55 comments on “Nana to Kaoru 92(114)

  1. Raws for 116 are out, unfortunatly they came out 1min before I was going out, downloading as we speak will post in 2-3hrs time.

    • Thanks for the raws, Gin, and the apparent spoilers, LOL. I haven’t looked at them yet!

      News of the day regarding Ichekyuu: cleans and translation are done, so y’all are waiting on me :D. It’s a bear, 3 pages of interview with Ryuta, so that’s a lot of text! Warning in advance, this will be NSFW. See you soon!!

      AnonTL is taking a vacation this weekend away from the internet, so look for NtK 115 towards the end of next week or the weekend. Thanx for everyone’s understanding.

  2. Wow love the end to the latest raws.

    I really hope he doesn’t make Kaoru a switch/ sub. I’m not really into seeing him getting tied up. It’s definitely a cool arc for the story though. My ultimate dream would be for Kaoru to top Nana and Tachi, while Tachi is bottoming for Kaoru and topping Nana. I’m hopeful we won’t see the story go the way it’s leaning with Tachi topping both.

  3. Raws for next YA are out on share, I’ll download and post in around 4hrs when I’m back from work.

  4. Love you guys ! Another great chapter~ really can’t wait for the next one ! I’m just so sad and happy at the same time when I read it ! That’s just to good to see Kaoru in that kind of situation :3 but I feel bad since he don’t know for Nana (that really bother me after all ^^’) , and I really want him to stay as a dom (I think he will but still I can’t help myself, I have some doubt~ ^^’) Anyway, thank you so much for your hard work ! 😀

  5. Ooooooh…. interesting.

    Thanks for the release. I’ve been lax on expressing my gratitude because of work and parenting, but I assure you, I’m appreciative as hell.

  6. Ohhh god this chapter just gave me the chills!! My poor Kaoru… I hope he be okay and dont lose his confidence.
    And nana… gosh, is so sweet. The fact she wants to see it… and when Tachibana explained that if she wanted to be in an long time relationship with him, that side would eventually come out… YYYYYYEEEEEEEEE!!!! SHE WANTS TO BE IN AN LONG TIME RELATIONSHIP WITH KAORU!!! OH MY GOD MY FEELS!!! IS TOO FUCKING MUCH!

    • right?! Ugh! I wish Nana was on that >____< (not that doenst look good on Tachi… is just… Nana man)

  7. I’ll do my best for Ichekyu the problem comes down to the raws. If the series proves popular like NtK in YA then the raws usually appear fast, but if the series is less popular like NtK Black Label then you have issues.

    Those of you who have been long time readers may remember that after chp 35 of Arashi we had major problems sourcing raws as they just stopped uploading it to places like share/PD. Had to wait on secondary sites to do full scans and then extract the manga from the whole magazine.

    To highlight this issue, the site I know which does full scans is like 2 releases of Young Animal behind already. I believe they are update on YA Arashi but they could be 1 release behind on that as well…

    The other issue is if I’m not a fan of the new series, I’m all for the community etc but if I’m not interested not going to download the series and re-share. I’ll give it a few chps before I make that decision though.

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