42 comments on “New Plans

  1. hey guys, any idea where is the YA 90 of the series? I being looking for the raw version, but \i cant find it… is Amazume on a break?

    • Apparently. No one knows for sure, it was supposed to be in the issue that published 5/23, but wasn’t. We couldn’t find any type of news release to explain it, either. Just have to wait for 2nd Fri of June and hope 😦

  2. Hey man, thanks for taking action and giving the translation work a kick start, it’s a shame there had to be a falling out for there to be some progress.

    I’ll look forward to anything else you pick up. I’m always on the look out for some new ecchi manga,

  3. I know I’d welcome versions of YA 81 & 82, if you’ve got the time for them. Those don’t seem to be a priority elsewhere.

    • Well, FwPA has already released them some time ago, and I know that Terra has plans to do them to keep his file system in order, but if nothing seems forthcoming I may take a look into them.

  4. Looking forward to the photo spread. And of course I have anticipation even if the new series in Arashi isn’t a NkT spin off that you take a look at it before you decide wether or not you’re going to do it.
    As for Nana to Kaoru, there’s “Nana Kaoru Pink pure” even tho it’s only a parody.

    – D.J.

    • I’ve seen a few Pink Pures and quite enjoyed them myself. If you can provide raws, I’d be quite happy to look into doing them, since I know that “big head chibi” isn’t someone elses style.

      • That would be absolutly amazing, I’ll be waiting for this, thank you very much in advance.

  5. Thanks for the update. Not getting into a tit for tat battle of competing translations (with accompanying comment sniping) makes perfect sense. While Terra and Shark suggest otherwise your decision to put out Arashi 45 seems to have inspired them to commit to the heroic (and very welcome) effort they made to catch up. For that many thanks.

    I did a quick side by side comparison of the Shark and _ragdoll versions and while there were some minor (and interesting) variations I think both versions told the same story. The single most important question — Did they DO IT — remains unanswered, but that’s Amazume being a tease. I think the version you put up was excellent and well worth the effort.

    I hope you remain a presence in the current NtK world to provide continuing inspiration to Terra and Shark (and some vague sense of security for us hapless consumers of all things Nana). I look forward to any series you may pick up and will continue to follow your efforts.


    • Thanks, NotJeff, it’s kind (and well thought out) comments such as yours that keeps scanlators enthusiastic about doing releases. I’m very happy that you (and everyone else :D) were pleased with our effort. It’s my hope that future work will be just as satisfying.

      And, yeah I also think _ragdoll did a hell of a job! If anyone feels the need to commission something, please look him up. He and his lady partner take pride in their work, and tell him I sent you!

      • Shark from Terrabane I presume? I don’t want to call anyone out, but can you articulate your differences in an emotionally neutral way?

          • No, no. If you have opinions on the quality of the translation, please share. Otherwise I’ll assume you’re just a butthurt kid with a poor work ethic.

        • To everyone, especially Anifreak, please chill. If you have ever read Sharkie’s translation blog you would know that Sharkie cannot discuss translation differences without getting emotional and is likely avoiding getting deeply into the subject to avoid stirring things up even more.
          As far as the differences, without going into depth, the shark0week0 translation stylistically is less formal and flows more smoothly. It feels more natural, especially among the highschoolers. Also, despite Sharkie’s well deserved reputation for *ahem* colourful language, the shark0week0 translation manages to avoid vulgarity. Personally, I think that was a good choice in this case.
          The ragdoll translation is serviceable, but if they are going to charge for it, they really should aspire to the level seen in crunchyroll or other major professional translations. Please note that I am not a shill for shark0week0 (or crunchyroll) and I am not trying to trash ragdoll or anyone else. It is actually interesting to compare translations from different people and in the case of the mainline NtK there are a lot of parallel scanlations to look at.

        • @bil, if you’ve followed NtK long, you should know I have a rep for being, “fiery”, let’s say. If anyone wants to come on my turf and get snarky without explaining themselves, they can expect to get snarked back. Even former associates. If they have well thought out criticisms, I’ll listen politely. May not agree, but I’ll listen. Personally I preferred _ragdoll’s version. I thought it flowed just as well, the formality mostly came from my editing, so I’ll take the shot for that one. As for the one instance of “vulgarity”, the Japanese word used literally translates as “cardiac arrest during sexual intercourse”. The comment was made by an elderly erotic literature editor who knows he’s in failing health and can probably care less at this point what anybody thinks about him. I thought the dialogue fit the situation quite well.

          And please, never use Crunchyroll as an example of professionalism in my presence again.

        • Okay, I will accept “fiery”. And re: crunchyroll, I was referring only to their actual translations, not their business model nor their style of presenting manga. Personally, they have made about five or six series I was following far more difficult to access.

        • I don’t see what I have to be butthurt about, unless you’re referring to us releasing after you for Arashi 45, in which case I assure you if speed had been a factor, I would not have spent 3 days on redraws/lettering/qc.

          I just find it sad that people who don’t know the difference between a に particle and a γ‚’ particle can charge triple the rate of professional translations and live with themselves.

  6. Have you considered taking up “Happy Negative Marriage”? It’s a Ryuta series that stalled at volume 2 for the past two years or so.

    • Renzokusei Scans originally expressed an interest in doing Happy Negative Marriage. However they haven’t released a single chapter nor mentioned any further intention of starting the series so its probably safe to say u guys are more than welcome to pick it up and finish it. Would certainly love to see it completely scanlated!

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