manga. Thank you so much

  2. Much appreciated.

    I was worried that with the new anti-piracy program the Japanese are using, I wouldn’t get any more Nana to Kaoru

    Yay for yall!

  3. Thank you for the great work.
    I’ve been busy and missed many chapters… way back to c81 YA 59, does anyone has archive any chapters from back then please post download links over here?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  4. thks ! for the trad ! like allways i cant wait the next chapter ! i cant found the raw of the chap 117 im gona crazy all the raw hunter i know are in despair with the search of seinen chapter raw since one week !

    • Seems to be delays all round atm, nothing for NtK YA 117 raw which should of been out Friday and then the same for 199X chp 2 raw which should of been out 9 days ago.

  5. Awesome, awesome, awesome, I love this chapter, I love this manga & I love the scanlation team for bring to us this amazing piece of art, BTW I love Tachi too, really, really thank you very much.
    PD: Tachi deserves more love.

  6. I dont like that! I dont like that at all!!
    No no! This is not how it is suppost to be! Tachi… you are not HIS partner! you… You cant touch him like that! Nooo!
    I… I understand what Amazume-sama is doing… I understand what he is trying to show, and I respect his choice but-
    But… But I cant enjoy that! Tachi touching Kaoru… making him cry… No.. this is not right
    it should be Nana… is must be her

    I am sorry… I am complaining too much about that, I know… but my poor heart cant take this
    thank you so much for the translation

    • Finally, yes! Waiting for this,was really hard this time. After 3 weeks i was even hoping that terra would finally get to it, you guys being busy with all that new stuff coming out. I prefer it when someone says that it’s on hold for a month or that it is not being continued right now rather than having to look at this page day after day only because of some promise stated multiple times it’s next or coming out or…
      Sorry for the little rant, but even if you’re busy with RL stuff, a little heads up would be nice, stating that it’s coming out in 3 weeks, or so. (Maybe on the front page) Nobody here dares to ask or even mention such a thing, fearing to piss you, being such nice people for even translating, off, with their comment. But whatever happens, happens right? Or not… So thanks for translating, greatly appreciated!

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