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  1. Are you going to pick up NtK? Futari wa Pretty Anon’s translator, AB, is offended by the content and is not continuing. They are about 8 chapters behind (I have the RAWS), so I was wondering if you’re going to pick it up. Necron99.

    • Man, I never thought I would get this desperate for scanlations (or this whiny), but can we puh-lease get Sharkweek some assistance? I’m this close to using a kanji dictionary and google transate, but I’d rally rather read a competent translation.

      • You too, huh. I’ve been circling around this thought myself, and did some experiments (with unimpressive results and a lot of time wasted). Perhaps crowdsourcing is the way to go. If we all made printouts of the un-translated raws and randomly accosted people who looked Japanese we could make some inroads on the backlog. Create an NtK translation wiki.

        Now obviously you can’t ask someone on the street to translate 20 pages of BDSM ecchi material, that would be insane. But one or two dialog bubbles doesn’t seem too extreme. Stick with older Japanese, they are more polite and less likely to tell you to GTFO.

        “Pardon me, stranger-san, could you tell me what this says please.” Maybe try a couple of clumsy half-bows. Take notes. Also provide a reward, like a cookie or a piece of candy — it’s only polite.

        This latest raw looks really promising. The story seems to be heading in an interesting direction.

  2. Any status update? Are you still searching for a translator? Have you found one? Has shark decided to give more f*cks about NtK?

    I REALLY want the last two chapters of Black Label.

    • Yay! And while I can’t read it it does seem to be an official part of the series. Once the collar arc ends I’m expecting a time jump right into the next school year.

  3. Im so glad that Arashi is being updated!! But I found out that the group translating the main NtK has dropped it!! Anyone know if it’s going to get picked up by anyone?

    • #Freetime is still doing it, there’s just a little bit of a backlog (not looking at anyone for blame :P)

      Don’t worry, Sharkweek now has some time free to devote to the catch-up since this season of anime has finished.

        • @Malika, no need for a new scanlator. The main story will continue to released here, just as it always has. Can’t promise any kind of schedule, all I can say is that it is definitely being worked on. Once Arashi is completed, full attention can be given to YA. So please, a little more patience everyone.

  4. Should I expect there to be no new NtK this week? Author on break?

    And next week should be the last Arashi!

    • I think the last issue of NtK said Aprill 11th. So this is a skip week unfortunately.

      Arashi should be next week. Not sure if it’s confirmed final issue but it’s certainly close if not,

  5. Holy crapsicle! That chapter only had 15 words, yet was epic beyond belief.

    I can’t even pretend to guess where they might go from here. I can’t imagine they would try to tie this back into the original storyline, but this whole parallel story (Arashi) is pretty much how I figured they would become honest – I don’t know how they would top it or even equal it in the main story.

    Thanks again for the all the time you put into these releases.

    • First, thanks so much. I’ve been waiting a long time to find out what those few words said.

      Second, why wouldn’t this tie in with the main series? I think this is a culmination of where they had reached with the collar storyline. The question is how much deeper will the relationship get from here.

      • My understanding was that it was not supposed to be a part of the main story line, just an ‘alternate’ story, but one based off of the characters and the development they have experienced through the main story.

        The biggest thing is that Arashi is published in a different publication than regular NtK, one that is designed for a more adult audience and may not be accessible to all readers. It’s probably treated like optional content because of that.

        It would be like if they made the Lord of the Rings trilogy but the second movie had ‘questionable content’ so it wasn’t released in theaters and only came on a DVD with an issue of Playboy. Then they released the third movie and continued on as though everyone had seen the second movie. (Makes total sense, right? 😉 )

        My thought on the matter is that because the original NtK publication is in a more tame magazine, it would be hard to ‘back down’ from the point they have reached and go back to the PG-13 content of NtK. I think we can both agree that things would/should only escalate from here.

        I could be way off base and I don’t know if that publication is released as R18+ (or whatever that rating is in Japan). If anyone has more info or could correct the bullshit written above, that would be great.


        • Main story has started out in the same magazine Black Label has. Black Label started after main story moved to biweekly magazine.
          I don’t think NtK is more tame. Neither NtK nor NtK BL has shown Nana’s nipples, for example. Both has shown a lot of topless “fantasy/model women”. It may have something to do with Nana being 17 or it may be author’s way of teasing. But NtK still has outbursts of topless “fantasy women”. In porn ark there is a full frontal of a porn actress with a strap-on as an only piece of clothing.

          So, if the author stupidly decides to make Black Label not real, this won’t be the reason. Also, I don’t think he will. The only “proof” I have is a flashback frame of Hiroshi(student council president) tutoring Kaoru, which appeared somewhere in chapter 21-23 of Black Label, more than a year before a porn arc, where they became closer.

          There is a lot of ways to REASONABLY downplay what happened in BL and slightly postpone confessions and relationship status change a bit. Read Amazume’s other works. I don’t think he will drag out romantic plot until the end of NtK.

        • I think NtK has some very explicit stuff at times, look at the Prez porn arc. Those pages are filled with shots of nudie porn stars in fairly graphic situations. In a lot of ways the Arashi stuff has been comparable to that.

          I do think he is intentionally holding out on sex and nudity. I think it’s partly to build anticipation, it’s meant to be erotic bdsm love comedy not hard hentai. I feel like nudity and sex could be connected to characters graduating and whatever happens with Uni.

          Do we know their birthdays?

        • @alwaysabsent, we don’t know their exact birthdays (at least I don’t) but during the spring semester going on in YA, Nana identifies herself as being 17 (at Tensukes’ leather shop). During Arashi, I think when they walked to the grocery store (don’t remember the exact chapter #) she identifies them as being 18. So somewhere in late spring early summer would be my guess.

        • @anifreik makes sense. I think the japanese school year starts in march. Turning 18 at some point during that period tracks with their final year of school. I suppose the question is how long does he mean to continue the manga? And what effects Arashi will have on YA

        • @cooler, I hope that with most manga :-p

          That said if NtK becomes anything like his other works we can expect sex that’s fairly graphic though not hardcore.

    Please, please dont disapear again, please keep giving us more! The actual serie… so many chapters that we still want to know what is happening
    Look, really, if you dont have time to make all the pages translated, give us just a text, is more than enough!
    But again, Thank you. Thank you so much ;w;

  7. THX X10 to team 4u time, effort, dessire to share, thanks, danke, merci, obraigao, gracias, Che che, Arigato, Gratzie

  8. This chapter’s title is a reference to the variety show 踊る!さんま御殿!! (Odoru! Sanma Goten/Sanma’s Dancing Palace) hosted by Sanma Akashiya, one of Japan’s “Big 3 Comedians” (other two are Tamori and Beat Takeshi).

    Also, please stop offering to pay me.

      • Sharkie has always been most attracted to bright, shiny things — viz., interesting scripts, new challenges, that sort of thing. Unfortunately for NtK fans, lately it has been translating broadcast anime and live action. Not sure what bait can be used…. 😀

        A big thank you to all of the scanlation team.

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