16 comments on “Nana to Kaoru Ch 77 (99)

  1. I get that things are a bit different in Japan, but there are plenty of people who get married, pursue a career and keep all their old friends.

    • That is true, but there are just as many who don’t. I, myself, haven’t seen anyone I went to high school with in over ten years and then it was by accident.

    • Ok people let’s clear this up as it’s giving me a headache watching the posts. If everyone recalls back last month there was a numbering “issue” with the chapters. Well, because of that crap went sideways with the numbering even though the publisher continued with numbering despite what the covers said.

      So to cover the basics you 74 which is 74 74b which you need to renumber to 75, 75 gets changed 76 and then you have 77 and 78.

      IF you still need the links they can be found in the release folder located here


      • I know it been more than a Year from this post, but there is one chapter missing.

        From the link you give, Chapter 76(98) is not listed, BUT when you download chapter 77(99) you get that 76(98) so the one that is really missing is 77(99)

        Tried downloading other chapter but that seen to be the only ones that are incorrect

        • This is a known error in the chapter numbering… which was in the original publication – there were 2 YA chapters listed as 75, and so they skipped 76 to go directly to 77.. so basically it goes chapter 74, 75, 75, 77.

  2. sorry to nit pick but I think you have the numbering wrong the image lists this chap a ch76 not ch77 if i’m off please tell me but i saw it go from 56 on this chapter to 78 on the next one you have listed in order of story.

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