23 comments on “Nana to Kaoru 90(112)

    • The name that I have for it is “Ichikyu Kyupeke”. Don’t have the english tl on hand :(. It’s supposed to start in the July 4 issue of Arashi (of course). Thanks as always, Gin!

      Edit: Google translate breaks it down as Ichi kyu kyu peke which in english is “Cross out the old queue position” which I have no idea how to interpret. “Moving up” perhaps?

  1. Sorry for asking but where can I download chapters 105-111? I have missed them completely..
    ヽ(。_Β°)γƒŽ thanks for the chapter btw :>

    • http://terrabane.wordpress.com/author/terra73/

      Former associates of anifreik. They have become the primary scanlators of NtK (unless they fall behind again enough to try anifreik’s patience). In the meantime this site has begun picking up some of Amazume’s other work and should be thanked for that. Amazume does amazing art and writes interesting stories with flawed but usually sympathetic characters and the other series are well worth checking out.


  2. Amazing, is always a good day when we have new Nana chapter, specially if is a chapter with Tachi, really thank you very much.

  3. Thanks again. Was going to ask if you had a time frame in mind. Had a sneaking suspicion the other project would go back to the old way once they caught up and proved their point. I know it’s a free time project, so any work put in by either group get’s my thanks anyway.

    • I was thinking the same, and if I could come with a request that it would be released before next chapter comes out in YA.

      – D.J.

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