15 comments on “Just a little something…

  1. often, keywords seem awkwardly crammed into places…they wouldn’t naturally be found, the resulting copy seems stilted, and grammar takes a backseat to keyword strategy. with frequent blog posts, you can write topical articles that include your desired keywords while still sounding like a human. amazin…

  2. I bit the bullet last night and upgraded. I haven’t had enough time to sift through all the newness, but two things popped out at me. First, the mini-player is kind of nice, and unobtrusive enough for me to keep visible at all times. Second, holy crap is it slow. We’re talking multi-second delays when switching from view to view. I don’t have the world’s beefiest Mac, but 10 was friggin’ snappy compared to this slug.

  3. So if the Waltons have refused to fund the expansion outside of Bentonville who would then flip the bill in Faetyeevillt? Isn’t this lawsuit really just threatening to kill the expansion all together?

  4. It feels immature to say, but few things will entice me to start reading a series more than something like this. I never read Honey and Clover, but lets see if Sangatsu no Raion is any good…

  5. Thanks, I thought that drawing was a reminder that there was no Nana to Kaoru in that issue of Young Animal. Now I know better.

    • What evidence do you have to support your comments concerning education in Tennessee under Lana Seivers? Statistics I have seen show long-term improvement under this adrmoistiatinn even though they are burdened with the “No Child Left Behind” fiasco mandated from Washington.

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