78 comments on “Nana to Kaoru Arashi c40

  1. Yeah, uh, I might have gotten a little too into other projects recently. Four TV shows a week is a lot more work than it seems. That, plus the fact that manga has gotten a little too easy for me (conceited as that may sound) has caused a slow down on certain fronts. My schedule should balance out pretty soon, though, just have to get more used to time management.

    If you have questions or just want to bug me, drop a comment on my blog or on Twitter or something. I pretty much forgot this blog existed (not NtK) for months so asking here won’t really do any good. The next chapters are good, though, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them!

  2. Star Command. Mayday Mayday! We’ve lost our translator first exks now shark0week0 have disappeared into the eather. Mayday Mayday need NTK Repeat need NTK kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Do you read kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk/

    • Desperate, DESPERATE, though I am for more NtK, I’m inclined to wait a while before declaring shark0week0 MIA.

      He did, after all, poke his head out to, er….laugh at me for inquiring about translation progress. BUT it does prove he was around….almost a month ago….*ahem*

      • When Yamada and the Seven Witches went CrunchyRoll, shark0week0 pretty much took a break from translating. Sharkie has recently made some appearances elsewhere that seem to indicate that a renewed interest MAYBE taking place. Some references to a huge backlog were also made. You would have to contact shark0week0 (politely please, sharks are dangerous!) to see what the current intentions are.

        • Okay, to be specific, there has been some action on the Shark Blog, and an indication that Sharkie is working on a MahouX project and is being a bit slow. Considering that before the recent break shark0week0 was translating several manga, at least one television series, a light novel, numerous songs and poems and doing translation critiques I think the term “overloaded” comes to mind. Sharkie has not said anything about dropping out of NtK but the backlog at MahouX and here is quite considerable. How much and how quickly shark0week0 can and will accomplish can only be answered by shark0week0, everything else is speculation.

      • OK, to give everyone a bit of relief from there anticipation anxiety, shark delivered the scripts for Arashi 41 AND 42 to my hungry dropbox today. I am currently at work typesetting 41 and we will have them out as quickly as my spasming back will allow. Please be patient a little bit longer. 😀

      • I want(ed) to punch a wall. Now that Black Label chapters status is clear, it’s good.
        I decided to catch up on NtK and Black Label after a year of not reading it. Main story went good and is currently on not very exiting part, so I can forget about it for a time.
        Black label, on the other hand… I remembered exactly why I stopped keeping up with NtK. Weeks(or months) of waiting between chapters is painful. Especially if they are good. So I looked at raws of Black Label. Now I can’t leave until I read the next two chapters. Maybe even until Black Label ends. Because if it will, it will do so within next couple of months(9 chapters per volume, latest released chapter is 42, so if it ends, it will do so around chapter 45).

        Also, please make a post with the list of all the releases. Or add somewhere visible a link to the folder on mediafire. Getting all the chapters was not as easy as it should be. Manga hosters and readers don’t give a shit if it’s your release or FwPA’s, and post the first one to come out. Batoto that would’ve posted both is a hypocrite pussy and doesn’t want to host NtK at all. Crawling through the blog to pick up 40+ chapters is pain. And I didn’t do it by hand(all hail jDownloader). Please make a post with all the releases and place it near “About” button. Thank you.

  3. The raws for Arashi 42 have surfaced on Sen Manga and as a long time reader of this series (since the beginning) all I can say is it was well worth it.

      • Perhaps, but stating something as simple as “tricky translation” or “hard to get decent raws” or “work has me too busy this week” goes a long way to reassuring people that the project isn’t dead.

        • To be honest, all I know is that shark0week0 has not yet given us a script for any of the outstanding chapters, neither Arashi nor the main storyline. As to why, I have no idea, so you’ll/we’ll just have to wait for a statement from him.

    • I don’t know why you have so much trouble posting links, Gin. I’ll check out the settings again ASAP.

      Hope everyone had a happy holiday of whatever sort you celebrate! 😀

    • Thanks for the link. I can’t help but wonder if Nana is going to strip down in a future chapter so Kaoru can take measurements.

  4. Seeing how intense Arashi is becoming has really given me a need for my NtK fix. How are the translations coming along, if I may ask?

