28 comments on “Nana to Kaoru c91(113)

  1. Hey guys thanks for the releases you have been doing. I know this is asking alot but anyway you guys might consider “Mohe Ne”.

  2. You guys are awesome, I don’t now how many times I need to thanks you for this uptade ! I want to know what will wome after this~ !!! But I agree with some comments, especially the one who said that he didn’t liked the fact that Nana is there… :/ but well, I still want to know what wil happen next ! So thank you sooo much for your work ! :3

    • I agree. I don’t really have any objection to Kaoru subbing; it seems like it’s being couched more as an educational experience for him, which is fine, I suppose. What really unsettled me is the ladies having invited Nana without Kaoru’s knowledge. That seems like a MAJOR breach of trust.

  3. Great, you never let us down, really, really thank you very much, now it’s time to await for the next RAW.

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