52 comments on “NtK YA 78 (100)

  1. *becomes a vegetable* I should pick up my “Learn Japanese quickly” book and dictionary and resume learning the language. Not that it will help me with the god damned Kanji …. *weeps*

    • Actually Kanji doesn’t seem that bad (though I say that I’ve most definitely gained a new respect anyone that’s mastered it 😉 ) I just wish I had someone to study it with cause motivation can be a problem.

  2. *body shaking, hands trembling, blood-shot eyes, drooling and rocking back and forth in a corner, waiting for the new releases*

  3. Any word on YA99 and Arashi 39?

    Also seems the share raws for Arashi have dried up their last posting was Arashi 35!

  4. I’m like a junkie, eagerly waiting for his next fix. Cannot wait until the next chapter pops out (both NtK and NtK:BL). I love you guys for translating this amazing piece of art for us, “uncultured swines”.

  5. Hi, I’d love to be a part of your team! I haven’t worked on a
    scanilation before but am eager to try anything!
    Including: Cleaner, Redrawer, typesetter & colourist.
    Currently I work as a storyboard artist but have spare time for projects.
    Let me know if there’s anything I can help with,

    • Well, being as I am always looking for new vic..umm people who WANT to work on the series the best way to get in touch with us is to download or figure how to access IRC and come into the room in the header to speak with us.

  6. To be honest I think it is a bit of a let down (with the censoring and what not in the latest RAWs) as well but I always thought that the anticipation and the dancing on the edge as it were was part of the torment and helped to lend to that air of humanity that the series has been so well known for. So at the same time once we reach the inevitable climax between our favorite pair that too, will kind of be a let down (in a sense), making for a very interesting corner to have been painted into story wise, but if anyone can get out of that corner I think Amazume-san can.

    • Wait, ’til you get the translation, maybe there’s a good reason why he stopped. And the censoring is because of Japanese laws. Genitals need to be censored.

  7. Looking at those RAWs… It’s understandable for the series… but I’m still a little disappointed.

    It looks like he’s just being a tease.

        • Actually, since the censored Nana is in Kaoru’s imagination, he is probably picturing her in a scene from one of the pornos he has watched. Most of these AVs would be censored in this way.

        • The way he has it censored, is what bothers me. Nana looks like shes taking a dump. Why can’t Ryuta use black bars like in h-mangas, would look much better.

  8. Thanks for this. As things develop with talk of relationships I think YA will be running into Arashi relatively shortly. Where it goes from there I’m curious to see.

  9. At first I thought the lost collar bit was going to just bookend the last arc, but I’m excited they’re fleshing it out into a proper arc. Now they have come full circle after their conversation from New Years about a custom collar. Maybe Tachibana can get a merchant discount or something, I remember those collars were pretty pricey.

    Thanks as always.

  10. NP on the raws, btw top left panel page 19 still in japanese. Still looking for previous Arashi raws in better quality.

    • That’s a flashback panel (you can tell by the fuzziness). We usually don’t do those. I think that one goes back to when Kaoru showed Nana her old collar for the first time, before he modified it.

      • I think it’s the part where Nana suddenly got angry at Kaoru’s mom for throwing the collar away? But never mind me..

      • I don’t want to be an ass, but why do you guys rush these so badly? Places where ‘nod’ is just placed over the japanese text, instead of erasing it? Is it really that hard?
        Is it THAT important that you beat the other group?

        • No, it’s not really that hard, it’s an extra step. Terra removes the kanji from the text bubbles during the cleaning process, but leaves the sfx bubbles alone so that I can tell the difference in the typesetting phase. We used to put the sfx next to the bubbles, but I started overlaying them to keep the pages from appearing too crowded. Since you are the first to comment/complain about it, it hasn’t been seen as a problem.

  11. Well it seems that when we had that little spat of a and b numbering they publishing company didn’t notice what they did and went ahead with normal numbering of the chapters
    So from 74(a) it just continues forward with 75 and 76 accordingly

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