48 comments on “Nana to Kaoru Chapter 44

  1. @Ginginc1 &/or @Bluntobject, I ask your permission to repost the last chapter on JCafe24, although it could be great if you could post your own links there.

  2. Hi there. I’m pretty happy that your planning on taking the main story of NtK as a projet with prettyanonymo dropping it and all. So I wondered if you need any help on the side of cleaning. I happen to have a friend who’s verry motivaded to help you produce great quality cleans, expert in cleaning from japanese raws (even if he’s french ^^). His skype pseudo is Lolo04, feel free to contact him, he won’t disapoint you 😉

    • Thanks, but we have an excellent cleaner/editor already. And we’ve always done NtK-YA, so that’s no problem. What we could use help with is getting some relief for our overtaxed Japanese>English translator, who seems to be terminally overburdened. So if you (or anyone else) know of a good one, please have him/her get in touch with us. Only have about 10 chapters to work on!! 😀

    • Woo! Thank you!

      What do you think is going on in 111? Is Tachi suggesting Nana try topping? Does Tachi want to top?
      Frankly, I hope not. While I don’t have anything whatsoever against mSubs or an mSub role, I think that that’ll mess up NtK’s dynamic by quite a bit.

      I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

        • i took a very brief skim and threw it away(still have rar file) i going to wait till its translated…………hope its soon…………………………….Blueskyes

        • yeah, also thought the same during the sessions with both of them. I think it would look really nice too 😉

    • Awesome, really, really thank you very much ;D
      BTW where you found them? ComicZip seems to be dead right now o.O

      • I get them through a Japanese file sharing program, just like Ginginc does albeit they are not the same. I too had noticed that senmanga only has up until chapter 87 so I decided to check it out and found those two.

        • So you use Perfect Dark? well thank you very much, I don’t have the equip nor the knowledge to use the japanese programs so really thanks a lot, will you be sharing new chapters here from now on?

        • Aye, it is PD I am using but only through a translation of the program itself and with help from a guide I found. Then it was not overly difficult to get working. And yes, if nobody posts them before I do and senmanga/likewise also do not release them (and as quickly as they used to).

        • Great news, thank you very much, I will be waiting for you from now on (& maybe one day I can run the PD on my computer) ;D

        • Blunt, don’t worry whether they’ve already been posted or not. When we get multiple copies, we compare and use the best ones for our needs. We never use SenManga, they are far too crappy to use and a super pain to rip. I only post links to them here for the truly desperate to have something to take a look at to keep the withdrawal pains at bay :D.

        • I know, I just have less incentive in going looking for the proper scans if the mediocre ones are already up on online viewers days before the actual release. Plus Ginginc has been consistent in providing the real deal in a timely manner so far, minus the latest batch.

  3. is there anything after this?…………i don’t want it to end…………there’s so much more to their story
    does the black label spin off become the main story? is it possible to send the creators an email pleading the fans who want mores case?………………..Blueskyes

      • The thing that has ended is the Arashi black label spin off. The YA version is due to continue I believe. The main topic for debate is what happens when the main continuity catches the Arashi one. They’ll have about 6 months of school. Is the plan to do NtK the college years? And what will happen to their relationships development.. Will it become sexual or are we in for another 5 years of teasing.

        • its that i just started enjoying it and I’d really like to see what the future brings for our favourite couple………………….Blueskyes

  4. I know enough Japanese to know that the bottom black stripe is talking about the main Young Animal story, and it looks like it’s saying something about 3rd year, but I don’t know enough to fully understand it. Can anyone give a translation of the bottom black stripe?

    Is the main Ntk going to continue where Black Label left off, or will it end where it begins?

  5. Thanx for your latest release! Will u guys be resuming the main NtK series once u’ve finished this one?

    Oh you guys deserve all the time in the world! is understandable… we always crave for more… but this manga is a like a drug for us ^^;
    Thank you once more! is fantastic! thank you!

    • Hi, I’ve seen you comment on batoto. Am I really being so difficult by being upset about the mostly fake releases by Impatient Guy? Low quality is one thing, but fake, and completely wrong translations are something else.

      • Oh, I didn’t necessarily see the whole conversation, but yeah, that site gladly rehosts multiple versions/scan groups on the same chapter, so yeah, that sort of thing can happen. I think the way they phrase it is “a legitimate [scanlating] effort”…….and yeah, if it meets that it’s allowed, even if it’s one of ten different versions of the same chapter.

        Now, if those you’re talking about weren’t “legitimate”, i.e. completely inaccurate to some degree or other and that was something that was shown to them (and they agreed with of course)………..well, yeah, I’d expect they’d pull them down like any other troll type thing. But what do I know, eh? I sure don’t have any pull with ’em 🙂

  7. I’m sorry for being annoying and I know that your RAW’s are low quality, but you should level the whites stronger and use the burn tool and paint brush to clean the enormous about of dust. After that, use Topaz Denoise 5 on light JPEG.

    In case you’re wondering, this is based on my experience cleaning Umi no Misaki RAW’s from the same source. Here’s an example that was just as bad as the RAW’s that you are using: http://necron99scans.com/reader/read/umi_no_misaki/en/15/119/

    • I don’t think you’re being annoying. As a free web you’re more than allowed to express your opinion on the matter. I even will go so far as to say I read input and take it into consideration. But the truth is I am like any other person and I make my own choices. Thank you for the web page guide to cleaning and bringing your viewpoint to the page.

      • Thank you for your well considered response. Like many others, I think this is a charming and enjoyable manga. Thank you for your great work on these releases.

        • “Charming” I think that’s an adjective I haven’t seen used to describe NtK before :D. If you’d like to be of more help, Necron99, perhaps you’d care to submit a translation for the YA storyline? We’re currently on chapter 81(103) if you’d like to take a stab at it. I believe you did everything on the last few chapters of Umi, correct?

  8. The title this time is in reference to the book/movie ぼくらの七日間戦争 (which I just noticed was localized to Seven Day War). The ぼくら series itself is quite long.

    Also, that advert for a new Amazume series says nothing about what it is. The picture of Nana and Kaoru is just there to say thanks for reading the Arashi run.

  9. Awesome, finally one chapter more, really thank you very much, a bit late but is ok because is here & we can be sure that we will have the next one (at some point).

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