16 comments on “Nana to Kaoru Arashi c35 V2

  1. Judging by the look on Nana’s face I think I have a theory on where Kaoru’s nose ended up in that little skirmish 😉 .

  2. DAT Nana. Always a fun read.

    Also *cough* as to the raws *coughcough* that new one is a real challenge for a redrawer. (haha j/k) If it was a different series maybe that would be necessary.

    • uploaded this version is mediafire, less spyware, malware & viruses than trying to download it via multiupload.


      Is most likely same version that will appear on share in xxx number of days. Used to have access to PD but program broke and can’t get it to re-work…. probably a good thing too many hackers and CP on it anyway.

    • I’m sorry to hear that Gyre, I just got through running both Avast PRO and Malwarebytes Antimalware PRO on my entire system and have come up with nothing beyond the usual tracking cookies and adware notices.

    • Have you heard of services like Virustotal? Good way to cross check downloads. Either McAffee was just being its useless junky self again, or MF started allowing ads for that fake Flash player updater? My internet security suite has been getting angry about malicious invisible-plugin-frame drive-by attacks.

  3. Thanks for releases, but why are you making V2 releases worse in some aspects than V1?
    For example compare page 5 or 6 of chapter 34 – for V2 image is blurry and some strange pattern (squares) appeared because of downscaling wrong way, what doesn’t happen when reading v1 automatically downscaled by reader (mcomix, not that I read it downscaled…).

    • It’s funny you should mention that because the first version IS the downscaled version while the only adjustments done to the version two was the actual cleaning.

      • Let me precise.
        V1 page 5 resolution: 1331×2012
        V2 page 5 resolution: 785×1200
        So I mean version 2 is actually downscaled compared to version 1. Furthermore there is square pattern on grey screentones of version 2, which didn’t appear on v1, and it is not as sharp as v1 downscaled to 1200px by manga viewer.

        Anyway big thanks for all your releases, keep it up! 🙂

  4. Good job Terra. You are doing well. And I have fun reading your releases. Hope you didnt forget me 🙂

    • Each and every reader (you included Suzu) is a valued and treasured individual and it’s always a pleasure to hear that the work the entire group puts into each chapter is appreciated.

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