18 comments on “NtK Arashi 41

  1. i am new reader of this series and just finished reading volume 2. It seems the archive goes only from chapter 25, so i want to ask if there are still download links for the volume 3 chapters.

    • Older stuff is on previous scanlator’s web-site. Check out exks translations in the Blogroll section.

      2Staff: I think it’s time to make a release page. At least a mediafire folder. Catching up after a year was a pain. And I used jDownloader, which simplified things considerably.

  2. Thank you so much. The amount of care & work you brought is insane.
    As for the chapter, we’re reaching a climax so it’s very intense and very good. Love the art and especially the color cover !
    Tanks 😉 !

  3. That was more or less amazing. Seriously.

    Not trying to gush, but your releases are ridiculous. No other manga requires the amount of attention to detail and I guess I would call it timing, in order to wring out the most impact from the dialogue. You guys nail it every time.

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