28 comments on “Nana to Kaoru YA 74(b)-96(b)

  1. Did anyone else get the impression that Kaoru was trying to determine if the president could be a potential threat with the questions of fetishes?

    He asked if the president liked S&M, and when he said no, all I could think was, “You couldn’t satisfy Nana, then.” Because every think Kaoru said, also applies to Nana and her personality.

  2. Thanks a lot for the chapter, I really like how Kaoru tell it’s not freak of the things he like, I know it’s weird but everyone has different tastes.

  3. The only word to describe that chapter was glorious. I wonder if we’re seeing the beginning of a closet bromance, where two men bond over their fetishes and love of porn when no one is watching.

  4. Ugh, anybody here really have a fetish for chicks with dicks? I still think of that movie The Crying Game where the guy thinks he’s about to bone the hot chick only to find out she has a dick and pukes. I very likely would experience the same reaction…

    Uh right, thanx for the latest chapter!

    • Well, at least HARUKA can take hers off πŸ˜‰

      But, no, doesn’t do a thing for me personally.

      Well, uhm………only if there are two chicks involved. XD

    • Congratulations on both showing us just how ugly you are on the inside and revealing that the whole point of The Crying Game just completely flew over your head. Now don’t you wish you didn’t?

    • If you look at the cover pages you’re going to notice that the last release was 74(96) Then this chapter which is ALSO 74(96) I added in the B to keep consistency

  5. So now I see why the Prez likes Nana, her and the porn star have similar builds. But if he’s expecting to get her to do the same things to him, he’s barking up the wrong tree.

  6. Hmm, wonder if it’s just me or Duomoto resembles Haruka… wonder if he has any bro….sisters…

    Thanks for another great chapter

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