32 comments on “Nana to Kaoru ch74(96)

  1. Thank you for your efforts!
    I’d expected more Kaoru, Nana or Tachi, so the broadening of focus to Hiroshi, and a possible friendship with Kaoru, was a pleasant surprise. As was discovering the student council president and his sister’s relationship is the ‘bad’ kind of D/s – you know, the one people always think of when you mention things like that – where the dominant cares only minimally about the submissive. It was even better to see K stand up and offer his help.

    Major hisses and boos for the sister Kikuko; he just wanted to watch his porn, man! Why did you have to twist the knife and go all Light Yagami?

    Predictions for rest of the arc: Hiroshi and Kaoru dash off the dump, arriving just in time to stop the truck from their neighbourhood tipping it out. After a delightful hour or so of digging through the pile, they find Hiroshi’s DVD (softcore SM, natch), but Nana’s collar is mangled. Hiroshi recognises what the ‘belt’ is supposed to be, and though he’d like to use this against Kaoru, he did help, so he calls a truce. Then haltingly asks if he could lend him some DVDs…

  2. Guys I love you but the credits page hurts my eyes, It really looks like sh*t! Every time I read a chapter I have 2 heart attacks, the first for the poorness of the credits page anche second for the awesomeness of the chapter LOOOL

  3. Mucho thanks for the chapter!
    . . . My god. She stole his oldest most precious porn? Monster!
    (AND showed it to his mother, after all he does for her. Vicious ungrateful scumgirl. And stupider than she thinks–cunning tactically, but torturing your servant arbitrarily is strategically moronic. Hopefully she will soon find this out)

  4. Don’t know if anyone caught it but there was a shout out to Arashi when Nana thinks she has to do some work in History to increase her maks, that is the setup to Arashi right there at least Nana’s route.

    so basically we are at the end of March now with only a few months until the story of Arashi takes place.

    • Yea looking more favorable that the plot will connect at some point with Nana FINALLY making that indication. Very cool cause I for one was always hoping they’d connect the two a bit more obviously. Though the little bit of mystery was kinda fun to speculate with.

  5. Odd, they really seemed to have a much more friendly relationship the last time we saw that guy plotting with his sister. And just once I would like to see a series where a boy or girl screws around this much with someone, and actually pushed them over the edge into a murderous rage. Seriously, I’d have choked someone to death years ago if I had to put up with the kind of manipulation these people have.

    • Hmm, if I remember correctly he had to give her his allowance to get any help out of her at all, and then she basically just told him that there was more to Nana and Kaoru’s relationship than met the eye.

  6. Wow! Looks like I was way wrong about the context of the chapter.
    Thanks very much for the translation!

  7. thanks 4u work, your time, effort, dessire to share, thanks for not give up with the work of nana & arashi & on this times, thanks for all this & more GOOD JOB!!!! (from the latin america people)

  8. Ha! Called it! (sort of anyway) But yea this should be pretty funny to see! Thanks peoples!!! 🙂

  9. This (like all of NtK) is gonna be good – hilarity is sure to ensue. On a sided note, I hope he finds a way to get the collar back, if only for the sake of nostalgia.

    • I suspect it may be a setup for he and Nana going halfsies on one of those custom collars. Especially if things pan out in Arashi.

      • Sure would be great to see them continuing on that point. They did come a long way after their talk at the shrine after all.
        Thanks for the release as always!

  10. “They may have thrown out your porn, your pride, but I’ll get it back for you.”

    These are the words of a true and selfless man. Thanks guys.

    • Goes to show that porn is serious business.

      That said, I have to wonder, why in manga and anime they always have porn DVDs and mags? Porn is what the internet’s for. Is it just a mangaka convention or do they really still use them over there in japan like it was the early 90s.

      • I don’t think Japanese readers would find the idea of physical porn stashes weird at all. PCs are not that big in Japan. Most people use mobile phones to send email and browse the web. The latest statistics have Japanese computer usage actually in decline.

      • What joe said. Most people are still using Windows XP.

        Also physical porn is practically thrown in your face, and with low prices (lower than the G-rated products anyway), so it’s fairly easy to buy before thinking of finding it online.

  11. Whoo this arc is gonna be good. I don’t know if Kaoru is gonna go solo on this or not, but it would be neat if he rounded up the Porn Posse for some moronic man antics. I mean I like a good breather and all, but it seems like the only brochacho that Kaoru has is Tachi, and Kaoru’s friends are just so funny.

    • Agreed 😀

      btw: I got all nostalgic when I saw there were no v1 in the name.. anyone remember when there used to be a v2? Also… among other places there is somethng odd about the first/front page.

      • Actually, there were plans for there to be a V2 this time around also, but thank Ginginc for coming thru with the HQ raws before I got through setting this chapter (which also had the unfortunate effect of making the release a couple days later). For my own improvement, kindly be more specific about what you find “odd” about the first page and the other places as well. Constructive criticism is welcome, tasteless flaming is not. (But I know NC wouldn’t do that.) 🙂

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