11 comments on “New Series!!

  1. Not exactly what I hoped for (a Tachi & Sakakibara spin-off running parallel to Black Label time-wise), but knowing Ryuuta-sensei, it’s gonna be awesome nontheless. Looking forward to it! I wonder if Planet Manga will bother translating it into German. Sure do hope so. Nice background, btw. Mizugi + tanlines = win.

  2. A side story about Tachi could have been absolutly amazing but still looks like a pretty awesome manga, I will be hoping to see it, thanks a lot.

  3. Looks interesting…BTW, anyone got news regarding Amazume’s “Puppy Love”? Just want to know if it’s translation got dropped or not.

    • Well, I won’t say I’ve got “news” for it because I’m not a member of that group, but as far as I know Renzokusei Scans is still intent on scanlating it. From what I remember they said, it’s just got an irregular publishing schedule and it seems like they mentioned something about the issue between quality of magazine vs tank copiess too. So yeah, patience for now I guess, but that group’s still quite active so it should just be a matter of time.

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