23 comments on “Nana to Kaoru 79 (101)

  1. Yes!! Exactly! I mean the “dom does everything” crap only works if the dom is both controlling as hell AND not stupid when doing it…and the sub has absolute trust and obedience (or just wants to live a choiceless existence of subservience to…someone).

    For example even in a ‘dom takes total control’ setting there is the notion of a sub being permitted to carry their master’s word. But with Nana’s silly “do you have this dress in another size” smile, it’s small wonder the old man wasn’t amused. I’m shocked that below poster was not in EVEN MORE distress over Nana rebelliously challenging Kaoru to a race, or that she took the initiative to suggest a collar and offer to pay for it.

    Mostly unrelated but in regard separately to notions elsewhere the series doesn’t have anywhere to go…the dog arc put me in mind that since public play has been a recurrence for them, it may shift towards being as casual as the way Tachibana fools around. With perhaps a surprise or challenge during more routine naughtiness?

    Happily looking forward to each chapter ever since it escaped from becoming a single-volume sex slave spiral. :3

  2. You are mistaking for the notion of BDSM and absolute submission as a lifestyle, vs BDSM as a limited and intense experience behind closed doors.

    Even Mitsuko…who embraced the ‘lifestyle’ aspect as far as getting her “owner’s” initials tattooed on her neck (in JAPAN where ANY tattoo is serious business!)…she’s a full sub but still has a fierce greed in the relationship and needs to make business decisions by herself.

    Nana isn’t in that deep, and she’s lying to herself about why they’re going for the collar. Don’t expect expect her to do anything way out of character. I think from the next chapter’s raws that you are a bit off about the old man’s reasoning but we just need to wait and see, huh?

    • I’ll stick my nose in here. Perception is subjective, you can place motives for each and every aspect but they are reflections of what you as an individual think. (For the record IF Nana is “shallow” it’s because she and Kaoru are both still in the learning stages of what BDSM is and can evolve into depending on the aspects and desires of the individuals in the relationship)
      Each person has their own mindset about what is and isn’t proper and that is what is being brought to the front.

      • For a neat counterstroke, “May not ‘Miss Pervert’ Fall in Love” comes from the hard hentai side and ends closer to where Nana and Kaoru may eventually end up.

  3. I just tried to sort the last half-dozen published chapters, and I’m getting a bit confused what with all the filenames and conflicting numbering schemes.

    Is chapter 76 (98) missing from your releases? I can’t seem to find it.

    • P.S. Or rather, is it ch. 77 that’s missing? Sorry for the bother, but when you put up ch. 77 (98), and the title page for that chapter says ch. 76, and the released files are named using both the old and the new numbering scheme, and one release is numbered 74b to boot …

      Anyway, there seems to be a gap between 76 and 78.

  4. *grinds the new chapter into a fine powder, snorts half and cooks and injects into his veins the other half* *shudders*

    Thank you for the release.

  5. Not really a fan of the ‘odd shopkeeper or teacher who you need to prove yourself to before they do something’ character. Especially not in settings like this where if they sell collars, then they don’t have much ground to deny a customer.

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