  5. So wait are we due one more chp of Black Label before main story gets back on? or is it Arashi 41, next chp of main story, Arashi 42 in January? I suppose it doesn’t matter that much, but I am itching to straighten out how these concluding arcs dovetail together…

    • Well the regular series is running out of room timewise. So one would think that the collar story will come to completion over a week or so. At that point the characters should be at the point they can go on their trip, both according to timeline, and emotionally since with the collar Nana will have accepted a physical and symbollic link to her relationship with Kaoru.

      The question is where does the relationship go after that. It’s a popular series so ending it doesn’t seem likely, and there is lots of material to be explored as their relationship matures over their last year in school, including the resolution of their long term relationship.

      But will that happen in the regular series or will it stick to Arashi where the sexual aspects can be better explored? Of course the same thing might happen again. The regular series is their school life adventures while an Arashi story, like them visiting an S&M club or something like that, explores the more taboo parts of their relationship.

    • I don’t have them uploaded but I believe I have them on my external. Drop by the IRC room for a sit down and we can work something out

  6. Wow! This little side story just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for the effort folks’s! 🙂 Just out of curiosity how many of you went back and reread 39 (as I did) to see Kaoru’s perspective again, now that we’ve seen Nana’s on these goings on?

  7. All that time on the web and at the porn store certainly expanded her thinking a bit. Tachibana’s dark possessiveness also seemed….inspiring(?) to Nana. Looking back at egregious parts of the festival (banana!) as Nana deliberately doing it to mess with him~~ ❤

    I mean right at the beginning there was the 2nd BDSM fantasy dream, and it was Nana's. I would not read *much* into it, but probably since before she wore the suit there was at least a guilty curiosity in her head… Then later we see her now cruising around online, trying to sneak into the porn store and buy books, etc. Amazume did a GREAT job of showing Nana bait her own hook and reel herself in.

    Maybe it will remain forever consigned to the sidestoryverse, but I keep wondering if her little strawberry will ever show up again. There's a lot of drama that doesn't *need* to ever be done, but realistically Nana would have a lot to deal with if her mom found BDSM goods in the house. Or if someone saw any of the photos that I am SURE she saved. Kaoru's pretty much bulletproof as far as fetish related scrutiny goes, but he might do something stupid if Nana were outed…like Nana finally realized herself. And in this Arashi chapter the author has floated an idea that Nana's finally noticed how much *her* will to participate has dragged Kaoru along desperately trying to neet her needs.

    The notion of a sub having some control and a dom feeling sometimes helpless, this is REFRESHING as hell and feels much more human.

    …TL;DR enjoyed chapter would read more

    • Mama’s mom seems to be pretty neglectful I don’t see her as the kind to search her daughters room or laptop

      • Yes that is true. Nana would need to be pretty damn careless but her mother seems so inflexible that she would *flip* if she found an SM goods catalog on the kitchen table. On the other hand, while Nana hardly ever has friends over…that girl who’s after prez seems like enough of a schemer to foolishly go digging in a desk or dresser.

        Of course tho we have Tachi, who seems to totally forget social boundaries with Kaoru and later Nana. Hell she already told the track girls about “trying on swimsuits in a boy’s room”. I feel that most characters (prez’ sister excepted) would not be so overt in their meddling or snooping.

  8. Thanks so much for your work as always! Looking at chapter 103 it mentions a doujin work. Think you’ll be doing that? I’d really like to see what watashiya karou contributed lol

  9. I’m a little confused, probably because it’s so early. When she says “I’m holding Kaoru” does she mean holding him back, as in he can’t show his true self because of her or does it mean something else?

    Also, I’m I correct that she says “It’s me” aloud?

    Thanks for the great chapter and don’t worry about any delay, well wait as long as we need to. 🙂

    • I’m sure it’ll be explained next chapter. Tbh I have no derping idea either, except maybe she’s imagining herself as ropes around Kaoru instead of him putting ropes around her.

      • My suspicion is that she means her inability to commit is holding him back. She’s recognized that he isn’t sure how she feels about him, and that she has to give him a sign that he and this is everything that she wants before he’ll completely posses her.

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