83 comments on “Nana to Kaoru Arashi Chapter 42

  1. *lights a stick of incense, claps twice and bows*

    Through the dark, I call to thee,
    To this site, I beseech thee,
    Master shark0week0, I summon thee.

    We beg thee, O shark0week0, give unto us thy translations, and return to us the gift of comprehension.

    For the night is dark, and full of kanji.

    • As he previously said, he forgets about this blog. To get his attention you should bug him on his blog and twitter.

      • Just a word of advice, bugging translators generally has the opposite effect of the one desired. It tends to piss them off and slow them down. I am sure that they will have this chapter out before the next and apparently final one publishes, as usual.

        • Well, by “bug” I don’t mean constantly annoy or harass. His quote in ch40 comments:
          “If you have questions or just want to bug me, drop a comment on my blog or on Twitter or something. I pretty much forgot this blog existed (not NtK) for months so asking here won’t really do any good. The next chapters are good, though, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!”

        • Sent him this…

          @shark0week0 just wanted to say thanks for all your translation work on Nana to Koura. Hoping you’ll have time to do some more soon 🙂

          And got this back…

          @shark0week0: @AlwaysAbsent I actually just glanced at arashi 43 and am super pumped to do it now

          So looks like good news. Hopefully he’ll have the time soon and we can look forward to some Arashi.

          Thanks to shark0week0 and everyone who works on this for all their hard work.

  2. Latest YA raws out on senmanga. As for where Arashi fits in the story, currently YA is in spring, Arashi is set in the future ie summertime that same year, hence why have been flash backs to YA inside Arashi.

    • Yeah, we know when it slots in.. the question is whether the events in arashi will affect the main story – I’m assuming yes, but sometimes sidestories in manga don’t end up affecting the main story in any way.

    • Sen manga annoys the shit out of me. Every page it forces safari closed on my iPad and opens the App Store.

      My grumbles aside, that was the sexiest issue in a while in my opinion, enjoying the second half of this arc…

      • Interesting that Happy Negative Marriage is ending soon too. I wonder if he has other titles lined up to replace them.

        I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get another title in Arashi. Baring in mind he does 3 issues of NtK a month including Arashi, and Happy Negative Marriage plus Puppy Lovers. This is going to clear out 50% of his schedule more or less.

        He may take a short break bit I’m sure he’ll be back with some more stuff pretty soon. Want to know what now though 🙂

  3. Please… please give us more translations! Is been weeks, please! I dont think anyone can wait any longer
    please, I am begging you, the fans need more Nana and Kaoru love!!
    If you need any help, tell us!
    You can give us a text only, we will be happy with that too
    but please… we need more translations… please

    • I have a Japanese co-worker and I could ask her to translate this for me …. BUT there’s a small problem. It’s a SHE. I doubt this is “appropriate” to show to a woman … not to mention ask for a translation (and I doubt she would anyways.) Master Shark0, please deliver our drug.

      • Yeah, I’d stay away from that. A sexual harassment charge can sink your career faster than you can say “You’re not my type.”

      • It’s probably less that she’s a woman than that she’s a co-worker–most of the folk I know who read NtK are ladies–but perhaps she can still be an asset. Rather than asking for her assistance directly, ask if she knows anyone who might be willing to help translate a manga. If she connects you with anyone, good, if not, we’re not any worse off.

    • This is long friggen wait. I’m not complaining because I do nothing to make the strip come out, but I really wish it would. Arashi seems to be on the final stretch now, and the regular strip is about to bump into it time wise.

      Hard to believe that whole thing ended with just a kiss though.

      • We’ll have to wait for a translation and see what that reveals, if anything. It could be that Nana’s nopan message was too subtle for Kaoru to decipher. She may have to draw an arrow on her belly in red Sharpie pointing at her hoo-haa, and write “Fuck Me You Dwarf Frog-faced Stud-boy” over it.

        It could be the author simply wants to keep the series going for a while longer and is holding off on the inevitable explicit money-shot to keep interest active. They both look satiated but it’s hard to be sure without additional information.

        This series has been a remarkably effective tease, it may even rise to master level trolling.

        • “Fuck Me You Dwarf Frog-faced Stud Boy”

          I burst out laughing at that line. It’s so true and yet the most ludicrous

        • I don’t think there are that many chapters left before the end of Arashi, so there would have to be another series planned for that to be what he’s doing.

        • I wouldn’t be totally surprised if we got another Black Label story in Arashi. It must have been reasonably popular to go 40 plus issues as a spin off. I still wonder if we will ever see ‘the college years’ and if the main characters will be allowed to be nude and sexual when it happens. We’ve nudity in the pages before on both Arashi and YA and we know Amazume has done books about sex in the past. Interesting times to come I think.

          On another note has offering to pay Shark for translations been made? I know this is free time scan but I’d happily chip in for a steadier stream of releases.

        • I’ve approached Shark for a paid commission previously (not the new chapters, but still something NtK related), but it doesn’t seem like he does that.. plus he has a lot of other work. I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask though, I’d be willing to get him on a retainer as well – need translations…. heh

  4. Yay! Thanks for the double release!

    Dunno if you know who scans the raws, but one technique I’ve learned that helps lessen the bleed through of the back sides of pages is the back them up with black paper instead of the white of the scanner lid.

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  6. Now that’s what you call progress! And if it hadn’t taken this long it wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome! Far as I’m concerned the series could end now and I’d be good. Of course I hope it don’t but that’ll be hard to top for awhile anyway. Thanks immensely for all the time and effort you guys have put and do put/will put into this tale being made into a format I/we can digest.

  7. I am so massively in agreement with all the yes, yes yes yes and exclamations and celebration. Such a marvellous manga, such a wonderful couple, I’ve been waiting and rooting for them both all this time and . . . OHHHHHH YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!

  8. The title this time I know! It’s the Japanese version of The Hangover (the first one), which is ハングオーバー! 消えた花ムコと史上最悪の二日酔い (Hangover! The disappearing groom and history’s worst day after).

  9. Thanks again folks. Great couple of issues. What’s with those lips though? I do think it helped them both look more mature on the final page, just a strange artistic choice to take it so far

  10. Awesome, awesome, awesome, finally is here, the moment has come, I really love you & I love this manga, god bless you..

  11. GODDAMED!!!!!! IT HAPPEND!!!!!!! AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Greatly thanks for translating.

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