20 comments on “Nana to Kaoru Ch 80 (102)

    • Well, Jess, NtK started off in Young Animal Arashi magazine where it ran for 22 chapters, it was then moved to a “sister” magazine, Young Animal, where the story continued without a break, but the chapter numbering was started over at 1. So the first number is the chapter number according to Young Animal magazine, and the second is the chapters place in the overall story. Does that make sense, or did I just muddy the waters up even more?

  1. So I’m happy there was another chapter, and by the way, Thanks! as always.

    On the other hand now we look forward to about 25 chapters of Kaoru as apprentice in all their Japaneseness. Kaoru polishing floors bent over with a rag in his hands, scuttling along like a crab. Kaoru endlessly carrying water from a spring in buckets to dump in a cistern, Kaoru under a waterfall nude in a drenched clinging transparent shift (oops, bad image), Kaoru meditating endlessly until he achieves the tranquility and focus necessary to making restraints for naked sweaty women.

    Kaoru listening and absorbing as Crusty Craftsman explains for 3 interminable chapters that you can’t work leather until you understand leather, until you lose yourself and become one with leather, until your spirit turns into leather. Also be careful that your spirit doesn’t turn into pleather, because then you will be lost forever.

    There are 2 things I am certain of. I will not live long enough to find out the ending of Game of Thrones and I will never see the chapter where Kaoru loses his cherry to Nana.

    • I don’t mind plot issues but it feels really dragged out at the minute. Especially after the pres porno arc. I’m guessing he has really hit a wall and needs arashi to conclude before YA can move on.

  2. Hmmm . . . You know, I can imagine Kaoru taking this up for a living. I’ve been wondering now and then what on earth he’s going to do with his life. He’s not dumb, he can probably study his brains out again and get into whatever school Nana goes to, but he’s really not the academic type. I can’t see him as an SM writer like sensei either, too inarticulate.
    But he’s a major SM nerd and he’s good with his hands. This he could do.

  3. *spoilers here*

    Wow, how often Is EVERYONE right?? The old man wanted a new-customer proofing, Nana was seen thru instantly, Kaoru has to make it. And…”because I’m the Dom” came up.

    • Read thru the chapter again and another thought comes up…I think the old man was also picking on them specifically because ‘Mitsuko’ told him about these kids. Hm ..

  4. Does anyone else remember way back in chapter 5 or 6 when they discussed this vary issue? I can’t wait to see how far they grow together. Also nice Job guys! can’t wait for next month LOL.

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